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Premiere: Can't Be Friends [Video]

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on September 7, 2010 - 1:19pm

Pre-Order Trey  Songz Passion, Pain & Pleasure

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MotherofPhoeniX's picture

i cannot wait until next tuesday!!!!!!!!!!! i need this cd right now.
TreysSiddityAngel's picture

I love you tremaine ur body is outrageous in this video....i could really feel ur pain in this video the song is amazing the video is amazing and ur amazing I love u!
Trinal's picture

@blueberryswangyuuup I agree with you. He seems to be very humble and gracious. The one thing I love and admire about him is the love he has for his mother. When a Man has a great love and admiration for his mom, he will be good to the woman in his life. He is a very good entertainer, not just a singer. He's a complete package, that will give him longevity and much success in his career. Trey keep doing what your doing. The passion you have is very evident and that goes a long way. You have a huge support system and we all love the Man ( even though some of us have never met you Hint, Hint) and the artist. Much Love Muah!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Krista DeGoey's picture

I love this video and song! You're an amazing singer! Much love.
Uneek_Chic_2's picture

wowwww i love this much detail and artistic ability!!! u did ur thang Trey...
CurvyAngel's picture

Love the new video! Trey is artistic with every video he does and this one is as sexy as the rest. Great job again! Love you Trey!!
AgapeAngel's picture

Thumbs up! U really looked upset n heartbroken! Great acting skillz!
johnson_yasmin's picture

OMG Trey dis Video is awesome the look in your eyes jus make me want to cry.. Well i was crying jus a little I love the video keep up the good work.. I am your biggest fan from SAVANNAH, GEORGIA... i LOVE YOU Trey Songz
Nafesa's picture

Thank you....!!!!! I absolutely love this song. You are just the sexiest Man alive.!
nisey_2's picture

Mz_ChellyChelle's picture

OMG why do u have to look so SEXY all the time SMH!!!! LOL!!!!!
Alexuss18's picture

ahh i love this songg & the video Trey ur amazingg.! ?
blueberryswangyuuup's picture

Don't care what many people say but trey is a great performer and puts everything in every performance and video. As hard as he works he manages to give back to his fans. I have met him and he is a geniune soul to me. So whatever he does in his personal life is him but from what i see besides that he is a freak...he has his respect for woman and he is about his business. Love you trey songz...keep doing what you need to do to stay at the top. I can say you been going hard for the past few years none stop and you manage to keep family around. Never forget to get that balance and never be afraid to take some time to just shut everything out and get rest. Your true fans will patiently wait for your return. DIG THAT #GSTEAM LEGGO SUPPORTTING TREY SONGZ The Man, and the entertainer...
Smil3z's picture

okay sweetie I love it.. i see you....hmm one word..SPEECHLESS.... MUAHZZ KESH. I LOVE THIS SONG..FAV
Trinal's picture

@Quandra20 girl who you telling! lol's picture

wow! that's all i can say! Trey Songz is very talented! gave me chills watching it! :) follow me on twitter @sweethoneyluv81
jazyj469's picture

soo the video
naycnay26's picture

Trevia's picture

I have got to get to a computer cause this phone has pissed me off
Quandra's picture

Your body is SICK in this video!!!?? (biting my bottom lip) Lawd give me th strength!!!!
channnnb YUUUP's picture

loveddd it trey did good. very simple but it was amazing as it always is! and tht cut! woooooo!
Trinal's picture

OMG! I'M DONE LOL! This man is beautiful in every sense of the word. His wish would be my every command!
Quita_Love2011's picture did so good trey..i give my kudos 2 you..keep doing what you do!!!
Sweet.Tee20's picture

lol i keep watching the video over and over...thats just how much i like it. This is my favorite music video from him
ANGEL TOYA's picture

Good Job, Booooooo......................very well done.........................muah ;)
mzbrwnskyn's picture

Gutterbox20's picture

the emotion....siiiigh i love this
platinumquitta's picture

he really looks like he is going thru it in this video. best one since Yo side of the bed.
shysmile's picture

love the video!!!! the song & video goes very well together :) :)



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