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"Keep Me Warm" Contest Winner!

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on December 24, 2010 - 12:33pm

Congrats to Ashley from CA for winning the "Keep Me Warm" video contest! Happy Holidays from!

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ForeverTAngel's picture

That was nice boy Good Job !
Mysteryuz's picture

Aww man! I was all into it like, "Trey's about to come through the door!" LOL Good job girl!
Keema2003's picture

aww, that was creative, Loved it! congratulations
Ariel @COOGIdown's picture

thats so cute!
onedayt6268's picture

Great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o)
Gwen_3's picture

Cute 2 def n classy
StunningAngel's picture

congrats girl u really did a good job =) i love the video it was really nice!!
Msexximami's picture

Very nice video, i hope you get to keep him warm for christmas.
TeamTreyJA's picture

very very creative ashley! great job
KekeBeauty01's picture

Great Job Ashley!!..very creative..
ScorpionPrincess's picture

That was great Ashley...Congrats! Don't be surprised if you come home one day and Trey is there. ;) Happy New Year to all the Angels BTW!!!
-'s picture

I watched this when Trey posted it, I thought Ashley you've done a great job, I love the ending!! Well Done! :)
Ashley_Natelie's picture

Thanks Everyone! You guys are allverykind!
PinkySongz's picture

great videoooo cali in the building :) goodjob mamaz
TheBarbieCop's picture

Ashley....Job well done! I thought the video was great! Congrats!!!
mrs_trigguh-foreva's picture

u did wonderful ashley :D lucky angel :D's picture

great job Ashley, love the concept.
Anmariee_1ofTrey'sFinest's picture

Congrats!!! I absolutely loved it. Your creativity was soooooooooooooo creative. Sooooooo happy 4 u mama...
kara05angel's picture

Very creative ...congrats
Diandra_M's picture

Great job mama!
A_Perfect_Angel's picture

Congrats you did a fabulous job
deeliyuuup's picture

congrats!!! very nice video.
Trey's Angel_18's picture

Great job!
Ms.Keosha PureAngel's picture

very cute Congrats
shoeshoe451's picture

I like it a lot...Congrats
Quandra's picture

Aaaawwwww this was tooooo cute!!! Congrats!!!!
Enchanted Angel's picture

Very good Ashley.
Elysse Hartnett's picture

aaawww this video was cutteee!! very creative
5_StarShey's picture

This was really good... i liked the concept and your creativity. u did a good job. Congrats!
kassie61692's picture

awww this was sooo creative ! ; trey should use the video concept and make his like thiss lol ; but congratsssss girlie ! : )



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