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LIVE Webchat with Trey TONIGHT, 11/9!

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  • LIVE Webchat with Trey TONIGHT, 11/9!

    Log on right HERE to TONIGHT at 7pm PST/10pm EST and join Trey for a live webchat as he gets ready to launch the OMG Tour! RSVP for the chat HERE and make sure you leave your questions for Trey in the comment section below! The OMG Tour with Usher and Miguel kicks off Weds. Nov 10 in Seattle, and make sure you head over to the 'Tours' section for all of the OMG Tour Dates and ticket links!

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on November 8, 2010 - 7:00pm

Log on right HERE to TONIGHT at 7pm PST/10pm EST and join Trey for a live webchat as he gets ready to launch the OMG Tour! RSVP for the chat HERE and make sure you leave your questions for Trey in the comment section below! The OMG Tour with Usher and Miguel kicks off Weds. Nov 10 in Seattle, and make sure you head over to the 'Tours' section for all of the OMG Tour Dates and ticket links!

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pocketsized_b's picture

i'll be there!
@MsMsWest's picture

Oh wait I didn't even ask my RANDOM q's: Q: If u could be any1 for a day who would you be and y??? Q: What makes u or I should ask how do u come up with the different catch phrases u have?? Q: Have u done things to make ur relationship w/ christ stronger?? Its something you've mentioned in the past & as a christian who prays for you i'm just wondering. Q: What are 3 things that REALLY ANNOY U?? *muah* KEEP SMILING TREY!!! Now back to work for me :p
TreyzRAREAngel's picture

I love you so much! I just need to know can you follow me on Twitter! @TreyzRAREAngel and who came up with the meet and greet contest for Detroit cuz it SUCKS!!!!! See u December 2nd Baby! MUAH!
Tricia AKA @GimmeUnusual's picture

Thought of a question (maybe two), do you ever check the discussion boards? Are you aware of these sexy stories we keep writing about you...hoping you would acknowledge them? I will be at the Chicago OMG Tour - sing Unusual to me please! Loving you!!!
ruthymon's picture

Hello, my dearest Trey!! I have a few questions to ask you: 1. Is "Red Lipstick" will be a potential single? If it is, please get Justin Timberlake, Tank, and Kanye West on the remix. 2. Looking back on your success thus far, what is your biggest achievement? Your biggest downfall? 3. Will you come back to Boston, MA? 4. When are you and Drake going to release a collaboration album? Thanks for answering!!! xoxo
Tricia AKA @GimmeUnusual's picture

Looking forward to it!!!
@MsMsWest's picture

The OMG Tour will be in Oakland CA this Friday 11/12/10 LOVE U MUCH!!! Ur the reason i joined twitter @MsMsWest I'd be thrilled if u'd follow me back... I'm just sending u LOVE and saying have a GREAT time on this TOUR & I have EVERY cd so I've been a fan since day 1 and will continue to do so as long as you keep that GOOD R&B MUSIC coming ;-) Ur mother is SUCH a strong woman. I love how she talks about her baby, ur such a blessing to her. *muah* KEEP SMILING TREY!!!
alanahDUH's picture

Hey Trey ! Just wanted to know what's your favorite holiday ? & WHY & can you follow me on twitter please :] @alanahDUH
Marisa's picture

Treyy, i think you should come to Toledo, Ohio & preformm thereee ! Im like you BIGGESTTT Fann Everrr ! :DDD i loveeee youu :)
Olivia-Songz's picture

Heloo Trey Can I ask when are you coming to Engalnd to do a tour?? Ohh and my brother is named after you.. With love Rennia
Redbone06's picture

It's about time he chatted!! I've been checking to make sure I haven't missed nothing!! You're show in Mobile, AL was amazing!! I'm from Mobile and we don't get too many artist coming into town, and I felt honored to be the first city on your tour!! So my question is "When are you coming back!?!"
JUICY_FRUIT2K10's picture

*QUESTION: Trey Whats You Fav. Thing To See / Hear Whyle Performing?*
Mami's picture

Trey, please tell us when the next time you will be close to Cincinnati again. I had to miss the first concert (and I hate that I did lol) but would love to see you anywhere close. Love every cd you've ever done...
NinaSoBonita AKA FavoriteAngel's picture

I cannot wait to chat with u! First time for me! Hope u can follow me at some point, im patient, @treylove85. Besitos Papi!
trimel362's picture

Follow me on Twitter. I will be at the show in San Diego...I really hope I get the chance to meet you. I think we should get to know eachother...what do you think? LOL I think it would be interesting to see you off stage without millions of other people around (like thats really going to happen) S/N: Still pissing off the guys I work with singing "Please Return My Call" every morning... :-)...keep up the good work. I wish you the best with everything.
Lawanda_4's picture

Do you see yourself getting involved with someone who is not in the music industry? What type of personality would you like your ideal woman to have? Love you Trey all day Everyday!!
ReeRee111's picture

Hey Trey! I was just harm intended of course. I guess just one part of the Church to another. I know that Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior(heard u say it) my ? is...why are so many of your songs about sex, ect? The bible says "You adulterous people, don't you know that friendship with the world is hatred toward God? Anyone who chooses to be a friend of the world becomes an enemy of God" James many young people today are raised up and live life according to what music and TV tell them....why aren't you using your position and beautiful GOD given praise and honor your savior? We are living in a dying world and so many young men and women are going to Trey are in a great place to tell them about the truth!!! So...I hope you read and take heed to this comment...God Bless you and your family..and my Love is with you! P.S. Your voice is amazing and your smile is comforting. Maria in FL
estherstyle89's picture

Hi Trey i just think you are wonderful and cant wait to chat with you.Love estherstyle89
Lawanda_4's picture

How many children would you like to have?
TheRealShareeAmor's picture

@TreySongz I Just Realized You're Not Following Me On Twitter!! LOL So Go On & Handle Dat!!! ;) @Mz_iBeLikeYuuup !!!
ms thicknjuicy001's picture

OMG I will be here tomorrow at seven and I can't wait to see in the ATL Dec 5th..loving you always and forever....smooches
JASMiNEL0ND0N's picture

what is your next single gonna be after unusual ? i think it should be "You Just Need Me" because that song is a BANGA ! it just makes you wanna dance and have fun and i picture you singing that song to me all the timeeee :) love you treyyy ;* - J. London
TreyInspiresMe's picture

Hey Trey I just wanted to say I am proud of ur success and wish u the best. How do you keep yourself grounded and ur fame and success rise.
tarashay89's picture

Trey are you coming back to Shreveport, LA? If not, I will go to another state to see you if I have to and plz follow me on twitter @TaraShay89. Can't wait to see you live tomorrow!
Miss YAYA's picture

OMG so xcited n lookin froward to it wanna know..When r u coming to the UK coz i wanna make sure i get a front row seat.Love u Trey
Taylor''s picture

Trey, when u gonna come to Sweden??
VelvetWin's picture

TREY! I'll be sitting in Row 6, Section 127 in Oakland this Friday!! I can't wait to see you MY LOVE! I'll be sure you see me!!
Delina's picture

hi trey are you gonna come to trinidad??
NiiNii Songz's picture

are you coming to NY? i am like your #1 fan! ive been down for you since wonder woman even before that ! ive been obsessed for like 5 years lol it would be my dream come true to meet you!'s picture

Trey my question is Are you going to incorporate anything new into this show that you did not do on the Passion Pain and Pleasure Tour? On another note I just wanted to say I think you are soo fine and I really enjoy your music and I am a really big fan of yours. I play Passion Pain and Pleasure when I am walking from my apartment to campus on my ipod and then I listen to the actual cd every night to help me fall asleep and relax. I love this album I think it is absoultly amazing. Most importantly I want to congratulate you on your two nominations one for a soul train award and the other for an American Music Award. I hope you win both of them because you deserve it Trey. You work so hard and I can see you are truly blessed. You are destined for greatness. Keep up the good work. From Melanie



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