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Rocawear 'Evolution' Cologne Commercial [WATCH]

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on October 19, 2011 - 9:37pm

Check out the long version of Trey's Rocawear 'Evolution' Cologne commercial below! You can also head over to Rocawear's YouTube channel to watch Trey in additional 'Evolution' clips! And don't forget to pick up the 'Evolution' fragrance HERE! What do you think of Trey's 'Evolution' Cologne commercial?

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Emilly R. @emillyYuuuP's picture

Ah! I would do anything to see this on UK tv :( but this is just wow!
TREYSPPP's picture

this video jus hit the spot!!..them lips ..them eyes ..that walk!! AHHH!! INEED TREY IN MY LIFE!! I FCUKING LOOVE HIM!!
TREYHasMyHeart's picture

OMG when he bite his liiipppp!! UGH Its like MMM SESSH!! Daaamnn! *faintss* Lol
MRS WEST's picture

I WANT TREY TO B MY MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ashleywwms9's picture

OMG I am so getting this Cologne:)
MissTremaineNeverson's picture

oh my goodness! This commercial needs to be shown in the UK as well. This is soooooooooo sexy! *imagines me and Trey*
CommittedAngel's picture

Ur smile jus killed me once again!sexy beast i love you & ur talent! x
@datruthfulone's picture

Oh My Gosh! Um..this has me thinking and feeling all kinds of *blushes*
TayCanHandleTS's picture

This is the ultimate sexiness rite here! You did it again Mr. Neverson... Love it and you :)
sihle@RSA's picture

this Ad is too naughty LOL. bt he is sexy :)
hottihottidunga's picture

mini porrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! ha! very intense! luvddddd it!!!
Trey'sOnlyLove's picture

So in love!
SpiritualAngel's picture

Meka J.'s picture

WOW! thats all I can say...smdh
taetae_3's picture

sexy as hell an intense i would chase you to
Jamaicanbabygirl's picture

That commercial was so hot I thought my computer screen was gonna melt lol seriously tho part III should have a different name, but its even too mature for the internet...damn Trey nicely done!
TreyGivesMe2Reasons's picture

I LOVE IT! Its like they're playing "Cat & Mouse" :) The editing for this video is just AMAZING too! We need more commercials like this! Well featuring Trey of course! lol
Dee_19's picture

prettygirlxx3's picture

omg my dam mmm
alexis_7's picture

no comment, cause the things i wanna say aint gonna be appropriate for kids on here. so no comment, but i love this.
tomiko's picture

This commercial is an WORK OF ART!! GOD I LOVE THIS MAN!! :-)
nykasimone's picture

Well dam!!!!!!!!
Nayana's picture

Perfect, you and more ..
FantasySongz's picture

Oh forgot to say love the editing too #VisualAngel ;)
Baby_gurlno_1's picture

Love Love Love
FantasySongz's picture

Oooooooooooooooooh my goodness, that commercial got me in suspenses like a movie, love, love, love it!!!! Best commercial ever for a fragrance and the lady is wearing his fav. color red mmmmmmmmm Love the end when she kisses his back. Good job Trey and Rocawear Team, thank you for having Trey as the face for Rocawear. Now i want to get this fragrance even though it's not for women, want to smell Trey right now!!!! lol :P
WhitneyDesiree''s picture

HOT DAMN @ Trey!!!!!!!
Connie_2's picture

This is the hottest commercial I have ever seen ... OMG I have to get that cologne to spray my sheets with at night or whenever I want to feel close to Trigga!! Trey is the shit!!! I love it & him!! #Angel4Life @watsb4me
mimitoosilly's picture

shrtyslim02's picture

dayummmm that man is just tooooooooooooooo fine the sexiness i loved that commercial. lucky girl wish it were me in that commercial with him :)



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