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WATCH: Trey Songz is READY for the World

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on January 22, 2010 - 2:49pm

With multiple hits on the R&B charts and a Grammy nomination for his latest CD 'Ready,' Trey says he is bent on world domination.


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Mz Medusa's picture

he has da most s3xiest eyes yo..
Chyna White's picture

Just wanted to say that you are so right. This Ready Ablum is the best one, and you can tell that you put more than everything into it. Don't get me wrong, the other 2 ablums were hot, I still bump both of them, but hearing how much you have grown in your music as an artist and a young man, is so uplifting. I LUV YOU!!!
Myrra's picture

Looove ya treeeeeeeeeeeeeey
Onyxlibra7's picture

Rotflmao!........"pause". Luv it. =)
Uneek_Chic_2's picture

Trey you are too funny!! "I can feel my head, PAUSE!" That's why I love you man!! LMBO!!
t@rz0ffc@l.x3's picture

lmfao cant stop commenting on this video...i think ur braids bring more of ur personality out more in videos off air or w.e idk but in for more new hits
t@rz0ffc@l.x3's picture

yea i agree im happy to see my baby trey do his thang u go n hope wats goin on in ur life is every thing u asked for seein u smile on tv n on web makes me wanna say ur my idol even tho ima girl...ur the best singer who i eva none my life besides rip m.j but stilll the best good luck make more great hits peace out aim demonstatus13
blank's picture

lol thats cool its good to see trey doing his but them braids were something...sigh. he can finally touch his peanut i'm happy for him!
JohannaRenee's picture

UgottaLoveTrey's picture

We both ready Trey...
SB_2's picture

You have soooo much to give...hope the world is READY! Keep up the good work!
Trice Neverson's picture

&& the world is READY for you!!!!! lol
lilymichelle's picture

I'm ready for you babyy.
OhNaira's picture

lol he gon say "i can actually feel my head... pause" lmaooo
Whitneyy.Minaj's picture

Muahahahahahaha ! He taking over , and the world ain't evn #Ready for him yet ! Legoo !


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