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WATCH: Trey Performs on 106 & Park for "Love Week"

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  • WATCH: Trey Performs on 106 & Park for "Love Week"

    Trey hit the stage yesterday on BET's 106 & Park and performed a medley including 'Neighbours Know My Name', 'I Invented Sex' & 'Say Aah'. Peep his performance and interview in the video above!

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on February 12, 2010 - 10:22am

Trey hit the stage yesterday on BET's 106 & Park and performed a medley including 'Neighbours Know My Name', 'I Invented Sex' & 'Say Aah'. Peep his performance and interview in the video above!

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monique_42's picture

I Loved this performance i love all of the songz and you are just to sexy for words and keepn it so fresh with everything you do....All i can say it god I'm So In Lovee!!
im_so_ready_MZdee21's picture

trey i jus luv you! lls btw...this is my favorite song on "Ready"... i bet my neigbors know ur name! much as i played it... lls anways u lookin good sounding great keep prasing him and ur blessings will keep commin. keep up th good work! luv ya mauh!
i love Trey Songz_4's picture

im Obsessed With you :) btw Great Show in AC feb 14 you did your thing
mz linda's picture

theres just one thing to say..MMMM>>>>DAMN!! Fine
ur1ndonly2431's picture

Omfg He So Fine ..!!!
brianokoro's picture

Trey...stop wearing rosaries or I will never support your music again. Rosaries are for prayer, not fashion.
Treys_Angel05's picture

we al kno thy kno ur nme... keep up tha sing
Kisha32 Trey's Love's picture

I can't get enough of seeing Trey perform, he always looks and sounds so good with those luscious lips of his. I just want to suck 'em. Wish I was there! I Love You Honey!
JesusIsMySavior's picture

His performance wasn't that bad. I was told by someone that his singing voice isn't bad in person and that he is a good performer. Who knows. :) I think many of these places dont always have proper sound systems, especially BET. The little segment where he gave the young lady the tickets to the show was rather funny. The young lady's boyfriend didn't look to pleased with her hugging up on Trey. :)
RickeYuuup's picture

omg nice performance :) Yuuup CMON
Brando24's picture

Trey u are a true R&B singer to your soul..........I feel like this is what our generation needs right now....We need real R@B singers....Most of the dudes out right now are cornballish if you ask me...Not you Trey... You remind me of a young version of R.Kelly....Im comparing you to him because he is a musical genius in R@B... Your music reminds me of the old R.Kelly not all this new BS he has been putting out lately....Im talking about the 12play album,, Chocolate factory etc....Your music is genuine and everyone can relate to it and most definately rock to it as well......I live in houston and when im at home at night sometimes I can hear dudes blasting your music like crazy when they are pulling in going home.....I think that says alot about your music......Your whole swagger is sexy and laid back..Most of all you are so down to earth and humble...It feels like you let your fans inside your personal world , and that is so amazing...Keep doing what you do Trey....Keep singing your SONGZ baby......Much love H-Town Chick...Brandy!!!
Miss Lady_2's picture

treydayeveryday's picture

I totally agree with dimplez. I mean, I love Trey too but I agree
Karlicia's picture

1SocialBFly TimelessAngel's picture

Outstanding performance......Such a Sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxy Assssssssssssss! Excause my language but it is what it is.....Bless you Trey!
God'sGift_ReignTrey's picture

This (Or should I say these-) performances were AWESOME! I cant complained with anything you do! I just think that you are just GREAT! :)
scorpioluvntrey's picture

I love to see you perform on anything. Everytime I see an upcoming performance with you I make sure I watch it. I just love your voice
sexytasha's picture

I love your performances whether they are live or not. YOU ARE AMAZING!!!, and most unique there is knowone out there that sounds like you!!! i love you trey and keep pushing past that top stop!! theres no limit to how far you go MUUUAAAHHHHZZZ xoxoxox
Dasuri Glow's picture

I still luv u though...I just cannot shake you off of me...yyuuup!!! follow me on twitter same name Dasuri Glow
Dasuri Glow's picture

I just love the energy you bring so so much...Sir. Tremaine. can not waite to see you live again. This time I hope you come to the backstage V.I.P. Area like you promised your loved ones, after all you say you do it for us and we (I OFCOURSE) missed out on your presence. So much for my christmas gift to me for the new 2010..
DreamBeauti's picture

I have to agree with Dimplez. I really really love Trey Songz and was over excited to see him in concert, until I realized how weak his live performances are. He definitely has a strong voice but I have never seen him apply his true ability when it come to performing live.
Chantelle20's picture

Omg bae u did so good I had the chance to see it live and I rewatched it on here. Way to go keep up the good work
Uneek_Chic_2's picture

Awesome job Trey!!! I love to see you perform Live, you go hard every time, I was praying for your safety at the end of the song...LOL!!
Lauren_26's picture

@dimplez ive seen him perform live twice and he does a very good job... he really sings his songs... the first performance i witnessed made me really start liking him.... like had i never seen him perform live i would agree with u but i know what he is capable of... i think u should go see him one day if u get the chance
Dimplez_4's picture

As much as I think that he's FINE and I love the new album... I feel as though he can not sing live. I have wanted to go to a concert but as i view his live performances I keep changing my mind.
ebony_24's picture

tremaine did an amazing job as always ... :)
CHASTITY's picture

ComplimentsToHizSwagg's picture

Ladies really need to step there grown and sexy up, ..I mean I love Trey but thats just not sexy... Loved the performance!!
Acacia Neverson's picture

Ladiibl3st's picture

Im really heartbroken that I wasnt there!!!!!!!!!!! And thats all i want to do!!!! SEEE TREY!!!!!!!!!!!



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