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2011 BET Honors Performance

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  • 2011 BET Honors Performance

    In case you missed it, watch Trey's performance at the 2011 BET Honors, which premiered last night on BET!

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on February 22, 2011 - 10:13am

In case you missed it, watch Trey's performance at the 2011 BET Honors, which premiered last night on BET!

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Mz.Lyssa's picture

He is sooo amazing The COMPLETE package
BeautifullyStrange757's picture

i love it! love it!
msdee's picture

Treyzgurl4rio_23's picture

my baby always killz it!!!dats my u*Muahz so proud of u!!
Dee_19's picture

Love it!!
Kyla_Kylie's picture

Great Performance! And he Looked even better!
songzlilmami's picture

MISS SONGZ2's picture

The performance were great...... I loved the choice of clothing too.
yaya0205's picture

Wow I can definitely feel his pain in this performance, I loved the performance!
JasmineMonique's picture me speechless over here Trey. Your voice is amazing.
Phyllis's picture

damn Trey is the business!
MareenSaid's picture

the man is GAWJUS! lawd. i love him. he hit every note very well & that bottom lip was lookin perfect as usual. this was great and it makes me miss his performance of that girl with stevie. that was so epic.
CELLE-CELL's picture

OMG!! show them Babe wat you really all about Great Job! : )
Beau ideal's picture

=) Beautiful Trey. I see you.... =)
natalialuvstrey's picture

Love the Al Green @ the are nothing short of amazing Tremaine!
qtdimples423's picture

great job as usual trey...very classy performance
ta-ta300's picture

i am so proud of u. great performance.
shanti jackson's picture

you go boy, turned it out as usual. keep doing what you do!!! love ya trey
NeeNee_4's picture

~i liked that performance trey;ya did great!:)all smiles:)!!
Mocha_BabyRN's picture

Oh my! I just love this soulful rendention of "Can't be Friends." Trey is really doing his thing and , of course, always impeccablly dressed.
DIVA's picture

Oh baby U look sooooooooo good! And u blew my mind with that performance! AWESOME as usual
gorgclaud's picture

god damn that was AMAZING!!!!!!!!! such a lovely voice and Cant Be Friends is the reason i love this man as a singer so much.
Katts's picture

looking good as always and sounding perfect. don't matter what ppl say i have yet to see you do something wrong. luv yuh
BriannaSierra's picture

Nobody else could get it like Trey did...excellent performance
Quandra's picture

I LOVED ur performance!!!! I felt the pain when you was singing it. Gr8 performance!!!! & of course you were looking good as always. :))
natinutti's picture

yeah you did your thing Trey!!! LOVE IT!!!
Deidre's picture

Look at All These Cougar's.... (smile) He looked AMAZING!!
Tiara's Trey's picture

Missy_4's picture

He looks amazing in that all black. I love what you are doing.
Rolanda4's picture

This was a 10 star performance.. "loved it, loved it"



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