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Trey's Next Single Announced!

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on January 25, 2010 - 6:45pm

Head over to the audio player to listen to Trey's next single, "Neighbors Know My Name"! Make sure you let us know what you think of the track by leaving comments below! "Neighbors Know My Name" is off of Trey's Grammy nominated album READY, in stores & online now! Yuuup!

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mzzloveyuup's picture

ommmg! im so happy for uuu!!! i love this songg! im hella happy! muah!
CHANNON's picture

Tiffanie's picture

i love this song
Uneek_Chic_2's picture

Thas wassup, I love this song!! I already know that the video is going to be cr@zyyyyyyy!!! I can't wait!!
Cookie''s picture

i luv dis song so much!!!!
andrea_26's picture

love this song so sexy and love your album and you and your bod your number fan andrea from newark holla at me
EbbyBadAzz's picture

I love this song.. I can't wait for it
Ciera Songz's picture

OMG that my favorite song on the album even though I like all of them :) I already know the video for this song will be amazing. Trey keep doing you baby!
ama_jingaz's picture

love the song and the whole CD especially love lost
johanna's picture

I love that song, can not wait
Dreamette's picture

I love this song!!!! As a matter fact I LOVE the whole cd!!!!
KarahSongz's picture

Omqq i love your new single tremaine, I cant wait to see the vid for it (; I lovee you so much trey songz keep up with your amazing music
Traill's picture

I absolutely love that song! Great choice. I hope Jupiter Love gets air play too. The entire cd is fiyah! I can't wait to see the video! :o)
KimmeKhalid's picture

cant ait to see the video yhu shud do wat beyonce did and juss make a video for each song on the album i wud really go CRAZY!!!! LOVE YHU TREY!!!!
1Nic0le's picture

"I bet the Neighbors know my name" Oww! LEGGGGO, lol
pleshking38's picture

This is my favorite song on the CD, can't wait to see that video.
biqdaddyannie's picture

i have your album , sooo i know what the sonq sounds likee -- and i fckin' love it :D .
LillyBoo_2's picture

bwt daym time.. i been waitin fuh this!! -?Nj
Swaggnificent's picture

This my cut. Great to hear
capricorn9904's picture

I absolutely love this song...Love it, Love it, Love it...
mzpapaya's picture

Everyone of my friends that are all READY approve love the song. I just can't wait for the video. OH the possibilities. Can Mr. Songz top "invented sex" i have faith in his entire team. (You can do it!! - in my waterboy voz)
JHende02's picture

kaygeelovestrey's picture

I love this song.!!!! Can't wait to see the video for this song.!!!! I love u Trey.!!! Yuuup.!!! :-)
iGoByBritt's picture

That is a great song. Everybody has to love it!!!!
Buttercream luv's picture

sks's picture

i like that song but i think it should be"holla if u need me"
datgurl_VON's picture

OMG I love that song and I know once it hit the radio it's gonna be #1 status... and don't forget to make a video for it, you know we can't get enough of seeing TREY!!! :-)
Trinitwty's picture

Just made my week! Can't wait!
ChrissyLYUUUP's picture

Love it...every song on the album could be a single...thats how you know this is a good cd!!!!!!! Love ya Trey....can't wait til you win the grammy!!!!!
wonder_woman92's picture

yes...been waiting for this song to come out one of my many favorites on the album



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