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Vote for Trey in the 2011 BET Awards Viewer's Choice Category!

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on May 18, 2011 - 9:30am

Congratulations to Trey Songz on his 2011 BET Award nominations for Best Male R&B Artist and for the Coca-Cola Viewer's Choice Award! Voting is now open for the Viewer's Choice Award, so make sure you head over to to or text "6" to 79922* to vote for Trey in the fan favorite category! *Msg & data rates may apply

Plus in case you missed it, check out Trey Skyping in from Miami on yesterday's 106 & Park below, where he speaks on being nominated for Best Male R&B Artist! And make sure you tune in to the 2011 BET Awards airing LIVE on June 26th at 8/7c!

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SongzBirdie's picture

Angels and fans leggo!!!!
SongzBirdie's picture

YUUUUUUP! Trey- I voted for you and I really wish you the best in receiving this award. I love what you do! Appreciate your music, and how you go the hardest for your fans. Take care many blessings your way!

freaky4trey739's picture

@Treys asked us to show the world what we can do! LETS SHOW 'EM #ANGELFLIGHT
BillyASmith_2's picture

Congratulations, @TreySongz I certainly voted for you as well. I cannot wait to watch the BET awards.
Nicole Baskeyfield's picture

Congrats on the nomi's babyyyy! Your angels got your back trey. We backin you! UK loves you!
TreyDee's picture

Congrats Trey!! You deserve everything that is to come.. It is only the beginning. So happy for you and I'm going to vote till my fingers fall off :). I love you soooo much!!
TreyAngel_Dasha Valresa's picture

CONGRATS TREYYY!! LOL you mos'def derved it :)'s picture

Congrats to Trey! Tough category but we can do it! Leggo and support our boy! :)
CELLE-CELL's picture

Congrats babe!!! your hard work & dedication to your craft paying thanks for the music trey.: )
Monique Segar's picture

i cant wait till the award show come watchin it! bout to vote for trey!...good luck!!!
iSparks87's picture

Congratulations boo!! You already know I'm holdin you down!!!! :)
Quandra's picture

Congrats Trey Bae, you deserve it all!!! I voted, so Angels don't forget to vote!!! Trey deserves this, LEGGOOOO!! Love You Trey!!! :)
BMC_Princess138's picture

congrats baby i looooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeee you ladies dont forget to vote so he can win both awards
msderekanderson1's picture

Congrats Tremaine Ur Angels Have Ur Back Baby & We Know Both Awards Are Goin Home With Triggaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!
MahoganyAngel Shay's picture

Congrats on your nominations!! Wish I could view the vid of Trey skyping but it won't play for me
Alison PerkyAngel's picture

Congratulations Trey... Angels we have a job to do, Lets vote and vote And vote....Get your friends to vote too :) Trey deserves this so much.
DtownCougar's picture

Congrats my love, so elated that your hard work and dedication is paying off!
TREYed UP's picture

congrats Trey! You deserve this. C'mon Angels lets win this for him. VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!
Daniel_Shawn's picture

Rolanda4's picture

That's what I'm talking about Trey.. Congrats!!!!
Mz_Songz83's picture

Congrats, boo! U deserve it and much more.
KiaMarie's picture

I luv my Trey Trey!!! He's the greatest!!! We got you boo!!! :-)
Trey's P.Y.T.'s picture

yesssssss we will make this happen! Angels legggo VOTE VOTE VOTE tell everyone you know to VOTE! he deserves this who treats their fans better than Trey no one happy for him Congrats Trey!


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