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WATCH: Trey Songz - "I Invented/Say Aah (featuring Fabolous)"

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Atlantic Records's picture
on November 6, 2009 - 6:22pm

Peep the new combo video above for Trey's "I Invented/Say Aah (featuring Fabolous)"! Don't forget to head over to to vote for the video on BET's 106 & Park Countdown! And as always, don't forget to leave comments to let us know what you think of the vid. Yuuup!

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ladyluck_3's picture

I'll go home with trigger...LMAO Love the vid...MUY CALIENTE PAPI!
mekio's picture

The video is hot!! and I love this song. To the man that said he invented sex with his wife , we all do this is Trey's view and his vision, take it for what it is. Either like it or shut up. much love and respect. stay different and keep doing what you do.
jazzy123's picture

Love da video it was nice and keep it up!!
aly's picture

def mah favorite video of all times!! kinda makes me wanna eat ice wit trey ;-) lol
Honey_B_3's picture

LOL:) I Love It!!!!.....Trey Im READY when U are!!!!
I♥Trey94's picture

This Videoo qot me a lil jealous. lol But i Likedd It ; Love You Treyyy ?
Tange817's picture

@ mad posta.. dang you hatin' hard. It was a video dude not a sex tape. You sound as if you wanted Trey and the young lady to go at it for real. Calm down its just a video its suppose to be fun and somewhat reflective of the song not a porn tape. Get your sex game up? wow again its a video not real life!! And I hope you have more respect for yourself and your wife not to really use one of your sex tapes.smh
Malycious's picture

the vid is good.. i think it would have made more sense to put the Say Ahh video before I invented sex.. and i dont get the tobe continued part... Im still waiting to the sequel to "cant help but wait"... still a good job! you look good so its good money
sexy chocolate's picture

i love the video you were at your best in that video
1_2's picture

Just saw this video on MTV. Speechless!
Dee_48's picture

Yuuup! U did it again... HOTTTT ass video... made a sista mouth water... seriously no bullshittt U fuckin me up right now lol.. keep them comin Trey!
kimberly rancy's picture

will trey songz have a concert down in miami,fl?
Qwanell_'s picture

Is There Gonna Be A Single Vid Of Say Aah? ?
Larae's picture

Yuuup!!!!!!!!! Is all I can say.
Rolanda4's picture

Hey babe.. I was just wondering if there's a Say Aah Uncut Version.. Cuz, I thought I was going to see Fab as well.. Say Aah is my I'm like...ohhhh it's over.. way to soon..
1ManTreyFan's picture

The videos together are hott as hell. BONG!! Trey, you did your thug thizzle.. As always. Video could have given a little more skin, but u'r definately giving the fans what we been waitin for, from Anticipation to Gentleman's Club to Ready. Good to see you shine. Can't wait til you're back in Philly. Songz Yuuup!!!!
MAD POSTA's picture

This joint is wack! The song is ill (giving props), but the video is lame! Hell, my wife and I invent and reinvent sex EVERY TIME we have it! He should have used one of our videos! And this is what all the hype is about? They can show this on MTV, BET and VH1! Hell they show more tits and ass on Nip Tuck! He better have an "UNCUT" version! Ice...really? Fruit..come on! How many people have been there and don that already? So not original! Get your sex game up, Trey! Or just stick to singing! LOL Smiley Face! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!
Bria_5's picture

The video was pretty good..It may have been "soft porn" but Im not complainin! lol Lucky girl..wish it was me I did a video for Trey this summer when i was bored..Check it out :) *Bri
christine.carter's picture

OMG dats da sexiest fing i eva did see!!! damn!! gt a girl all hot n bothered!!! dat ice ice ice wow, it looks like u did invent sex, umm teach me??? lol thanx 4 dat sexi man xxx
chrissyhotLUVZTREY-'s picture

ummmmmmmm ok trey trey trey !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love the combo babez......that girl she's 1 lucky ********** lol wish i had her spot....aint madd at u trey love u ;-).....ur the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
allheneed's picture

wow would have to say you may have invented sex hmmmm can i get a couple lessons lol you are to sexy
Steph G Baylor Girl's picture

Oh yess!!! this is my song! I loved the video except i should have been the girl in it but its cool cuz i love Trey Songz!!!!!!! Keep doin it big!
Rashshakur's picture

I have to say Mr songz you did the damn thing with capital D. Most artist can't do there songz justice with thier video, BUT u did. Know everybody Just Know i giving credit now and it is long over due. The video was Spectacular ,Grand and over the top. People better may attention. I know this just a start. Let get get it!!!!! Peace up ATL Down
BB_6's picture

"Which one of yall comin home with Trigga!!" YuuuP!..Love the vid. Love Trigga. very talented. i can't help but love him more and more everytime i hear his voice and see any of his creations.
lilymichelle's picture

Whoaaa baby whats your name? Love this video. Straight fiyah. & her purple dress is cute.
Day Monteiro Brazil's picture

oooohhhh myy God................. thisvideo is beatifulllll............... I love Trey.... kiss
Intellectkos's picture

Trey Songz ; Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep
Char_SoSweet's picture

Wow! you look very nice. I love that close up of your lips on the SAY AHH video( lovely) LOVE YOU TREY! keep doing your thang.
Ebo J.'s picture

That ish is seexxyy! I been lovin Trey 4 a long time and he keep making me love him and what he do more and more.
ghostwriter_2's picture

i think i need to back uo i dont know what you got going but im not getting in the way tell me something i need to know



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