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WORLD PREMIERE: Trey Songz - Can't Be Friends

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on August 2, 2010 - 7:59pm

Listen to the WORLD PREMIERE of the new single "Can't Be Friends" in the audio player above! "Can't Be Friends" is off of Trey's highly anticipated new album PASSION, PAIN & PLEASURE available everywhere September 14th! Click HERE to pre-order the new album plus get exclusive bundle offers only available on! Get your copy NOW!

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alexussbabyy's picture

i absolutely love this song, especially being a female, you can still relate to any sad relationship from your past. i about cried listening to this song, he speaks true words, and has the best way going about showing how he feels. plus him being sexy adds all the more better. i can honestly say, im going to love this album (just like the rest)
lee_Racqueal's picture

the best , hands down !
chakafightin2makeit34's picture

I feel everything that Trey is about and how far that he's come. You r still going strong. Look foward to the new album. You kind of remind me of a new sexy R Kelly. I love you Trey.
taniiaa_babyy's picture

this is DEFF. a song i got on replay
HotGuhJay's picture

Trey i luv dis song so much nd yo vioce is so amazn babi ur da best...!!!!!!!!! I luv u, muah...!!!!! :)
Gemini RampB Dude's picture

Nice Track! Feelin this Joint!
MRZ-BROWN's picture

i love this song trey
Cheryl_9's picture

.....also, I have all your have came a long are so BLESS and can SING! I love you so much! I'm a TREY ANGEL and I want to meet you so bad!
Cheryl_9's picture

Hey Trey! I love you so much and I'm so proud of you very sexy butt!
Shatina89's picture

Shatina89's picture

I love this song and vide that goes with it.
prentzess's picture

his album gonna be crazy i got all his albums from the first on i love me some TREY
tribabiyuuuup's picture

I love this song. He writes songs that I relate to. =]
mizzquality's picture

im so lovin the song love u trey yuup..
Nasheen's picture

I love this song.....can't wait til the album drop
Denise_14's picture

Young man, you have come a long way. Your music has alot of meaning, I love this song and "I want You" is my favorite.
chavela's picture

OMG i love this song and the video
KellyLoveSongz's picture

Real good!
LATINMAMII831's picture

LOVE thiis song i can totally relate to it when me and my boyfriend broke up and he still wanted to be friends i couldnt do it beacause when you invest so much love,time and effort you just cant so when we broke up i dedicated this song to him and he felt the same way we just love eachother so much that we cant be just friends and now were expecting our 1st baby and were ubber happy i love u babez and i cant see us not together thanks trey you mayed our lifes compleate!!!!!! =D
Trey_Babay's picture

This song is so real and many people can relate, Trey this song and video is awesome. I loved it from start to finish, you showed so many emotions and like I said many of us can relate. Alot of people cross the lines in a relationship, and sometimes wish things didn't happen. But we can't change what has already happend, we just have to live with the decisions made and move on and learn from them... GOOD Sh** Trey I Love you! twitter s130vixen follow follow
MS. Q's picture

this song is so true cause sometimes in relationships it turns out like this.. and it hard to carry on a relationship with a person when you feel like u cant be friends after all you've been through with that person
cutielikedat's picture

I love this song! This is one of my favorite songs Trey and it's so real and true!!!
johanna's picture

I love Cant be friends, Thats just what I am feeling right now, thank you trey I need that
Nikki McCandies's picture

Jay_19's picture

i must day i love ur consistency cause most artists after the second album goes down hill, but you have yet to disappoint me, so i cant wait for this one....ur fan from the first time i heard "just gotta make i".
Ashanta's picture

making looooooooooooove faces!!!!
trey angel's picture

its strait
lady barbie's picture

i love this songz so much trey this is my favorite song off u album tat i like in i love u so much
jackie_19's picture

trey love ur music so much and this song is so nice i have all 3 albums and ur show love it watch it all the time you are gonna make it in this business keep up the work hope to make it to one of ur shows one day
TIF_2's picture

I like this! Very different and grown n sexy!!:)



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