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SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT - Love Faces 2011: Starring Trey Songz!

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on January 8, 2011 - 9:44pm

Below are the official dates and cities for the 2011 Love Faces Tour! Stay logged onto, on Monday we will be announcing the pre-sale dates!

Feb 11th - New York City
Feb 12th - Washington DC
Feb 13th - Detroit
Feb 14th - Chicago

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sexy sam's picture

i hope it just all the angels
sexy sam's picture

im going to D.C.
treyz girl22's picture

See u in D.C Trey!!!!!!!
Shortee89's picture

ok thanks @Shanell28
Shanell28's picture

i think the concert is for everybody not just Angels cuz they posted it on facebook too but idk :)
Shortee89's picture

im puttin money away rite now so i can get me my tickets for when he come 2 Detroit cause me and my sista going lls by the way follow me on twitter @shortee89 and i will follow anybody know if this tour just for us angels
Océane_2's picture

Come to FRANCE, yeah !
Sam219's picture

Are these concerts only for Trey's Angels?
missrobynmarie's picture

CHICAGO HAS BEEN WAITING ON THIS!!!! Since he missed us on the PPP tour. All I have to say is that he could be resting,but instead he is going out to 4 cities in 4 days. Like he comes we have to show MMMMMADDDDD love. Like go ALLLLLLL OUUUTTTT!!!!! We should be expecting nothing less from one another. He shows us so much love EVERYDAY by getting up and continuing to give us all of him, but we have ONE night to show him the appreciation that we have all the time. Can't wait to see pictures and videos. I know Chicago will definitely have ours up :)
ashlanise's picture

Ended the year seeing Trey & now starting the year off again with another concert =) Feb. 13th I can't wait!!!
luvsmesumTrey's picture

Just seen you Trey in New Orleans on the 28th of December at the OMG tour.........loved your performance. Keep up the good work and may God always Bless you.
JenniferSongz's picture

COME TO CONNECTICUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JessicatheAngel's picture

yay!DC on here woot woot!hopefully its a cute small show so it can b personal wit the angels but ne show wuld b great lol
sueboo's picture

I cant what!!!!!! Just seen him on the Usher tour n Philly last month. When u coming back baby???
Sheree_Renee's picture

I cant even afford this right now but I will be in Detroit for this one.
gunruesfinest's picture

Detroit on my birthday ! :D and i was going 2 Detroit on my birthday anyways !
Myztik's picture

Love Faces 2011 Tour...that's wassup!! Have fun all you Angels out there at NYC, DC, Detroit and Chi-Town! Much love to y'all and also of course to the one and only Team Songz!! Hope you come over here to Mississippi again soon, Trey. We enjoyed that concert of yours back in the PPP Tour. :)
trey_is_hot09's picture

i will so be there at the Detroit show!
RITTALUV's picture

OMG YES!!! angels start saving ur money for this one its gonna b FIRE!!!! im sooooo excited cant wait!!
nmn1986's picture

i hope you come to dallas again!!! for this tour... i fell deeper in love with you at the omg tour!! you blew the roof off of that concert! you and usher!!! cant wait to see your new video for love faces. that is one of my favorite songz on the album... your amzing!!!
Nic76's picture

Finally. 2/11. NYC. :).
5_StarShey's picture

Im in there the 11th, dont care how, but im trying to be there...
TreyDee's picture

Feb.11 or the 12 I am in there.. Can't wait to see you Trey :)'s picture

Since I won't be making it to Love January 15th, Feb 12th will definitely make up for it!!! :) WHERE MY DMV ANGELS AT????
msbreezy121's picture

omggggggggggggggggg i'm soooo excited !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DIVA's picture

When are U coming back to Montreal, Quebec?? I sure hope it's soooooooooon!!!
miss_f's picture

When are you coming to the U.K?
spoiled-princess's picture

feb 12 im going to see you and jan 15 startin the year right
ms5000's picture

Euro ladies...KEEP IT WARM HE'S COMING ; )
Linda_12's picture

Niiiccce..a nwe tour. But don't forget to visit Amsterdam, Holland ;-)!!!



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