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DJ Drama - 'Oh My (Remix)' ft. Trey, 2 Chainz & Big Sean [Video]

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on September 9, 2011 - 9:53am

Check out the new video for DJ Drama's "Oh My (Remix)" featuring Trey, 2 Chainz & Big Sean! Get the track on iTunes HERE!

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babygurl_na_10's picture

dis my shitt
TreyzAngel_ab23's picture

OMG TRIGGAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *fans self* lol love this video i must say this is WAY better than the original :)
CutTiGurl609's picture

*singing* dum duhduh dum dum dum his flow is so retarded and when it come to this rnb shh Trey's the hardest regardless he make wanna say oh my oh my oh my oh my....... aaaahhhhh he killed it lol "Come and be one of Tremaine's Angels, flyy!!"
Nicole_6's picture

My Trigga Trey I love u & the video too
TREYSPPP's picture

i friggin loooove this effin video!! trey looks so good in a snapback! and he is jus so effin sexy i wish i cld jus everything with this man!!'s picture

Like the video! Trey's verse was hot! Glad they chose him for this remix! No matter the record he always come out with something hot! Loved his jackets! Especially the red! That is truly his color! :) Keep Grindin Trey! Your star stays shining bright! :)
SaSSy AnGeL's picture

"When it comes to this R&B shit he's the Hardest"...this is fire only cuz trey in it LEGOOOO
Trey's Wifey_89's picture

I love the video. I just saw the side of Trey I've never seen before. The boy can sing and rap. Keep doing your thing Trey or should I say Tremaine. lol.'s picture

I love this!!! Trey is so sexy!!! He is amazing.'s picture

this video is hottt. did u see trey dancing!!!!!!!!!!!!! get it sexy face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rolanda4's picture

Love it.. :)
SexxyLex91's picture

its about time we been waiting for this!!
Emilly R. @emillyYuuuP's picture

Phoenix's picture

OMG HIS SMILE!!!!!!! #DEAD Love it!!!
Mocha_BabyRN's picture

Wow, I just love this video. I can't stop watching it. Trey you was truly amazing babe!
Trey's P.Y.T.'s picture

yessssss! loved it!! Trey looks good of course and he kilt his verse n chorus take that take that
CutTiGurl609's picture

Yessssss!!!!! I luvvvvv it!!! "Whooooooooaaa ITS MR STEAL YO GURL" i love the beginning and Trey rappin on a single again..... OVA!!! lol
jenelle's picture

OMG!!!!! I love this video!!!!!!!!!!


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