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WATCH:'s Interview with Trey

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on January 5, 2011 - 4:14pm got a chance to catch up with Trey Songz while he was in Miami. Check out his interview above

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CoCo Noelle's picture

I've been a fan since the "Gotta Make it" days and I am sooooooo proud of him. Poor baby,Him look tired.. still handsome tho :D Thats right you get closer to God baby thats an excellent way to kick off 2011
babidollface1's picture

there goes my BABBBBBBY!
SuperiorAngel's picture

OMGosh. Trey you looks so tired. After you come over here (UK) you need to rest boy!!! LOL
babidollface1's picture

look at TREY being so MODEST !!!!
babidollface1's picture

i love you (*__~ < 3) *lovefaces* follow me on twitter @babidollface1 (TreySoulMate)
SpiritualAngel's picture

Trey you are awesome you have your head on straight.Your interviews are very inspiring you know what you want out of life. One thing that really touches me you always put God first and that is beautiful, continue to love God and give Him the glory let HIm guide you will always have sucess. I always say you are one of God's Masterpiece thank you for being who you are don't change. Have a great year can't wait til the new album. Much Love
RITTALUV's picture

Trey u always give me the goosebumps!! ur words are sooo inspirational! i'm soo proud of you and proud to say im ur angel! keep up the amazing work and i cant wait to see what 2011 has in store for u!! :)
Linz84's picture

oh wow!! Wow what an experience he had with the pregnant fan. lol that was nice.
Daniel_Shawn's picture

aww i love watchin his interviews he's always so put together i feel like a proud girlfriend *in my head* lol
CELLE-CELL's picture

Trey Hi, love I always look foward to your interviews, nice job as always:)) I loved it when you say you want to get closer to God!! baby with him guiding you - you can't go wrong!!. Continued success love. Muaahh...
phyllis_2's picture

love you trey can't waite for your next album
memeg26's picture

Trey u so sexy. Hope 2011 is better than 2010. My birthday is next month wish I could hang out wit ya all day. luv ya Trey!
sexylady1's picture

i love u Trey and keep doing ur thing..
lisaleigh30's picture

I think he sounds so sweet I can imagine the sound he makes when he makes love.
sarah_treysongzfan's picture

trey u look so fine. love u so much
Miss Smith's picture

fiyagyrl05's picture

Awww Trey's so handsome....I love you Trey!!!
MsDaniBaby21's picture

The Trey Songz calendar it sold out and right now it doesn't look like they will be restocking it. If you want to try to get the calendar back in stock please check my discussion that I posted. I think if they see the demand it there...we might be able to get it restocked --->
TEETIMME's picture

How can u NOT love this man! I have to give Mrs. April Tucker 4 thumbs up for raising such a fine young man! Wow! And I still can not believe the story about the pregnant lady going into labor. I hope she named the baby Tremaine or Tremeka! Beautiful, this is why I love this man! Always a fan, TEE!
ScorpionPrincess's picture

And this interview is one of the many reasons I LOVE being a Trey's Angels...he is just on his ISH and although he can be funny/silly, sexy and display many musical talents he wants to keep growing and expanding his brand. He is not content with just being the best at singing...he wants to test the water and see what other gifts God has given him by trying acting too. "Whoever said the sky is the limit is on some lie shit, cause I'm looking down at it" =) Keep it going Trey and I'll be there for you baby!!! God bless!
Treyalwayz143's picture

Hey Trey I love U and ur music ?keep it coming?
babiface103's picture

Trey is so Talented. He does it very well! I'm glad i was able to see him in concert!
mii_sunflower's picture

ok so i know trey ets tired of ppl asking him about drake geesh they had 3 songz together they are friends they dont ask trey bout fabolous and they have 4 songz together idk but anyways
Crystal_15's picture

I Love what Trey said about doing things for him self. Doing what makes you happy and not what other people want you to do. Keep doing that....This is the my way of life as well and I commend anyone else that lives free and confident. So many people get so consumed with making others happy and spend no time doing what makes them happy!
Tonya Bryant's picture

Trey you always sound articulate as always and you looked polished with a short haircut..I also don't believe in doing new years resolutions,you always break them by the 1st 30 days.
CFlame's picture

Sexy, hard-working, intelligent, driven, focused.. Trey Songz
cammieb23's picture

i remember that, about the lady goin in labor..that was really amazing, it was in kansas city @nebraska furniture mart, .....that day was one of the most amazing days n my life...i met @treysongz twice that day and it was amazing. he's very hot. But i luv him more as an artist. keep doing you and stay true to God and self and blessings will flow your direction for 2011 and beyond
mz.nicia_songz21's picture

i love his smile!! Im so proud of trey songz
MissYella's picture

Love u Trey and I had fun when u came to Memphis...'s picture

Love you Trey! you and an amazing 2010! Just wait 2011 will be even bigger for you!! *muah* ~~~@sweethoneyluv81


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