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Rocawear 'Evolution' Fragrance Teaser [Video]

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on October 10, 2011 - 1:51pm

Check out the Rocawear 'Evolution' Fragrance teaser video above featuring Trey Songz. Shop: What do you think of the teaser?

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Trey's P.Y.T.'s picture

northroparielle's picture

this shit is hot cant wait to to the rest
Ashley Melton's picture

That was beyond sexy. Dammm......... Why did you have to tease me like that? I want more.........;)
swtinsideout's picture

Oh my gaaaawwwddd! He is beyond sexy. That was hot!
FutureMzNeverson's picture

OMG! How can u be so damn sexy in a matter of seconds?! Lord I luv that man!!
sexytee1's picture

That was Sexxxxxy. Had to rewind and pause through each scene I don't know how many times. Huhweeeee!!!! Wish it was me.
mekaloves86's picture

Saw this earlier at work today and didnt have a chance to comment but yes mam This man is just tooo FINE for words :p
LivelyEaster's picture

Damn this is just so sexy!
Monique Allen's picture

Damn that was sexy. Wish it was me. Ur body is so mind blong. love u
makinsongz2gether84's picture

jeystar69's picture

All I wanna know! Why is she laying in my bed.. Cute teaser though, I just hope the fragrance smells nice!!

He's right about the teaser :) Great video!!!
chanelchante's picture

That was hot...mmm's picture

SEXY wow this is so hoooot!!!
tomiko's picture

Gotta LOVE THIS MAN!! He knows how 2 make a person SWEAT!! When does part 2 come out! :-)
ta8551's picture

hahaha agree with ILUVSONGZFOREVER....pressed play and hit it 10 more time i wanna smell it!
Fortunate's picture

I love this video, but thet were right its just a tease. They cant be doing me like that. Teasing me with Trey Songz like that. LOL!!!!!! I gotta get my man some of that!!!!
Choclt D's picture

Where can I buy my guy some. I hope when he sprays it, he turns into Trey. Gat diggedy DAMN!!!!!
jaylove's picture

I cnt post wht I'm thinking!!!! xXx oh trey!
iluvsongzforever's picture

WOW!! SO HOT!! I forgot what i'm suppose to be buying!
Bobbi_'s picture

My goodness I was not ready for that when I pressed play.
FantasySongz's picture

Oh my goodness that's hella sexyyyy.....wish it was a movie!!!!
Nikki_19's picture

GOOD LORD....spechless...hott and..............damn!!
TEETIMME's picture

TayCanHandleTS's picture

O_O I have no words to say, but it got me hot thats all I can say *fanning myself*
nalwandi's picture

seriously is it legal be so hot ?!?'s picture

*blank stare* *mouth wide open* *heart pounding* Is anyone else hot?!
Dr. BrainyAngel's picture

That right there is enough to make me go buy some of that cologne lol and pray n hope that he comes in the bottle
MsSweetSkittleAngel's picture

im so lost for word wowowowowowowowowowowowo ok TREY
DtownCougar's picture

Uhmmmmm can I just say I had to remove my halo!!!



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