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'Top of the World' Video Premiere on 11.1.11

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on October 30, 2011 - 6:38pm

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Jenn's picture

This is my bday month and treys month too so keep doin it big boo luv luv luv the pix
oneshadowlove's picture

I am estatic about the Trey's Angels Nickname Frame that is in this photo. We got it for Trey for his birthday last year. The 1st 300 nickname Angels are on those frames!!!!! Yesssss Thanks Trey for showing love :)
Shimmer_Lis's picture

These pics are DOPE :D Glad to see there are so many! :D Cannot wait for tomorrow!!!!
Numba1Hon's picture

I am loving these pictures. This is so exciting. This is really different.
SagiTopaz's picture

I can't wait im so excited!!!!! November is my month and so is Trey Songz!!!!!! Congrats Trey Songz on all that you do!!!
yD3y's picture

i can't wait..............#RT best birthday present ever
mekaloves86's picture

Looooooove it :)
daisy_11's picture

Awww Trey :)
CFlame's picture

I'm loving these sooo much!! That pic of you and your Grandmumma is just so beautiful :-) Trey's Angels stand up!!
MissScorpio22's picture

Best birthday present ever!!!!


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