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Bid on a Trey Songz Signed Bra to Help Raise Money for Breast Cancer Awareness!

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on October 12, 2010 - 4:49pm

Washington D.C.'s Hot995 is auctioning off a Trey Songz signed bra to benefit breast cancer! 100% of the final sale price will support the Susan G. Komen for the Cure! Bidding ends Monday, so click HERE to bid now to help raise money for breast cancer awareness!

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Shimmer_Lis's picture

Boo you rock :D Hoping nothing but love and blessings for all those who are Breast Cancer survivors
Mysteryuz's picture

Shout out to the winner. The money goes to charity so that's a good look (just don't turn around and sell it on Ebay or nothing LOL).
SumtnSpecial10's picture

wow! shout out to the woman that really BID that high! she deserves MUCH more than just this bra. shawty go HARD! lol.
driia's picture

14,000 tho... sorry Trey but i wouldnt spend that kind of money on a bra. but im glad its for a good cause,so thats what really matters :)
ashleyneverson's picture

shessh if i had that type of money($14,100) i would deff buy it ! love u trey
MRS. NEVERSON_50's picture

Trey I love u endlessly but WHO has enough money for that, i mean y would i spend 12,100 dollars on a BRA?????? I like that its going to a good cause though, cuz thats ALOT OF MONEY!!!!!!
Miss. Tee's picture

My grandmother is a breast cancer survivor. I'm sure she and other survivors are grateful. :-)
ILoveTremaine_12's picture

Trey I Love you but 10,000$... I don't think so. But i like the fact that its going to a good cause. :D
sharayray020's picture

datz kool :)
Love_146's picture

dats crazy the bet is already up to 10,000 dollars...
shanna_6's picture

Thats nice very nice that u help out.
chrissyhotLUVZTREY-'s picture

awwwww thats nice trey baby doing it for a good cause! God bless the survivors and those who didnt ur in a special place with the man above!
ShidaYuuup's picture

good look!!!
SexySagLuvSongz's picture

This is soooooo special!!!! One of my friends is a breast cancer survivor. Good look Team Songz....real good look!!!
601chocbeauty's picture

very nice baby! :)
aye.itsRell's picture

CutTiGurl609's picture

Good cause. My aunt had breast cancer, God Rest Her Soul.......Thats a Vicki bra too. LOL
NaturalAlluring's picture

This is great! :)
SumtnSpecial10's picture

lol. aaww! how cute baby. ADORABLE. =)


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