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Premiere: Can't Be Friends [Video]

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on September 7, 2010 - 1:19pm

Pre-Order Trey  Songz Passion, Pain & Pleasure

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Alicia3's picture

trey this video is freakin amazing....LLLOOOVVVEEE IT!! c(=
lovintrey_6's picture

rain-of-happiness's picture

im loving it so much. Cnt stop playin it.
ShawnyBooYuuup's picture

i liked it but it wasnt his best video....i love the song
ZorriaSC's picture

Trey you never cease to amaze me...& for that I freaking love you :)
Kyra_Yuuup's picture

sexxyy :)
mrs-songz's picture

yuup...come ere
mrs-songz's picture

dammmn this singer is soo sexy i love this song and the video trey sonz i love you !!
TINA_18's picture

OMG I have no words to say it speak for itself
Taneshia Jones's picture

I love this song. It was a amazing because you keep making the songs that relate to real life situations. What can I sayTrey you are doing your thing and I love it.
Dom's picture

I love this video and this song. Keep doin the damn thing Trey!
jessica_49's picture

tierra porter's picture

.LOVE iT! (^_^)
Sofia_3's picture

What can i say ? i love the song .. keep going with the GOOD work !
MS. WADE's picture

That a real nice video, LOVE that you're not wearing a shirt... that put it over the top!!!
JahBlessed2410's picture

I love this song! This is video is FIRE! I just played the leak and the official version simultaneously and I see the changes made tho it's not much. I kno leaks have certain business impacts the average person may not be aware of but in terms of affecting the anticipation that boils up to the official release date I say if the video, and not to mention the actual song, is as much fire as this, no leak can be significantly and negatively impacting. This is officially the anthem of my now dissolved love life. Shows that as much as we are different as humans we all still got so much in common. Continuous Blessings and Guidance always Trey Songz!!!
orine's picture

amazing !!! :)
Bernice08's picture

Loved it as always !!! just keeps getting better and better and sexier 2! ;)
Ikecia's picture

Love it!!!
nene26's picture

this video made my mouth drop!!!!!!!!! I'm amazed can't wait to see more....
UCLAHottie's picture

This video was good. It was simple but you could totally feel the words he was singing. Great job once again Trey. This is definitely my new theme song
Crystal Morales's picture

Loved It. Sexy. Everything Trey touches is hot.
AldonsAgel's picture

Love the song, I can feel the emotion and passion in your voice. Video, nice concept but lost me completely with the White Bitch in the video! Get big and Black not Big and White!
SexyBrown89's picture

Love it..Fav song so far:)
the future of trey's picture

Everybody is talking about the emotion they feel in this video and your V SHAPE down below...excuse me a min i am fantasizing...o i almost forgot where i was, lmao.but they are speaking truth.This video shows your growth as a super star and as a man.This speaks to so many women,and being raised by many women has helped your career so much.babe you show that men have feelings just as we do,we may be wired different but feelings none the keep doing your thing babe ,i have my eyes all over you and i mean that literally cause i am watchin the video"CAN'T BE FRIEND"(PASSION,PAIN,&PLEASURE 9/14...GO)for the 7th time,lol.i love you Tremayne.I am here always.
mrsg's picture

Wow OMG Trey the video is very sexy and emotional, great job God Bless
LookAtMeNow's picture

This video shows an extremely creative side of you, Trey. Awesome video
kitty kat_2's picture

i love it
shaynicolee's picture

loved it!!!
sstratton8's picture

I loved the video. Simple but a big impact. You can feel the emotion of the song. I cant wait until the album is released.



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