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Trey Stops By KUBE 93 in Seattle

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on November 11, 2010 - 12:14pm

Trey stopped by KUBE 93 in Seattle yesterday to talk with Eric Powers about going on tour with Usher and much more. Watch the clip above via KUBE 93

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babygurl_na_10's picture

Awww he really no how 2 appreciate his fans qot alot of LOVE 4 u boo = )
Treysonlyangel's picture

Trey awesome interview... I loved it... You are a real Gentlemen and there needs to have more men out there in the world like you!!!'s picture

Trey gives a very good interview! The way he went around and hugged everone in the studio...priceless! What a beautiful spirit. Blessings all around Trey!
SShorty's picture

What I have to say about this interview is Hee hee... and lol @ the fact Trey called you "Shea Butta" now you have your own lil nickname courtesy of Trey's picture

You are the best Trey!!! I love you soooooooo much!!!!
shoeshoe451's picture

never let negativity stop you! much love
CELLE-CELL's picture

That's why I luv you baby!! you just keep It 100th..dats why I became one of ur angels cause u keep it real muah...
mhisz neverson's picture

realli loved it....always appreciating the fans..,also those lippsss...dammmnnn..luvv yuhhh...
TreysInspiration's picture

I really enjoyed this
shea'butta's picture

u are so HANDSOME in person . i was one of the girls in the studio when u was doing this interview . your so POSITIVE & HUMBLE . I LOVE U SO MUCH TREY ! idk if u remember but u called me SHEA'BUTTA when i told u my name was SHEA' . i will never forget that DAY , you touched my LIFE . i CRIED all night ! thanx u TREY ! :)
mii_sunflower's picture

awww i love u tery i cant wait to see u dec 17
trimel362's picture

He is so cute! "PAUSE" LOL...very happy for you Trey and I love your attitude. Keep doing what you do. Stay positive and continue to surround yourself with positive people. Much love...trimel362


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