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WATCH: My Moment: Going Home [Episode 5]

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on July 30, 2010 - 11:22am

Trey revisits his roots in Virginia in this week's "Trey Songz: My Moment". Check out the full episode above!

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MRS WEST's picture

u soo damn fine OOOH
Kelsz's picture

God Bless U Trey! after seeing this episode i admire him more and more, more then a had before. He's showing how a real man supposed to be and he knows how to make his family proud. And not only his fam. but his fans 2! A love you so much!
Elisheba Simpe's picture

Trey u are so good keep on doing good GOD BLESS U Love u.
Ride_ThisBeat's picture

This episode made me cry, keep on doing what youre doing trey, Youre amazing. :)
Lacei99's picture

I love this episode. Trey's mom has raised an awesome man. I love how he is so family oriented & loves to give back to his community. We need more men like this in the world. He should never be feeling down or depressed because he has a strong support system (his family & his fans). I LOVE TREY SO MUCH!!!!
jasmin m.'s picture

jasmin m.'s picture

Yana_5's picture

Treys mom raised a great man.Trey Songz is so sweet know wonder he has so many fans. this was a great episode. god has truly blessed him and his family....trey is so SWEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!!!...I LOVE HIM.
Specialty3's picture

this episode not only displayed trey as an artist whom is not perfect,and human just like the rest of us. But its such a wonderful thing to show positive things in his life that helped to create and mold him intot he person that he is today. Family is important as well as keeping GOD in all that one does whether in good times or bad. Trey's mother is like so many women in america today that are trying to raise and do the best for their children, is say thank you to her, my mom, and to all the women and men whom are trying to do a job that is not a easy. Coming from a single mom herself.....
JesusIsMySavior's picture

Yes Trey's mom brought tears to my eyes when she made that comment. I
AVA_3's picture

Love the fact that Tre' caters to the women in his life...all women deserve this kinda love...hopefully he will find a mate that is reflective of him
taytayrules's picture

i love this episode its my farvorite :)
tazzluver4ever's picture

i love all of the episodes but this one was my favorite it showed that oyu are a buisness man but also a family man. you also show that not matter what's going on you gotta make time for family because they was there in the begining and they will be there till the end. The thing i love the most about you is that you show men how to treat a lady and i think its real good that your mom can depend on you because alot of mothers cant depend on their sons or men in their life for nothing. you are a talented, respectable, and hadsome person and i pray that you recieve everything that God has instored for you, and when i make it big i gotta make sure your on one of my tracks
CELLE-CELL's picture

So far dis is my favorite episode of trey's my moment.It shows a side of u people forget da real person we tend to forget dat entertainers r real folks.I c dat ur mom is ur # one fan!! she reps u by wearin ur picture t-shirts most of da time n,i got a lump n my throat when she talked bout u, dat i took u to show her wat a real man should b.Dats real talk n deep!! sometimes god blesses us wit kids dat just do dat.Also i love a family dat prays together i c where u get ur spiritual foundation from don't ever loose dat trey.i loved dat episode it was so real yuuup LOl.
Shugga's picture

ii luhvv thiis epiisode of Trey Songz My Moment !!!
JesusIsMySavior's picture

At this point this was my favorite episode. I'm glad they showed more interaction with his family. I hope more episodes will be like this one. It's a beautiful thing to see a brother have so much love for the women in his life.
ubahjama's picture

My favorite episode! Put me in tears to see his humbleness, and the love he has for his whole family! God first, family, then career :) I love you, and come to Norway asap : )
.Ready4Trey.'s picture

OMG..if this wasn't the best episode everr. I love everything that he stands for he keeps his family first and thats what i love about him, i think the most touching part is when his mom started crying because he takes care of his mom..! I love him and not just for his looks but for everything he stands for..keepin family first..thats the most attractive thing :)
Chi-Chi's picture

Three Rules in life: 1) God, First 2) Family 3) then, Career Stay grounded Trey; our beliefs, morals, self awareness and family is what give us a great foundation for success. Keep up the great work.
Mrs. Neverson_21's picture

man i love my baby .... every time i watch my moment i always cry because he is like a big role in my life he might not kno me but i kno everything about him?
Sofia_3's picture

Rucka78's picture

Trey is soooo Humble... (:
tr3ysb@by's picture

This episode almost brought me to tears. It's so crazy how all of Trey's dreams came true right before his eyes. My fave parts are when he was with his family, and when he visited his old high school.
Kyra_LovesTrey's picture

this is my favorite episode.!!! cuz i see how down to earth he is and how his family treats him the same even though hes Trey Songz.! ((:


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