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Trey Songz Gives Love Advice [at iheartradio]

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on February 17, 2011 - 4:14pm

In this exclusive iheartradio clip, Trey shares 5 tips on how to treat a lady and reveals his love for cougars - check it out!

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ayyplus's picture

Raised right, so mannerly, so funny and sweet and with the manly swagger all wrapped up in one gorgeous package. Look forward to seeing you at the Jazz Festival in St Lucia :)
CharBaby's picture

I'm crackin the eff UP at the "TING" everytime he smiles!!!!! My baby is so adorable....I have to add this to My fav's asap!
natalialuvstrey's picture

is it bad that I could just watch that on replay ALL DAY? :)
BeautifyAngel's picture

Such a mature gentleman.."Don't Ask Her Age!" I "KNOW" he did not say he likes Cougars.........he might wanna stop playing like that! :-) LOL Another "Cougar Angel" on deck, truly enjoying your success, music and journey Papi!' :-)
MRS. NEVERSON_50's picture

I FRICKIN LOVE YOU! Ain't nothing like a guy with manners. I was walkin with This guy I like n he put me on the inside but he ain't as fine as you.....ANYWAYS, your mom raised you right! If only all men were like you... P.S. WHEN YOU COMING BACK TO VIRGINIA????? imy's picture

Hes so irresistable ! luv his manners Hes just too funny & sweet! :)
nesey81's picture

Trey ur # 1 fan is a cougar.....rrrrrr!!
CELLE-CELL's picture

I"m a cougar! she's a cougar! Trey loves cougars! growl LMAO!!!! Trey been lovin older women since his teens Yuup!! he's so mature for his years dat y I love him so!!!....: )
Belle-Angelou's picture

I know about the 2nd tip, thats a must do and very common from where i come from.
icanmakeya's picture

It is so funny when he says he likes cougars and that sexy little growl/ roar! Trey Most of your fans are cougars!
freaky4trey739's picture

i will be your personal Cougar you wish is my command. See u in July for Essence in my city N.O.
luvsmesumTrey's picture

Trey is on ESPN rite now playin basketball he's #12 for da West (red) team this man is even sexy runnin up n down da never looked sexier.........LUV YA TREY.
HartSongz's picture

Such a poignant message. Hope the brothers are listening. This cougar loves the LION in you. Thank you for being you.
Anne B's picture

omg love this sooooooooo much i need to show every guy this coz i'm fed up of guys not even holding the door or pushing thur sorry but i love dat awwwwwww
Rolanda4's picture

No doubt !!! A real man.
awlminz's picture

I knew it Tremaine, I knew u went for classy not sassy! Hit me up 757-270-8981!!!!!!!!!'s picture

Man Trey you are such a gentleman!!!! Men need to stop HATING and take advice from you!!!!!
missamica98's picture

I swear he is the PERFECT man 4 me! Everything about him is soooo on point. More men need to take notes from Trey and learn that women are special and precious! It doesnt take much 2 please us. I LOVE U TREY! (from ur mini cougar :) )
yuumin's picture

trey iz perfect!!!!!!
curleyfries2002's picture

I heart music.. I heart YOU TREY!
DIVA's picture

WOW - I luv U even more after watching that video! U R a Hot, Sexy Romantic guy! U sure know how to treat a lady! Men shud watch this and take a few tips (LOL) ! Even more interesting is that you are into older women - yessssss 1 up for Us cougars! I luv younger men! Keep up the wonderful songs u give us, the videos and TV appearances - I NEVER get tired of hearing ur songs or watching U on TV! :):)
luvsmesumTrey's picture

Trey thanks to you I have set da bar so high dat I can't even date.........Men don't even come close 2 you and that's on da real. Ur swag is so tight til its unbelievable da way you walk, talk, and da way you look at a woman is incredible and if that wasn't enough you sing like an Angel. You have so much respect for a woman, and by what you have shared with us I can tell that ur touch would be an astounding experience . I can't express how much love I have for you not only because ur Trey Songz most importantly you are Tremaine Neverson 1st a beautiful black Man. I hold you close to my heart and I believe they have Angels here on earth and one of them comes by many names Trey, Trigga, Mr. Steal yo Girl, Babee, Tremaine to name a few but it all boils down to YOU. A job well done Ms. April well done indeed.
duranteangel_2's picture

Trey you are amazing!!!
TreyAngel_Dasha Valresa's picture

Yeah Trey My brother need to meet your mon lmao but yeah that's really excellent you tell them how it's supposed to be done !!! Get em Trigga love you
CutTiGurl609's picture

Thats right Trey u tell em! I won't have it any other way. I will stand at that door until somebody open it lol.... but forreal tho
phyllis_2's picture

yes his mother did a very good job raising.that's five tips that would win me over
Kuhmeal's picture

Yes I so agree with you Katts! ? Hah!
Katts's picture

Great tips. So ladies the men has got to meet the Trey standard or send them stepping. LOL's picture

Very Cute! His mother did do a good job raising him. Trey knows the ladies.
ms thicknjuicy001's picture

OMG!!!!!Gotta love that man....Trey you are such a gentleman.....I love you sooooo much....muah muah muah...



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