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Vote for Trey for the MTV O Music Awards!

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on April 10, 2011 - 8:00pm

The MTV O Music Awards is spotlighting things like the must follow artist on Twitter, the most innovative music video, the hottest fan cover, and many more. Vote for Trey in the following categories and connect with facebook and twitter to be heard! Let's go!!

Vote for "Trey's Angels" in the Fan Army FTW Category

Vote for "F**k Yeah Trey Songz Yupp" in the Favorite F**k Year Tumblr Category

Don't forget to watch the O Music Awards show on on April 28th to participate in a new and exciting digital music awards experience! For more info, visit!

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Meefiie's picture

i ran out of votes :(
Myztik's picture

I'mma be sure to get my votes in tonight! Let's get it, TeamSongz!!!
connie_6's picture

got my vote in. common we can do this.
Emilly R. @emillyYuuuP's picture

#TeamSongz lets keep going! Vote, vote & vote!
luvsmesumTrey's picture

Just found sumthin out if you vote ur max times (10) via site u can still keep votin if you press VOTE then via twitter you can vote (10) more times. Com'on lets get Trey on top.
luvsmesumTrey's picture

#ANGELS/LADIES/GUYZ In order 4 your VOTES 2 count u have 2 make sure u click da like button in @TreySongz box then follow da steps thru.
JUICY_FRUIT2K10's picture

Getting my vote on #TeamSongz Baby!!!!!
luvsmesumTrey's picture

@LadiNicole use these links you can vote 10 times each everyday........ Hes climbing up so please continue to VOTE ANGELS
ashleybabe17's picture

Mocha_BabyRN's picture

I just voted again today. Good luck Trey, you deserve it. #ChokolatMochaAngel
Alison PerkyAngel's picture

Vote Vote Vote
TYLUVSONGZ's picture

TYLUVSONGZ's picture

I jus tried to votr but I don't c his name...omg sum1 help
tomiko's picture

I voted so many dag on times, my daughters teased me about it!!!! :-)
mizz songz 86's picture

where do I vote,help please!! I so need to vote.also when r the mtv awards??
jazzlove's picture

hey treysongz i love you so much i vote for you ??????3?
Mook Monroe's picture

i voted as many times as i possible could have good luck i hope you get it trey!!!!
iSparks87's picture

.....Again :)
iSparks87's picture

I Voted!!! :D
MsNeversonSongz ❀◕‿◕❀'s picture

i voted treyy baby iL?VE u soo much xoxo
cthomas823's picture

I voted!
ashema chang's picture

tremaineeeeeeeeeeeeee i voteddddddddddd :O's picture

i don't see the link where you go vote at. I need help tweet me @LadiNicole for helps thanks agels!!!!
janice_6's picture

i voted!!!!
treys_angel_yuup's picture

Juss vOTED 15 times gunna go vote again !
NJ ☆'s picture

YUUUP ! Leggo Trey fam =D x
iSparks87's picture

I'm on it!!
freaky4trey739's picture

let get to work
Quandra's picture

I gotcha Trey Bae!! :)
SpiritualAngel's picture

Yes I have been voting in all three of them!!!!



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