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WATCH: Trey's Fans Shut Down FYE in Downtown Philly!

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on September 21, 2010 - 9:47am

Check out footage of #TREYMANIA in Downtown Philly at Trey's FYE In-Store Appearance
[via Black and Nobel]

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LoveeMera's picture

Ugh. Kids in my city get on my nerves!!
Myztik's picture

Oh my goodness....I was shaking my head watching that whole thing. That was crazy! I mean I understand how there are some die-hard fans out there but that whole screaming and chasing thing those girls had going on when Trey was trying to obviously get out of there was just too much in my opinion. I think that these fans should at least know how to act and gain their composure instead of going crazy about to hurt themselves just to see a man who's just as normal and me and everyone else in the world. Chaos, chaos, chaos! But aside from that, you keep doing what you love, Mr. Neverson! We love you!!
MrsTremNeverson's picture

I just saying... i really hate hetto black people who dont know how to act. I was in there waiting for 5 hours and i was number 337 in line! I CRIED MY EYES OUT WHEN THEY TOLD ME I COULDNT SEE MY HUSBAND!!!! TREMAINE ALDON NEVERSON I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART! I SWEAR TO GOD I DO!!!!???
shania's picture

thats crazy i couldnt see him either when he came to baltimore because the police shut it down because 3 fights broke out while people were waiting to see him thats just rediculous how people cant control their emotions .
zenadali2426's picture

Wow, super chaotic....Im sure it feels good to know ur important and WELL known to many fans of urs....I just cant wait until that luck day I meet u...rather it be in person or my dreams feeling SOOOOOOO real...:) Good luck on ur journey cause I know there's more to come!!
LaTasha_4's picture

Go Trey!!! Go Trey!!! You know you doing your thing when you have people running after you in the street. They not looking where they going lol. That is some crazy ish right there. I see a grammy coming. Mr Steal Your Girl has taken over the world.
aye.itsRell's picture

i just wasnt to thank all them little fucker that messed it up for the people INSIDE the store!!!
TrudyYuuup♥.'s picture

LizLuvzCafe's picture

I was inside at the time waiting for Trey (An artist I am aware of but do not listen to on a regular basis) to come in for 5 hours. It is important for all of us to realize the safety for not only Trey but the people who were in philly that day, driving walking, and running in the streets. Yes, everyone inside took their time out to come and pay for the cd and stand there for hours in anticipation,excitement only to be disapointed. It is not Treys fault.. and ultimatly the public relations and security staff and whom work for Trey and the philadelphia police dept should have closed down the street for his arrival and only a certain number of people should have been aloud on the street and that was that.
sade_yuuup's picture

2divinelycreated's picture

This is a dayum shame!!!.. This is like some old "Jackson 5" tip over the bus mess.... Good to hear no one was hurt. BUT for people to skip school and work is absurd!.. It can be the President for all I care, my job and education are far more important; biggest fan or not. Young ladies (or even a few young men) need to go back and reevaluate some things.. I appreciate the artist, but this is going wayyy to far...
CPRETTY's picture

I know I posted what I had to say earlier but after coming back & reading some of the comments I see that many more people were truly upset about this. The facts are stated that it WASN'T Trey's fault & for the classy, dedicated and respectable fans that were standing inside should understand that. Of course we were probably hungry as hell & needed to use the bathroom lol, at the end we were doing it to support Trey and to, well, get a little eye candy at the same time. ;) I just feel bad for the ones that stood there even long than I, I can't be self-centered. -AprilShowers, -Lee_Carrie, -Mere, -Vana18 you guys were there even longer than I was, and -TsTibb for being #1. Wow. Optimism is the only thing we can have now, guess we just know that Trey has officially gotten to be too big of a name to just do CD Signings! ;)
BiancaDaModel's picture

They F**ked my day up I was in line waitting to See TREY SONGZ :( !
little cutie12's picture

trey you have lots of fans and i truley love you but you could have got hurt ifyou got hurt i would have been pissed of like angry at everybody down there but you i would have felt sorry for you love have a nice day can you follow me @midgetle
ShaySongz_2's picture

PrettyGirlTy1627's picture

People Just Go Crazyy Now Day 'This Is So Crazy
latonyaburnett's picture

Wow, this was horrible!!!! I am sorry that the mature ppl were not able to see him...i would have not wanted him to get out in that....well im glad ur ok trey
treysluv4eva's picture

Wow, so all I have to say is I was standing inside for like 6hrs and had no idea it was that crazy outside. I luv trey so much that I went by myself when I found out my friend couldn't go to end up way disappointed. It's really a shame that the people who were patient and so excited to c this man who we all love get let down in the end. It really makes me embarrassed to say I'm from here cuz I kno those people who got too excited give us a bad name to a already bad rep. If anything Yall should know not everybody from philly act all wild like that. I still love trey and what he does and just hope I get to meet him or see him up close some day. Concerts may b all I have for now :/ Now I realize how crazy it would have been for him to try to come in the store. Even if he got in how could he have gotten out?....
Tuere's picture

lol im trey's little brother. i was thier trey angel winner inside mad like r u serious i was so mad and disapointed it was crazy.
AprilShowers4's picture

I was 1 of the hundreds inside the store(# 38 to be exact) and it was so unfair to the 1's that waited patiently for HIM 2 come. I was EXCITED and the idoits outside MESSED everything up. Words can't even begin to describe how I felt hearing HE wasn't returning. No blame on your behalf Trey. I have a HEART and understand that your safety as well as your fans mean alot 2 u.I did see on USTREAM that you tried your best 2 get to us. Some ppl just weren't raised properly. I just wish there was a way for the 1's in the store who waited for hours 2 get 2 meet u.......... MUCH LOVE AND MANY MANY MANY KISSES!!! *ALISA*
Porsh_yuuup's picture

I was out there & it was crazy!!! idk why people have 2 act like that & now nobody got 2 see him. They mess it up 4 everyone else
BeccaDoan97's picture

ms4thofjuly's picture

Wow! For as much as Trey wants to give of himself to his fans and for his fans, because of the level of his success, it is virtually impossible at this point! I commend him on thinking of innovative ways to try and share with those that support him but his safety and the safety of others is becoming an issue! I don't think it's fair to say that Trey disappointed in Philly or Baltimore either! He made the attempt and how many artists are willing to go into the urban areas and spend precious time with those that support them? You can not predict the mood of the crowd! For as much planning that was done, how can you prepare for total chaos??? I truly feel sorry for the people that did not get a chance to see Trey because he is truly a very humble person and believe it or not, the person that is most disappointed is probably Trey! And even to the people that were outside waiting to see him and may not have acted appropriately, they were excited, they were anxious and they reacted without thinking what the consequences would be! It is very easy to point a finger but what good would that do??? Let's just play the devil's advocate for a moment...What if they had turned over Trey's vehicle? What if Trey would have been arrested for inciting a riot? What if someone would have been severly injured or killed? We are so quick to place blame on someone else but truth be told, we need to look at the bigger picture before we accuse! So people are mad because Trey made the attempt to try and come back or because he left from an unsafe enviroment? Wow! So Trey should have stayed and risked injury to himself and others? Trey should have stayed and risked being arrested? For those that missed Trey, I truly believe that you will get your chance one day! Don't harbour on the negative! We can't bring tomorrow back! But always know that no matter how much you plan for anything you can never, ever predict the outcome!!! Believe that...
AngelWingsHalo's picture

I'm sorry, but did you see the website streaming across: lol...I
NA_2's picture

I was watching the ustream when trey was in the car trying to get to his fans. IT IS NOT TREY'S FAULT. The police told him that if he came around again, then he will get arrested. Everybody outside the store should have been calm & waited their turn. Plus Philly fans put not only Trey & the Unit in danger, but themselves as well. They chased Dontae down the street because they didn't know how to act. That is not cool. I'm glad that Trey & The Unit are safe now . This should be a lesson learned to everybody that if you act a fool (like that), then you will nothing. I know Philly Angels are hurt bywhat these groupies did but trust me Trey will come for you all again ... ( minus the groupies hopefully )
AngelWingsHalo's picture

Whitesugar, you hit the nail on the head. They got to calm down, do peeps not going to want to hold these events.
Bobbi_'s picture

Trey wanted to come, but the police said he'd get arrested for inciting a riot if he came back to the store. He was streaming it on ustream, waiting for them to get people under control so he could double back and come through a back door or something. He was talking to the manager of the store, the ploice, and what not, so even though he wanted to come back THEY WOULDN'T LET HIM. It's pitiful that people are saying their not going to support him anymore and going to burn his posters and returning his cd. Clearly you were never a fan if you don't want to even get the facts first before you turn your back on him.
Whitesugar's picture

That sh**t is wacked, people are nuts. I feel bad for Trey, if he thought he was lonely before, wait until he gets bigger and bigger and bigger. He won't be able to go anywhere unfortunatley he practically can't now. Trey, I love you and are glad you are doing everything you do, but talk about PAIN. Wow, this is really bittersweet. They say it's "LONELY AT THE TOP" GOD BLESS YOU TREY, STAY SAFE.
lovetremaineeee's picture

It was suchhh a huge disappointment to have patiently waited in line 5 hours to see Trey then have the crazy people outside ruin it. I can't even listen to the CD without being reminded and disappointed. Security should have been more prepared. If the same thing happened in MD they should realize they need to do something differently rather than just let down the hundreds of girls who paid a lot more than the CD actually costs and waited in line. Philly girls are crazyyyy and its sad that Trey couldn't even get out the car. That behavior is embarrassing.
Shivanadawkins's picture

Definitely was upset yesterday..standinq in line fhor 8 hours!! number 47 out of 600 sumin ppl!! smh! Ppl dnt know how to act riqht!



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