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VIDEO: Ocean’s 7 “I Need That Girl”

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on November 15, 2009 - 5:47pm

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Marcella Uzowihe's picture

its me
NasyaRenee's picture

uuuuuuhhhh... well i didnt like the video..... u had 2many chicks in there 2 b sayin u need that girl rite there. But this is just a part time thing, so no hard feelings... yall was havin fun so i cant hate on the craft.... but the song was off the chain and so was ocean 7..
stiiinaboosiii's picture

trey baby u look good...but cum on baby u frm va u can do better i dnt liike thiis vid nd i dnt like ocean 7 u better than them niiggas baby foreal i want tha miixtape triiga!!!!
Meiear's picture

I dont like this ... Trey is too good for this vid.. lol and the vid does not look good ..low budget?? maybe it would be better without JD and Nelly ..sorry dont want to offend anyone ..but I Think Trey's voice and appearance is too good for this vid.
sexy_ree4603's picture

Trey if you need a girl like that i'm her 100% down for whatever, will ride or die 81/80 like we say in new orleans, love ya
STARR LUVV's picture

wow trey u r lookin really fine in this video =p
xx.Gemma.xx's picture

TUNE.XX cnt w8 2hear more from Ocean's 7. Trey's voice sounds amazin..xx
1ManTreyFan's picture

Another Banga!! Trey you should do a remix by yourself.. Ya flow was sick, sicker than Nelly n JD.. Keep it up..Much love. Songz Yuuup!
lindaakasexy's picture

love this video yall doing the dam thing
Tremaine's Jamaican_Beauty's picture

lovin this video
olivemufasa's picture

I understand this site is for my boo Trey but the Video was Rachet as hell! Trey you fashion is on point as always :) lol the video could of been a 10 not a 1...YUUUP!
@MsMsWest's picture

After ur performance last night in San Francisco for Kmel's House of Soul I like you EVEN MORE AS an artist! U REALLY have a GR8 stage presence and be SINGING ur heart out! I was diggin' the freestyle rap too! U WAYYY TOO FRESH TREY!!!!! Much LOVE!
Marcella Uzowihe's picture

follow me on twitter @imillieum
lulu.neverson's picture

LOVE THE VID TREY! CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU ON FRIDAY!!!!!! follow me on twittter ethioLOVE1!
Rolanda4's picture

JD, Trey and Nelly.. Ocean's 7.. That's Hot.. -- Another #1 Hit ... You are killin fools right now.. The diversity is AMAZING.. I'm so happy for you.. Congrats on everything.. I'm seeing some Grammy's ..
tremainesqueeze87's picture

i feel you snoop
SnoopiBabi's picture

It should b a crime for u to be lookin' that damn good...Still lost of words.

trey you look sooo hot in this video.
purduegirly's picture

omGGGG when i saw this vid after you posted it on your twitter, i was so "geeked" i love the video! although when i saw it i thought man if we thought "invented sex" vid (which i'm still super high off of) wouldn't make bet then OH Lord what will happent to this vid...i hope they play it on bet/106 but if they dnt its so their loss! i'm super proud of you trey & i think ur verse is craziiiiiiiiiiiii! keep grindin babi!
Char_SoSweet's picture

lookin good trey love you!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ms. Feisty_2's picture

Unfortunately.......... Haterz dont dig this song (of course cause they haterz) buh i like it..sorta addictive ( Go hard like stiff dick..smh....Trey Sick...Literally)
Tatiana_Songz88's picture

how can i download this song????
Trey'sLady_2's picture

Lookin fine as usual Yup
Danyale_3's picture

This is cute. I like it.
softspoken007's picture

I like the song..Trey killed his part
Briandaboss's picture

I need THOSE girls rite dere.
lilymichelle's picture

Love it, Trey baby.


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