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Trey's Next Single Announced!

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on January 25, 2010 - 6:45pm

Head over to the audio player to listen to Trey's next single, "Neighbors Know My Name"! Make sure you let us know what you think of the track by leaving comments below! "Neighbors Know My Name" is off of Trey's Grammy nominated album READY, in stores & online now! Yuuup!

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blank's picture

its the truth...
Nicki_ G's picture

This is one of my favs on ready and i can't wait to hear it on the radio. :)
kajuana levels's picture

I love that song
Jui Cee's picture

thats def one of da best trakks on ya album _love it
SEXYBALLA9110's picture

Brittany'slovin's picture

oooooo stop it trey...smh now u kno u gonna kill em wit this uh after they all dead...imma need u to come c my neighbors can kno ya but seriously tho...come get that Brittany lovin. :-)
ExultantAngel Bri's picture

yes !! i love dat song !! my favorite !!
LuckyMC's picture

What happened to Yo Side Of The Bed? Still lovin' Neighbors though.
Wizkidification's picture

neighbors know my name is one of my favorites off of Ready. and I'm sure the neighbors definitely know your name ;)
harajuku-barbie's picture

i LOVE dis sonq ; althouqh i like panty droppa betta ; it needa be longer doe ! but great choice ! luv yahhh!
harajuku-barbie's picture

i LOVE dis sonq ; althouqh i like panty droppa betta ; it needa be longer doe ! but great choice ! luv yahhh!
Toya_21's picture

Great! Can't wait for the video Trey!!
Ms. Feisty_2's picture

Eventually They Gon Kno It By My Side Babii............I Play U All Day Everyday....
oneshadowlove's picture

ooooohhh my fav Trey!
TreyLatinAngel's picture

I love the song it's one of my favorites from his album I can't until he comes out with another sexy video with this song :-D
ikwanzaa_'s picture

Ooooo Yea I Love This song And Trey!!!!
hotttcocoa14's picture

i love this song!!.. i love the cd!!
jkayla14's picture

trey baby.....thats my song for sure out in philly its already that twerk we play that at parties when we gettin it in lol nd power 99 been playin it since december somethin lol
Rose in a Concrete world's picture

i love that song to death but i think the single shoulda been does he do it....but hey neighbors know my name is hott so itll be successful
Shaunita's picture

Ja'Niyah's picture

i Love That Song
mehsongz1's picture

damn baby i already luv that song I have allyur albums yur the only artist i kno that i can play all yur cds straight thru and not have to hit the skip button WE HOLDIN YU DOWN HEA IN THE 757 BALEEEE DATTT ANY WAYZ I SEEN YU AT THE NORFOLK STATE HOMECOMING YU WERE AMAZing anyway bae luv yu muah
mrs.trey_songz's picture

i luv that song
Shelly_YuuuP's picture

Def a hot song!!! Yuuup =)
xoxtreysongzxox's picture

i absolutely love this song!!!! xx
taytayrules's picture

i love that song
CaramelGoddess1's picture

I love this song. It's already my ringtone. After what you did with the I invented sex video, I can't wait to see this one. My imagination is running wild
Eddie F.'s picture

this my favorite song on the album...after some patron this song get the ladies everytime ,,,lol,,,got alot of grub on off this song lmao
_.Bri._'s picture

I love this song..can't wait until the video!!!
AyE MoNEyBaGzZz's picture

dat song tuff.. but i think u shuda put dat "one love" out.. dat track hella dope brah.. but u prolly get more buzz off dis cuz eybodi rock wit da neighbors kno my name joint



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