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"Love Faces" Video Shoot [Photo]

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on January 24, 2011 - 10:44am

Keep it locked on to for details of the "Love Faces" video premiere, coming soon!

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mz_shyheema's picture

my babe love u! ;) termine aldon neverson!!!!
Janet Daniel's picture

Trey u get me off my FEET.Love u
LadyLuv1's picture

u kno what? u r absolutely captivating. MMUAH!
CELLE-CELL's picture

Meghan Nicole's picture

SEXXXXXXYYYYYYYYYYY #thatisall. I can't wait for the video.
kat_2's picture

make that MONEY!!! is so easy watch now before DELETED!!!
Nicki_ G's picture

he was looking too good especially in that suit. My boo got that swag!
PrettyRozay1's picture

there goes my babe oh boy look at u,,,,, u dont no how good it feels to call u my MAN KISS KISS...
Che Che's picture

Handsome!! Need I say more.
TreyInspiresMe's picture

*gulp* my my mighty fine ive seen u grow from a boy to a man blessings
Brnsgr76's picture

Trey you looking grown and sexy
Briana Alexis Songz's picture

Omg this picture is very SEXY!!!!!!!!. Trey looks amazing!!!!!!!!
shanti jackson's picture

Dam Trey you look fine as hell in this picture YUM !!!!!!
Chocolate130's picture

the growth from the first single to now is incredible; love the growth in the look and the sound.
Nabeela's picture

Everything about this man here spells" SEXY" Breath taking... I love the video already *KISSES*
shawnet's picture

Im luvin this look, u look so cute in all ur pics anyhow u r. Continue to have fun din what make u and ur fans happy. luv!!!!!!!!!!
ExoticAngel's picture

Look at you with that suit on with your sexy self, Cant wait for the video, its one of my favorite tracks on the album!! And you done got faded up,Super Hot! Luvin me some Trigga!!!!
Kyla_Luvs Trey's picture

Grown man swag ayee!
Lauren_4's picture

mmmmm so fine
NeeNee_4's picture

mane trey u so dang fine:), i cant wait til da video cum out!!!!!!!!!!!!!
treylover22_2's picture

so handsome's picture

Trey you look ultra Sexy & Handsone in this picture,I can't wait to see the video!! Love ya, Muahhh
Trey's Wifey_89's picture

Trey you look sexy with this haircut. I love it. I can't wait too see the Love Faces video.
megan beth's picture

Can't wait to see this video!!!
Melinda_2's picture

You look hot
KA-LEE-YA...KALEYIA's picture

woooo YUUUP!!!!!!!
msderekanderson1's picture

Damn Tremaine U better stop that Don't Tease me Rite Now :-)
AngelicTrey's picture

Can't wait to see this video Trey. This is like one of my gfav songz off the album. Bong Leggo!!!!!!!!
shawnte raines's picture

i miss you
Ms Trigga's picture

im gonna love dis video sooooo much



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