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Your Favorite Artist, His Favorite Beatles Song

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on January 11, 2011 - 4:54pm

Trey picks his favorite Beatles song and shares why the the track is meaningful to him in the iTunes exclusive below!

Read what else Trey had to say about "If I Fell" and listen to the song only on iTunes!

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Adjoa EducatedAngel's picture

My fav is either Eleanor Rigby or Blackbird. I Want You/She's So Heavy is a second. @MS_NIKKIBABY: That sounds like so much fun! I wish he could still do stuff like that. =/
Mz. Brittany Songz's picture

Trey , when are you coming back to birmingham,Al?
OhSoLuhvlee's picture

Itunes won't let me see the rest of what he said or hear the song. :(
MS_NIKKIBABY's picture

I remember when you ustreamed this song during your name that tune hour. I think this was in 09? You were in New York. Anyway, you played different genres of music and we had 2 name the artist and song title. Whomever guessed the artist and song title correctly you would give them a call. I knew alot of the answers but my ustream was acting up sum serious that night so couldn't get through quick enough LOL. However, I remember we all had hella fun though; you just kickin it with us (your fans) :)
Myztik's picture

Nice. :-)
QuietStorm's picture

I like the lyrics
Rolanda4's picture

My favorite Beatles song is "Come Together" Right now.. Over me.. (in my MJ voice)
shysmile's picture

my favorite beatles song is "here comes the sun" just puts me in a good mood every time i hear it :-)
ladyvikes08's picture

my favorite beatles is ''let it be''
shoeshoe451's picture

I like a couple of songz from them...that's that old skool
JesusIsMySavior's picture

Mrs.Neverson23's picture

i love dat song so much


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