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WATCH: Trey on the Red Carpet at the NFL Players Party

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on February 5, 2011 - 2:12pm

In case you missed the live stream on NFLPA's Facebook page last night, check out the video above of Trey hitting up the red carpet and his interview with NFLPlayers!

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astoneyfairley's picture

OMG SEXY HANDS DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mysteryuz's picture

I just had to log in and say good LORD almighty this man was looking scrumptious! My goodness there is just no reason for all that deliciousness in one man. Breathe in, breathe out... wooosah!
sev's picture

Il est tro beau trey je t'aime mon amour's picture

Why does that man have to look so delicious? SMDH :) Sexy Sexy
CELLE-CELL's picture

Trey Babe you look! Nice! thanks for the shout out. We your angels got mad love for you too : )
Ashley Melton's picture

Aww... He shouted his angels out. We l?ve you Trey! I could just see Trey being a soccer man and he look sexy as always.
TEETIMME's picture

Gotta love Trigga Trey for shouting out to his angels FIRST!! #yweluvtrey's picture

Very nice! I loved watching it.
Quandra's picture

(sceaming) DAMN TREY LOOKS SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAMN!!!

just sexy =)
babygurl_na_10's picture

aww he look so sexy as always =) n tanx 4da shout out!
Treys_Barbiie's picture

Babiie u luk amazing.........I can't wait for dah day wen i'm going to meet with Trey Songz will be dah best daiii of my life....n i have to meet u babiie even if its dah last ting i do.....i will meet u
princess_iva TenacityAngel's picture

He looked amazing !!! :D
Tayana_Songz19's picture

Tayana_Songz19's picture

my hubby sexyyyy!!!
SimplyNoni's picture

he was so adorable!!!!!! he gave us Angels the first shoutout!!!!! such a sweetheart!!!! i love you sweetie!!!!
ladytiara19's picture

aww im mad that i miss this last night too's picture

Trey always reppin the Angels! Thanks Trey
CutTiGurl609's picture

Awww man I can't watch it. My computer having a virus is really ruining my life!!!!! Uuuuugggghhhh this stupid iPad won't show it............. nooooooooo!!!!!
johnson_yasmin's picture

Trey had the spot light that's how you do it Trey Songz... And I love you too....
babidollface1's picture

i really enjoy this moment last was a long wait on the stream but truly well worth it :) Thanks Baby [TREY] for the shout out to the meant alot (i think we got that... esp) loving you more and more as time progress *muah* !!! @babidollface1
TeamTreyJA's picture

the camera man made sure trey was in the cam even though he interview was over. smart man!!
TeamTreyJA's picture

awww he shouted out his angels first!! we love u more baby!!!


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