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Premiere: Can't Be Friends [Video]

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on September 7, 2010 - 1:19pm

Pre-Order Trey  Songz Passion, Pain & Pleasure

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KimmiePoo27's picture

I've never seen that side to you before. It kinda scared me a little bit with all the crazy facial emotions. lol. But overall it was a nice video.
treyfan74's picture

That was awsome just like you
IHeartSongz 3's picture

suga-n-spice28's picture

did anyone notice that the girl is fully toplesss and on him.... omg her breasts pon his chest.....omg omg that is one sexciii video.... OMG LOVE U TREY
Destinee's picture

O m g ! I absolutely L O V E the video !
Chanellelovesyou's picture

I Loveee youuu Tremaine! ? the best thing in this video is you.. it would've been way better without that girl:) haha *;No.Hate? --Chanelle
Trey'sAngelMichelle's picture

Wow. I love this song...the video helps me love it even more!
Lissy Loves Trey's picture

Alex V.'s picture

I love, love, love it! I can't wait for Passion, Pain, and Pleasure! Trey, so are amazing at everything you do! You attention to detail and devotion to your fans is outstanding. Thank you!
jessica_49's picture

were my cus like you trey songz she be said u is sexy and cute ans pretty love your video and she love you d
TCS23's picture

Trey, what can I say- you are a real class act and I love every bit of it!!!!! I can not wait to see you in the Chi!!!
TreysChocolate12's picture

I swear everything you do is perfect lol, Naw no ones perfect but you are dame sure near it. LOVE YOU TREY.
latonyaburnett's picture

AGAIN...another GREAT video!!!!!! I love the video and the song....can't wait for Passion, Pain, & Pleasure 9/14 =))
mrstriggatrey_2's picture

amazin jus amazin it was so worth the wait s.n low key hatin on da grl n da vid i wanna be on trey like dat bt its ok my day comin i got faith n dat trey baby i love wat yu do keep it comin yuuup comereee
LouLii's picture

woooooow :O:O:O :)))) greeeaaaaat job, seriously !!!
DEVAN's picture

kkkk yuup
DesireeNeverson's picture

i loveeeeed it !!!!!
AwaEva's picture

passion ...................... pain............................. pleasure...................... 9.14............................ go
K00llove's picture

*blank stare* that was just epic!
AwaEva's picture

watching the video premier at the apple store becuse my new itouch just broke and i can't even listen to trey songz music at niht time...snifff...smh!! anyway love it and bout to re preorder the album trey is worth it!!! see all of ya @7pm for ustreamm love yalll !!!
Beautiful_5's picture

love the video great job trey keep comin wit that good music love yue
CutTiGurl609's picture

Great video! I love the emotion and the muscles!!! Oh yea lol
BoobieLovesTrigga's picture

I Freakin love Da Video Trey :) Ha PASSION PAIN PLEASURE 9.14 Go !
Ms.Lexx's picture

This song is the business! Haha, Trey is singing my man's song,lol.
Numba1Hon's picture

Cassandra Coplin's picture

trey u are like my idol. i knw im a girl and girls usually look females but i really look up to u and i wish and hope the best for u u are soo awesome!!! keep it up
ladytreyy's picture

good job i like this song treeeeeey you very sexy all the time i love's picture

Unfortunately! I will be in class until Ten!! Your new video was amazing! Great Job!! Cant wait to get the new "CD"!
mrz.neverson_19's picture

this video was so good i cant stop playin it
Rochelle Nicole's picture

The video was absolutely amazing. You did a wonderful job Trey : )



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