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Pre-Order Trey Songz' INEVITABLE EP - Available on 11.28.11

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on November 1, 2011 - 1:21pm

Trey Songz - Inevitable EP - Deluxe Packs Available
Pre-order Trey's just-announced INEVITABLE EP - available on November 28th! Purchase the Deluxe Pack and get the INEVITABLE EP (CD), exclusive "Top of the World" Tee, 1 Year Online Membership to Trey's official Fan Club, Trey's Angels, instant MP3 Download of "Top of the World" and an MP3 download of "What I Be On" emailed to you on November 8th!

If you are in the NYC area check out the Angels with Heart Deluxe Pack which includes 1 General Admission Ticket to Trey's Angels With Heart benefit Concert on November 25th in NYC, early entry for 1 into the concert and more! Visit for all of the exclusive INEVITABLE EP bundles, and pre-order yours today!


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SexySagLuvSongz's picture

Got it!!!!!! Oh and in case yall missed it the web crew answered our question on the first page......'If you buy the bundle and are already an Angel, you will be receiving a renewal for your membership.'
MysBlu4's picture

Purchased! I can't wait to hear it.
Simply_Minny44's picture

Got it!!!!! :-)
SexySagLuvSongz's picture

If we get the deluxe pack will the angel membership code apply when we renew next year if we already have a membership?
Ti@'s picture

AmyDarshae's picture

How long will this be available?!
Jenn's picture

Im gonna have to cop that!!! hmmm that would be a good bday present for my damn self :)
PUDDYPOOH's picture

I wish I had just half of a bundle to get caught up with bills and avoid homelessness...I enjoy everything you do...may god bless you and your family Trey.....P.S. your marketing team is the sh*%....I will become a Trey Angel in the future....God Bless....PUDDYPOOH
Nicole Fowler's picture

Baby_gurlno_1's picture

Purchased :)
Deejay_2's picture

I got it! I listened to top of the world on my way home on repeat hoping it will grow on me. I realized it was not suppose to be a hit because it's entertaining. Remember the intro of 'lemme hold that beat', I had to listen with a new ear, listen with a new mind, and I heard it as I never heard this voice before and I found that 'top of the world' is a story and was meant to be a "this is me, past present and future in the making" kinda song. I appreciate it for that. I am not a blogger just thought I should set my record straight. Love the video-reminded me a lot of 'gotta make it' and that's perfect when you think about it Can't wait for chapter 5! ~~~your fan~~~
Baby_gurlno_1's picture

@impressiveangel yessss that shirt is hot :)
Baby_gurlno_1's picture

@web crew Thank you :)
Anne B's picture

yes if we pre-order will the membership roll over to 2012/2013
CFlame's picture

Yesss, perfect time to renew my membership! #WINNING

I agree what happens to the Angels that have already renewed their membership? Is there a package for them to receive the Album and bits and pieces without the menbership :( so not happy right now!
Trey's P.Y.T.'s picture

a must have!!! and yes will th membership roll over to next year is my question...awaiting an answer will share
SabrinaYuuup_x's picture

When you receive a renewal for the membership with the deluxe package, do you get the one year membership from the moment to receive the package? I am already a member and my membership will run out in March so will the 1 year membership carry on from march?
Deejay_2's picture

I preordered it already, I am not impressed with "top of the world". I know, I know, I know!!! To all the Trey Songz fans out there, trust me you could not love this dude more than I do. He is indeed talented, not to mention one GOOD LOOKING creation of God. But "top of the world seem like his mediocor work to me, lets see what 11/18 brings. I still bought it though!!! hell yes I would support him all the way! Love you Trey still the biggest fan you'll ever dream up ~~~(thats right fans like me don't exist in reality!)~~~
Web Crew's picture

Hey @SimplyMeeh, If you buy the bundle and are already an Angel, you will be receiving a renewal for your membership.
FantasySongz's picture

Can't there be a bundle without the Trey's Angels membership for the Angels that already renewed there membership's picture

@SIMPLYMEEH I was wondering the same thing. I really want that t-shirt! Hmmmmmm
Baby_gurlno_1's picture

I wonder if you are already an angel, do they just continue the membership cuz im already one
Kiyah Withers's picture

Getting that!!!
tamarahshivers's picture

me too
Baby_gurlno_1's picture

Will be pre-ordering this weekend :)


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