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WATCH: Trey's Fans Shut Down FYE in Downtown Philly!

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on September 21, 2010 - 9:47am

Check out footage of #TREYMANIA in Downtown Philly at Trey's FYE In-Store Appearance
[via Black and Nobel]

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tstibb's picture

I was #1 in line waited for 8hrs yesterday @ the Philly signing. I was sooo sick to my stomach ppl really need to learn how to act & yes Philly Pd was not prepared. I do understand that safety comes 1st & I dnt want anyone to get hurt. So next time Trey & ill be right in front waiting for u. Be safe at your next signing.
Mz Yuup's picture

#TreyMania for real Trey songz is the man thats all I can say

This is pure craziness! Fans chasing his car bout to get themselves killed just insane. This event was not well organized at all. How was he suppose to even get inside wit the fans crowded around every which way. I feel bad for Philly fans & I can only hope Trey come back and make it up to ya'll in a big way. Cuz clearly doing a Cd signing there is too much.
Nique_Songz's picture

LoL aww man..MD shut it down tooo!
Chaneltashya's picture

The mayhem that took place that prevented me from seeing Trey Songz face to face. This video jus made me upset again!!!! -_-
AFineAKA's picture

I was one of the winners from the radio station. I went down there after work and have to say that it's truly a shame what happened down there at FYE. I was waiting patiently in the store, as were many other fans, and cant believe that due to people outside we were never able to meet Trey. It was absolutely rediculous the way they behaved...I mean chasing his car, banging on windows, blocking his car, etc? You have to be kidding me! As many others, yes I was looking forward to meeting Trey Songz but if his safety, and the safety of his fans were at risk, it was not worth it. I know people inside were upset at him for not coming in but it was not his fault, blame the idiotic people outside for ruining everyone's chances! As for Trey, I hope this doesnt deter him from ever coming back to Philly for a meet & greet or autograph signing because he really does have true and respectful fans here (such as I)! Hopefully the next time he decides to come to Philly people learn how to contain themselves and conduct themselves in a respectable & calm manner. I still support you Trey and understand completely! :) Be blessed!
MsJJBabyee's picture

WHAT THE ... this is so embarrassing im not even from philly && i feel embarrassed for them . my mouth dropped when i saw them running after the vehicle they were acting like straight animals . smh i feel sorry for the ppl that were standing in line actually behaving cuz these raggamuffins spoiled it for everyone .
MyFingaOnTrigga's picture

SMDH..that is just sad.Trey tried to show love for his fans by signing CD's but some people just don't know how to act.He didn't have to take time out of his day to do this but in respect for his fans,he did and he traveled all the way there...for nothing.Its not his fault though so those who blamed him need to look at the situation from his perspective(the safe one) and realize he and his team made the right choice..I'd rather have no signed CD rather than NO TREY SONGZ!
charity24's picture

@ Cpretty I agree with you I blame it on the police City patrol and Serurity and most def FYE because none of them did there job yesterday If they had this wouldn't of happen and I mean I will take the booklet that hes gonna sign but it's not the same it wasnt so much about that it was about being able to meet him Philly sucks right now and I'm from Philly I'm so mad at the fools that was outside actin up
charity24's picture

I was there I was 100 sumthin in line I waited for 5 hours I was so upset when they told us he wasnt coming everybody was They just lost it and just started messing the store up I'm still very upset Some one said she was gonna go home and burn his posters other people said they will never suport him again everybody was so upset and wanted there money back some people said Trey was a bi**h and he should of still came in I feel like they should of known that was gonna happen I mean I'm from philly but Philly do act up sometimes They should of been perpared for that He's Trey Songz and it's Philly we have been having problems wit flash mobs here for a while I'm so upset Trey I can't even listen to your music right now Like I still love you but like I'm so upset n hurt I know it wasn't your fault but still everybody is soooooo mad at you before when people talk shit about you I would defend you untill the end but Now I know how they feel because I was one of the people in the store We were all cool like no fightin or nothin everybody was getin along and makin friends and the fact that the fools outside messed it up for us is A CRYING SHAME!!!!!! I went home and cryed and I know I wasn't the onlty one This meant alot to me
Janae's picture

I was so hurt yesterday. The Angels were right in the front & because of poor security, poor management & poor planning, not to mention CRAZY NIGGAZ nobody got to see Trey. Not even his angels. And the part that upsets me the most it that those crazy rats got closer to him than his most dedicated fans. But more than anything I want Trey to be safe. And I'm glad he's ok.
TreySweetCandy's picture

True_songz_angel's picture

so glad i got to meet him b4 hand and didnt hav to wait in that mess...but best believe if i didnt see him b4 hand i def. wud hav been out there at 9am, the first one in line waitin for him...luv u trey!!!
TreySweetCandy's picture

CPRETTY's picture

this is simply RIDICULOUS! I was waiting, patiently, in line for Trey for a lil over 5 hrs, skipped my 5:20 class, unfortunately, & had a growling ass stomach & thanks to these triffling people who seriously don't know how to act civilized and with sense, the TRUE & DEDICATED fans had to get turned away smdh. I blame it on the city, the police and city patrol, security and F.Y.E itself because quite frankly, Trey isn't like a freaking 'lame author at a book signing' . . . HE'S TREY! they should have prepared for this & I understand it was for his safety but none of this would have happened if all those attention hungry idiots weren't standing outside in the first place. & to make matters worse, FYE tells us we can 'get a signed booklet', that's fine and well but if I was number 125 in line in the overcrowed 600+ ppl in the store alone, I want to see Trey, forget a book. I'm still going to be a loyal fan, but I wouldn't be suprised if Trey wouldn't want to do another signing in Phil. again. & I'm soo serious.
Ultimate_Beauty23's picture

That's ridiculous!!!
iSparks87's picture

Ashley Melton's picture

WOW......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What some people will do for Trey Songz? I want an autograph too but have to know when to wait patiently.
iSparks87's picture

That's crazy!!!
LaffitUp's picture

This mad me soo angry just because his TRUE fans who bought a cd couldn't even see him, it's the people who are acting like animals who got a glimpse. I know it's bad to call people animals,but from this video, that's what they are acting like. I stood in line for over 4 hrs just to have the even shut down. I believe Philly PD should have used their authority to control people. For like an hr all they were just doing was standing there, while they should have been patrolling the place. I just hop Trey comes back to see his TRUE fans at a better organized location. SMH at out people.
lovely69's picture

that shit was the worst l was number 140.... so pissed after waiting that whole time. ..
MrsWizKhalifa07's picture

wooo lawd have mercy they was chasing his truck lmaooooo! TREY LOOK AT BABY! U GOT EM CHASING YOU BABY! YOU MADE IT BIG BIG BIG!!!!!
Cookey's picture

@tamara AGREED! I was there for that madness.
flowsong6's picture

Damn i be scared if someone attacked trey damn yalls needa calm down lol smh did yalls see them chase his truck dammmmn! lol smdfh We love ya trey
tamara_9's picture

the taste of chicago was 10 time worst when trey came there..
KattieBabbie's picture

damm i was number #141 waited for 5 hours. Childish people outside. Damm i came all the way from South Jersey to see ya and this is what happens. I always have bad luck. i missed skool. and ish and The funnest this is the people tht was inside...When they made the annocment saying tht he wasnt goonna be there. throwing cds.stealing. breaking things. taking the posters down. AND returning his cds. yes i kno we paid $20 for it to get signed but to return it. True Fans huh? even tho i kno its not your fault. i was so dispointed. Butt i still got my cd waiting for tht day to come to see you
LaTishaBritt's picture

WOW....I want a autograph as well but NOT LIKE THAT!!!! THAT SITUATION LOOK DANGEROUS.
Mz.Songz_202's picture

OMG!!! This is crazy! I am so glad the signing in Clinton was organized better than this. Philly PD did not have nearly enough people out there for the crowd that was there. I am glad Trey was able to get out of this situation safely and everyone did not get hurt! Trey baby you got them going ham!!! I know it sucks that the in store was shut down but for safety of everyone involved especially Trey it was for the best!!! Philly calm down!
MecoleMeMe's picture

that was crazy... but i agree with the cops for shutting it down.. it was for yalls safety because OBVIOUSLY them people dont know how to act, they act crazy when they seen his car... didnt even see the nigga!... chased the car down the block... i can only imagine if he got out... #smh. trey songz is too big to cd signings now. i hope he dont do this shit next year. its deff not the cops fault... blame the CRAZY SO CALLED FANS OUT THERE ACTING A FOOL!. #thatisall.
Mere_2's picture

Awww CharBaby! I didn't even know he wasn't coming on the 30th either. SMH... it was a disaster. I'm sorry that you didn't get to cut the line. I'm an angel too, but I have yet to win anything. LOL... It's all good. I guess we just have to keep hope. Don't give up. One day we will be able to meet him. My heart still hurts, but I'm trying to stay positive. :) Philly... you gotta love em! smh



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