Skip directly to content Trey Songz at HIGHLANDS Nightclub in Hollywood, CA [Video]

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on April 1, 2010 - 9:57am

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wats up with this video it's all in slow motion and it sounds horrible come on now whoever in charge of this .......... step your game up
makaila's picture

hey trey what the hell why god why did u had 2 make a man so hot just why look i love u so much i do not no while i have a question for u why u do not come to my country barbados while love u no matter what
monique_42's picture

I thought the music had died an then god sent us an angel with a voice soothing to the ears, gentle to the touch and calming to the heart...His Name is SONGZ baby!!!!
Sexindelicious's picture

I made it to tha even! Trey I enjoyed being onstage wit u! I was honored because I got mii first pic wit U! Thank U n I luv u sooooo Much Mauhh!!! :)
BeauTiFullBrii's picture

I live so close to LA and had no idea he was going to be @ Highlands!! Crazy part is I ended up going there the night after with my homegirls and everybody kept telling me!! Ahhhhh im mad.. Its aight thooo! lol
Mrs.Trigga_3's picture

I love this man. I don't care what it is he does I love this man. Keep doing what you doing baby, making those panties drop,makinng money, and enjoying life.
Shelly423's picture

Well the sound was bad lol. But he was great & I love this man's smile soo much it isn't even funny. Trey you need to come back to New York because I saw you in Jersey & the crowd was wack lol. They were killin' my mood lol so come back to NY where you're loved & cherished lol. We got you sold out for your first time thats love
mz songz_5's picture

so sxy lve tht dude cnt wait til u come bck 2 vegas again it was nice seeing in club eve if only i cld have got a lil closer ;-)
shanell franklin's picture

wish i was there trey i wanna meet you so bad can't help but wait til you come to baltimore luv ya
Mz.songz yuuup's picture

i can't wait da see & meet u in person trey i love u so much u jus don't kno it,i kno ur comin back to b-more & believe me i'll be waitin & i'll be there...luv ya boy i can't help but
Diamond Princess_9's picture

OMGGGGGG!!!! i wished i had the money to travel up there to see him. he is so sexiiii. I LOOOOOOOOOVE YOOOOOOOOOOU TREY!!!!!!!!
Tasha Evans's picture

trey i missed dat u need to come back to atlantic city to shut shit down again!
Raminta's picture

TREY,you definetely need to come to UK !!!! :)
annababy_2's picture

it was march 26 and I wasn't even in the area. I'M SAD.
annababy_2's picture

WHAT THE HECK. WHEN WAS HE HERE? I SO WOULD HAVE GONE. UGHHHHHHHH. Why do alll these Trey Songz clubbin events fail near me? First at v2o, he was overbooked cuz house of blues had him. Then at club WET, cuz IDK what happened. BUT REALLLLY? ):
DeshiaNicole's picture

I wish I could have been there as well!@SHEE It sux because he's just schedule shows, but not in my city!~
Sнεε Αmαziinq's picture

Dam I wish I was There Menq Yuh Need Tew Come Tew N.Y


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