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Trey's "I Invented/Say Aah (Featuring Fabolous)" is the New Joint on 106 & Park!

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on November 4, 2009 - 6:49pm

Tune in to BET TONIGHT, November 4 at 6pm EST to watch Trey's new video "I Invented/Say Aah (Featuring Fabolous)" as the new joint of the day on BET's 106 & Park! Tune in now!!

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Ms.Lake's picture

I am speechless. I LOVE IT! I really think you invented it Tre. I bet the neighbors know your name! Yuuup (Bong) ;-)
iiLoveTremainee's picture

ii saww BOTH .!!!!!!!!! Both video's my Boooo looks SEXY . lol =P
RaeRae731's picture

LoL I liked the Twitter one better.. I liked Say Aah but Invented Sex on BET was all watered down.. It was sexy still but the Twitter Premiere is where its at!!
thempire's picture

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shanique_4's picture

love itttttttttttt
Leandra Angel's picture

WAAAATTTTT!!!! i luved it!! it was mad HOOTT!!.....other than this, im jus speachless. LOL =)
BeeNCee's picture

Love the blend of the two videos.Both of the songs are really dope, i listen to them all thee time. The beats are crazy. Trey u doin it up in the video to.
Dsongz26's picture

ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS ONE DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
softspoken007's picture

both of those videos was hot....Trey did the damn thing...and i never noticed b4 but Trey got some sexy ass!!!
Gee Gee's picture

WOW... What a great example of BLACK LOVE !! Great video!!! Be Blessed Trey
sassycrim's picture

OMG...,This vid was so freakin hot...,my husband is going to be a happy man 2nite!!!!! Trey did the damn thang, and I ain't mad @ him @all. I thought he was lookin in my damn bedroom...,LOL!!!! LOVE YOU TREY!!!!!
imKIKI_'s picture

Omg!! I'm Super Salty Cause I Went Shopping So I Missed It Was It Good??
wonder_woman92's picture

I think I died for a couple of sec.....pure PERFECTION : )
ghostwriter_2's picture

it was a true work of art i must say an you are a work of art you shine like a diamond uncut untouched it was hot i like it thankyou!!!!
CEREbby's picture

Lovvvvvved it.
Addicted To Songz_2's picture

I LUV this video....I wish I was that girl in the video..... Trey you really have my mind going...... You did your thang Trey....... VERY HHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTT VIDEO!!!!
lady virtue's picture

just saw the premiere on 106andpark. love hope it really is continued. Tremaine is too sexy. ooh Jesus now im getting tempteted. prayer time.

TREY WAS LOOKING 2 GOOD IN THE VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SAM I AM's picture

this really was the HOTTEST video ive ever seen.!!!!! i totally concur !! lol U BETTA DO THAT TREY!
Brnsugar75's picture

You better go boy!!! Sexy and tasteful!!
lady virtue's picture

whoaa hottttt trey . trey is a mess. gotta love him though i feel he does not really know his worth, its the God in me. praying for all the people who will be tempted by this video. that's real.
ninastar's picture

loveeeeed the invented sex video sheeeeeeeesh


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