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"Love Faces" Video Shoot [Photo]

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on January 24, 2011 - 10:44am

Keep it locked on to for details of the "Love Faces" video premiere, coming soon!

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nykasimone's picture

mrz.S0ngZ's picture

UMMM UMMM UMMM he is so sexy!!!!! Get it boo! LEEEGGGOOO!!!!
Treys_Barbiie's picture

duuuuummmmmm......i can't wait 4 dh daii i;m gonna see TREY SONGz....n LOrd i'm praying dat i get a bite of his lips althought i might get in trouble after that....but i don't care i will do anything just to kiss TREY SONGZ one daiii...
Krista Morine''s picture

YuMm YuMm!?
livelaughlove's picture

So Delicious!!! OMG!!
Mz.Trigga_4's picture

I love you Trey!
Jerissa Neverson's picture

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH u jus sexxi no matter wat!!!!
phyllis_2's picture

hello darling with your sexii self makes my mind wonder.can't waite to see the love faces video. keep doing you it's all good love you Trey
Allidonna's picture

"Can't help but wait" for St.Lucia Jazz 2011........we're looking forward to welcoming you!!!!
SongzFaLyfe's picture

Trey Songz----- luv tha picture...want to see the video
SB_2's picture

Nice Picture Trey. Love the serious look.
Cookie_3's picture

Damn Trey u look so damn edible. Cant wait to see this video
ms.teedy's picture

Myztik's picture

Looking beautiful as ALWAYS! Keep up the good work, Tremaine! Can't wait for the video to come out...!! ;-)
Trey's Baee's picture

lukkk aht myy baybeee alwaysz lookinq handsume nn sexii
sev's picture

one word : H A N D S O M E
Shukri_Neverson_YUUP's picture

OMGGGG. he loooks so beautiful. LIKE ALWAYSS. the most amazing beautiful person ever!!! Love you soo much Tremaine. TREYSONGZ IS THE BESTT! XXX
Lachelle Russell's picture

So handsome, dont no other man got nothin on u... Love u Trey baby!!! MMMUUUAAAHHH!!!
Sharaine.Pretty's picture

look at my baby :)
HIs-LastTime's picture

I want to thank Ms. April For Creating One Hell Of A Man, He Is The Most Handsome man EVER!!!
longlucious's picture

my heart just melted lookin at this lol..i love a man in a suit(preferbly trey lol) cnt wait to see the video =D's picture

Always so sexy in a suit! iam sure love faces is gonna be great! Cant wait to see it! :)'s picture

Treeeeeeyyyyyyyy I love youuuuuu lol : )
Sami J's picture

This is a great pic, Trey looks good enough to eat...TOTAL PACKAGE: LOOKS, STYLE, SWAG AND THE VOICE OF AN ANGEL.....
Zsari d'Javanneh's picture

SO cute!!!!!
auritosweet's picture

cant wait 4 this 2 come out
Mrs.Tremaine Aldon Neverson1's picture

chane09's picture

*looks at Trey, Sighs* " im in love"
deeliyuuup's picture

Can't help but wait 4 dis video. trey ur looks are just indescribable!!!!!!!!!!!
MZ. MOCHA's picture

Looking good Trey I can't wait until the video is complete=)



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