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Six Questions with Trey Songz

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on September 22, 2010 - 10:39am

Trey stopped by the 92.3 NOW studios to chat with Lisa Paige for 6 Questions in 60 Seconds. Click HERE to check out the interview and photos from his visit on

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iLoveTremaine3's picture

when are you coming to Cincinnati ? i love youu follow me please?
Treyzgurl4rio_23's picture

no not coo..sry trey i still love you..u knw wut it is!!!ur eyes says it ALL..
Houston_Scorpio's picture

Funy funny funny !!!!'s picture

this interview had me laughing,:) i luv when trey interviews he has such a sense of humor .. he makes you feel comfortable when youre talking to him. you almost forget hes a star... and it feels like hes someone youre just kickin it with :)
Jada__SweetVanilla's picture

That was a nice interview.. Trey sure does know how to make a woman feel at ease. I hope he is the same way whenever I get a chance to meet him in person. (Thinking) Although he seems to make them hot too, every interview that he does with a woman, she always ends up saying "whew it's getting hot in here"... lol. I love me some Trey.. I love his music. U r wonderful, keep up the good work Tremaine.
WhitneyDesiree''s picture

lovelyjay80's picture

that is the real Trey that is why I love him he has a special way of making every lady whether he knows them or not Special and that is a Quality only a real Gentlemen has. He is Gorgeous, Charming, Funny, Smart, and playful with his bedroom eyes and deep dimples that makes the ladies heart throb for sure. I had the privilege of seeing him in person this past Tuesday and he is even finer in person as if that could not happen and so humble...... so on that note all I have let to say is I love all your music especially RED LIPSTICK, UNUSAL N DOORBELL on passion pain pleasure Deluxe album. I can clearly see your focused man.... Lol this is a good movement and you don't have to worry anymore because all you neighbors worldwide know your name.. In a good way of course.... ur truly Jasmine muah
Ashley_54's picture

I loved that interview Trey was totally hott and I liked how playful they were. Definitley a fun interview :)
Trey'sTriggaBabiey's picture

Nice interview, i laughed , comedy playfulness, thats what i like, and the interviewer was great tks girl, that how i ask a guestion, dont just give a answer, what else is to it, i wana know, Trey u know we like to here u speak. tks TTB
Redbone737's picture

Sheree_Renee's picture

I loved that interview....she was hilarious and Trey is a nut...Lol
cynthiacumings187's picture

what song will you come up with next for cd number five i can wait
cynthiacumings187's picture

i love all of your cd but if i was to pick one it will be the ready cd i love all of the song. i just play it all day at work it get me going thanks.
MsAngione's picture

Too Cute. Trey's so personable!
cynthiacumings187's picture

what was going to make this interview more hot if you had taking off your shirt so we can see your sexy abs, boy you are so fineeeeeeeeeee
Michele Zawacki's picture

Chemistry was there...Loved it!!!
SexySweet's picture

I saw this interview this morning and I am in my 40's and this young man's smile is so adorable, he makes me want to be a "Cougar" for real!! WHEW I'm in St. Louis and if he could be this adorable, mannerable and cute!! It would be on!! my cell is 236-1260 I want to take him to dinner next time he comes to the LOU!!'s picture

this is by far my favorite interview of Trey so far! Lisa is hilarious!
Serenity BlissfulAngel's picture

I loved this interview.... Trey's Sexy a$$ is a trip....
Floweranangel's picture

they were too cute
aye.itsRell's picture

take it off.
shercee's picture

i love it! your soo silly!i wish we could kick it
Adjoa EducatedAngel's picture

This videos is absolutely adorable. I love it. Got me hype for the day. :)


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