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Trey Performs at Blaisdell Arena in Hawaii [Pics]

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on May 16, 2011 - 9:40am

This past weekend Trey performed at the Neal Blaisdell Arena in Honolulu, Hi. Click HERE to check out pics from Trey's performance via Power 104.3 and Forever Young Photography

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SagiTopaz's picture

This is a very talented man who knows how to put on a show! What more can you say.........Sexxy
Alison PerkyAngel's picture

A beautiful man you are Trey. OUTSTANDING.
Drx Stone's picture

God bless u Trey but i think u already blessed
SongzBabyy's picture

emmmmmm Trey!
Monique Segar's picture

i cant wait for my chance to see trey in concert!
Emilly R. @emillyYuuuP's picture

The first thing I noticed when I looked at this picture was Trey's hair.. Aww, he's so beautiful!
TreysTHAI_Angel's picture

SB_2's picture

Letting your hair grow out Trey? You still got it though.
Mocha_BabyRN's picture

Nice pics. Your concert photos always look so intense. I can tell you really put your all into performing. Keep up the great work, Babe
astoneyfairley's picture

looking sexxy in ever pic he takes
Quandra's picture

Looking at those pics and your facial expressions I KNOW YOU KILLED IT!!!! lol Niiiice!!!!!
iSparks87's picture

He is soo beautiful :)'s picture

Nice pics! :)
nykasimone's picture

Is it me or does Tremaine keep getting sexier at every performance???? Laaaawdhammercy!!!
Trey's P.Y.T.'s picture

Niiiice ! I'm sure he kilt it as always
BabySongz_2's picture

You good.I wish I was there. Follow me


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