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WATCH: Trey, Keri Hilson, & Usher “I Invented Sex (Remix)” at Hot 107.9’s Jingle Ball in Atlanta

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on December 27, 2009 - 7:00pm


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Ooooowwwwww loved it!
SB_2's picture

Ditto sentiments exactly. We are starting a new year in a few more days people. Why must people be so critical about everything! What happened to if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. What would people say about U (3 fingers pointed back atcha)? BTW, I think he is a handsome young man; doing his thing. Hate on Haters!
CaramelGoddess1's picture

Trey you are juss too damn sexy. Wish i could have dried you off
Lisha in Richmond VA's picture

LOVE LOVE LOVE Trey songs. Keri and usher too.. VA stand up!!
MIKA_5's picture

I love this trey is the MAN!!!!
NewRain21's picture

this was hot hot hottttt!!! luv me some trey~ bong!
Noémie_2's picture

wow this show was so HOT ;-)!!!!! Thank you Trey...!!!lol!! And I completely agree with Onyxlibra7, Trey is amazing!! A Noel, if you don't like what he makes, I don't understand what you make here!!!!
Onyxlibra7's picture

WOOOWWW @Noel AND Imagirlwhohasaname. Did you really just log onto a Trey Songz site and try to clown him? This is a fan site if you're not a fan then wth are you doing here??? You wanna say something so "heartfelt" send him a personal message...twitter or somethin'. Trey is no different than any other man sleeping with whomever they please. His personal biz is just put on blast even moreso because he's an entertainer.Does it make it right? No.But it still makes it HIS BIZNESS...bottom line.With that being said if you don't like it...well, I guess we won't be seeing you at ne of his concerts huh? N' I'm not in any way Trey's keeper but ya'll know it's his job to make us want him...hell, feel like we need that trey fix.TREYAHOLICS ANYONOMOUS!! :) If trey wasn't killin' the vocals then I wouldn't respond to him the way I do neway, no matter how fine he may be(my opinion only).His craft is amazing...something he's blessed with. And thank GOD he shares it with us! lol Sorry this was soo long but that wasn't cool.Just remember for every hater Trey has..he has 100 fanz to back him up. *Smoochez* :)
CUPCAKEZA's picture

I think Trey is fine, he sings well, perfomes well on stage, and for the person thats tryn to 'hate', ur comment means nothing, he is good at what he does and what u saying abt him will only make him better at what he does . . .!
Ms. Feisty_2's picture

A Noel....whoever u are..F%$# U!!!!...u jus damn jealous thats wat...Trigga Trey is fine, sexy and the ladies wants him....wat u expect huh, when u are in that profession and u are fine as he is....u gotta expect that and oh u need to listen to Trey and not jus watch him videos....y'all be biased as shit up here only focusin on assholeness!!!!!!!!........Love u Trigga Trey
Ms D's picture

The performance was HOT! Kudos to Keri and Usher for making this song even hotter and Trey baby you did your thing as always! Muah
SouthernClassGyrl's picture

look trey is not a hoe. why yall hating on the man bc all the women like him more then you? Hell look at lil wayne, gucci mane and all the others. Shit if trey is a ho well they are hoes too damn it and how you gone come on the man site and hate on him? You are a real "bitch" for that A. Noel,, yea i called you out you wanna be hater. Trey is a good singer and a damn good entertainer. what is he suppose to do on stage just stand there. He is giving wat his fans and the ppl want. They wanted a damn show and that what they got. I love trey. I dont care what he do in his personal life ill still love him. he have that right to have a personal life. if he wanna do every girl thats his business not our ok. Let da man do him hes not bothering you damn. The girls he messing with dont care why should you..... HATER! I Love you trey keep doing what you are doing and dont let no body tell you other wise.
MS. YUUUP's picture

why ppl trippn tlkn bout he a hoe...i mean damn he just putting on a show...he doin wat ppl u can see the crowd was going crazy....then hell wat male artist now like that
Rolanda4's picture

OMG.. The energy in that place was OFF THE METER.. I wish I was there.. Kisses
Gary Panty-Droppa Craig's picture

songz go so hard...str8 beast
A.Noel's picture

Ya know I have to comment. Trey Songz is a hoe, and its evident thats not going to change. Too much is tooo much. Damn all the time homie. That shit is unatractive. Peace be with u
Chyna White's picture

You guys and lady look good on stage performing together. Chemistry looks awesome. :)
Laura_21's picture

Damn you got me speechless
Onyxlibra7's picture

N' I guess Trey can't keep his handz off. "Bad, Bad Trey"...u need to be punished! :)
Onyxlibra7's picture

....Toni Braxton is seperated...btw.The kissed was staged for the awards show.(narration of the song) She(Toni) officially announced it on the Wendy Williams show as well. Just thought I'd throw that in there for "someone".
chrissyhotLUVZTREY-'s picture

o.m.g i wish i was there!!!! i so luv this remix its the best handz down!! i luv me sum trey songz ;-) muahhhh kiss kiss babez!!
SimplyMia's picture

That was hot
ama_jingaz's picture

i wish i was kerry hilon...i would be all over trey.....sooooooo hot and looks hella exciting....whne you coming to houston TREY?????????
MS. YUUUP's picture

i was there...and i acted a fool..Im a a huge trey and usher fan so win i found usher was there too i almost fainted home cudnt even tlk..usher showed no recognition to his fans tho..i thought that was messed up but i still love him...and i yelled trey name he looked at me i sed i love you boy and he smiled :)..made my day..cant get that smile out my head.
Mommiekels's picture

Veronica86's picture

WOOOOOOW that's all I have to say!!!
ImgoinghomewithTRIGGER's picture

Trey is REALLY the SHIT!!!!
Ima girl who has a name's picture

he is so fine though a girl can only take so much
Ima girl who has a name's picture

treyz a freak and cant stick to one girl hes always got to have his hands on every girl he sees like how he did wit toni braxton even though shes married! pure disrespect!
Mz. Nikkie A Neverson's picture

i loved it~~ wish i was dat water to slide all over dat chest lol so so sexy



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