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Trey Songz Performing at Elysium in Detroit

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on November 2, 2009 - 4:47pm

Trey performs a nice mix of his hits above while at the Elysium in Detroit! Check part 2 below, yuppp!

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smurfette9's picture

Im so hurt that I missed him :-(. When you coming back??
Tremaine's Jamaican_Beauty's picture

when you coming to Florida!!!!!
Trey'sWifey_4's picture

lilymichelle's picture

watching him sing is so amazing because you just know how much he loves it.
treylover95_2's picture

like omgee god took his time wen he was making trey.... he is soo sexy omgeee.... i love him
All 4 Trey_3's picture

what the fuck am I the only one that can see the videos keep cutting in and out I'm getn frustrated

LOVE HIS BODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Danyale_3's picture

Im my CITY!
hotchocolatefou's picture

who was that darkskinned dude. and why did he get more carmera time den u boo. anyways I'm so mad i missed u here n the D. U smashed it. Luv U Trey.
614_fem's picture

Luv it as always, but tell the camera man to get u I mean, its u lol
ghostwriter_2's picture

you are a freak so am i i love to have a passion filled night of sucking fucking an get to greates point of my peak i an the type to wet up the bed i didnt have sex for that reason i was embrased an went to the doctor because i thought that there was something wrong she told me an i quote the man you get with is going to love your pussy i lol an i still didnt have sex just because no one is worth it i dont even flirt thats why i didnt understand how i am so open with you
ghostwriter_2's picture

you are so cute baby take your time i been here all this time an i ant going nowhere why i realy do love be carefull an stay sexy
BRiiYuuup's picture

iii jhusss cntt get enough a dhaa wayy u put ittt dwwwnnn.!! lolsz i love u treyy


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