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on March 31, 2011 - 6:20pm

In an exclusive interview with, Trey shares his top five career songs, career defining moments, what he does on his downtime and more! Head over to for the full interview now!

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Great interview, thanks for posting.
Dee_19's picture

:) Yet again another fab interview! I knew he was going to say those 5 songs! I've been a fan since the start Trey!'s picture

2010 was a great year for Trey! & 2011 for him has been just as great & this is only the first few months looking forward to seeing where his journey takes him next in his career. Enjoyed the interview! :)
bratmira28's picture

excellent interview as always and cant wait to see u on the big screen!!!!!!!!!!!
Ms. Shawn's picture

This man can do no wrong in my eyes! Such a beautiful person! I loved this interview! :)
Trey's P.Y.T.'s picture

love the interview some of m fav songs there too! thank you for always allowing us to share your world Trey we know you dont have to but we love you for it! reason we go soooo hard you for is cuz you do the same for us! muahh
Rolanda4's picture

Thanks for sharing moments like this.. "muah"
Jennifer Zeno's picture

I really enjoyed this interview. I have never seen an artist connect with their fans the way Trey does. Successful music artists have so many responsibilities and commitments to uphold and still he finds time to connect with us through social networking and I love it. I really wish I could initiate an interview with Trey because I have so many questions that I know we all would like to ask. He is such an amazingly talented artist and I am anxious to see what other opportunities his talent and personality will afford him. I will continue to support him. Go on Trey with your sexy self!
BillyASmith_2's picture

Trey Songz, I have to admit you are one of the very few artists of todays time, that I truly like. You really places your all in your performances and you really care about your fans. I am proud to be a part of the Trey's Angel fan club.
babygirl1020's picture

i'm happy to be on here because its good to be a trey's angels on this great website of a sexy and handsome man this is a good moment for him and his fans and his true angels love you so much trey's picture

im so proud 2 b 1 of trey's angels & 2 b here 2 share these wonderful moments w/ him. ive watched him grow 4m a boy n2 a wonderful man. god bless & i luv u!


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