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SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT - Love Faces 2011: Starring Trey Songz!

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on January 8, 2011 - 9:44pm

Below are the official dates and cities for the 2011 Love Faces Tour! Stay logged onto, on Monday we will be announcing the pre-sale dates!

Feb 11th - New York City
Feb 12th - Washington DC
Feb 13th - Detroit
Feb 14th - Chicago

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thee_almite_tee's picture

I wanna know when does the tickets go on sales for ny
Jholiday91's picture

okay we need more info! I definitely want that vip for dc. but what does it include & where are the presale codes?!?
Honey_4's picture

Where is the Concert In Nyc? and when does the tickets go on sale?
WhitleyChar's picture

@OSoGorgeous ... I was just wondering that... shit, I hope I don't have to travel to Chi :(
OSoGorgeous's picture

is there going to be VIP for Detroit??
KeezyBaby's picture

I have a question...can I use the number on my official fan club membership card as a pre-sale code?
Tisha Iced Angel's picture

imma need to get more info where is the concert going to be held?
meli61989's picture

how do you get vip package for chicago show and how much will that be
jhaastrupYUUUP's picture

detroit angels presale is the 13th as well just checked SOOOOOO WHATS GOING ON WITH NY !!
Lil Lady_719's picture

Hey Ladies does anybody know if we're gonna need a password for the fanclub presale??
bstofthebst's picture

Really want to make out to one of these tour dates. I hope I can fit it into my budget.
Luvahgyrl's picture

Uggghhhh I'm feenin for this presale date cuz I'm ready!!!! Gotta get my roses ready since NYC will be the first show it looks like
chela_matthews's picture

Okay ladies, as one angel already said, you can look up the info. on but I will post all that I see up here for you. :-) All my fellow DMV Angels, Trey will be at DAR Constitution Hall on Saturday Feb. 12th at 7:00 p.m. The fanclub pre-sale tickets will be available THIS THURSDAY, Jan.13th, from 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. Ticket prices (with fees and taxes included) are $68.40 and $88.90. Without fees, prices will be $55.00 and $75.00 The tickets will sell to public this Friday. Chi Town Angels, you get to have Trey singing in your ears on Valentine's Day! (Lucky!) Your concert will be on Mon. Feb 14th and your show starts at 7:30 p.m. and will be at The Chicago Theater. Presale Tickets times are the same as for the Washington D.C. concert posted above. Your ticket prices (and this is with your fees/taxes included) range from $62.42 and $114.18 Without fees, tickets are $49.00 and $100.00 Tickets will sell to public on Friday. N.Y. Angels. and Detroit Angels, im sorry, but there is no info. up at this time. I will post as soon as I see something though. :-) Hope this helps Angels and please check out the videos on my page from the OMG Tour in D.C. and follow me on twitter @Bronze_Beauty54 :-)
Bri_LuvsTremaine's picture

Have they announced the pre-sale dates for the detroit show?
mschrys300's picture

Luvly_Ldy's picture

Where and what time is the Chicago show?..i'm ah try to get in front row tickets..where i can darn near touch him
jollyqban03's picture

Whats going on with the NYC show??? Just need to know when they are going on sale!!!
Miss Smith's picture

Do a show in Atlanta please!!!
jhaastrupYUUUP's picture

if you go to the DC and CHI presale dates are listed there but no NY :(
LaBella28's picture

According to Treys Angels on Twitter they will make the announcement tomorrow
BabyClemen's picture

wtf have they put anything up??? lol
spoiled-princess's picture

does any one kno wat they putting venues and times
CierraNeverson's picture

howd u meet him and i just loooked lol im soo excitedd !!!!!!!!!!! whered u meet him?so since ur a trey angel at this concert will u be able to meet him or only sometimes u get a chance
JRG2008's picture

What is the venue for the detroit show!?!?!?
rissaa lovees Treyy3's picture

Wheerre are the pre-salee ticketss for the Detroittt showww?
CierraNeverson's picture

one more question; the presale tickets ; whats the difference?
CierraNeverson's picture

omg im def gonna do that ; u met himmmm?! thats sooo cuteeee ima become one tomorrow lol
rissaa lovees Treyy3's picture

where is the presale for the detroit show?
Jay_le's picture

so...when are the presale dates??
CierraNeverson's picture

how do you become one?and what is it?



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