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Trey Songz - Top of the World [Official Video]

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on November 1, 2011 - 8:00pm

Check out Trey's new video for "Top of the World", which premiered on BET's 106 & Park! "Top of the World" is now available on iTunes and is off Trey's forthcoming "Inevitable" EP - available on November 28th. You can pre-order your copy at

"Top of the World" Video Directed By: John Ledbetter & Tremaine Neverson

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StaceyQ's picture

Am absolutely Thankful for people like you in this world. You give so much hope and inspiration to those who need it the most. I am proud to be a fan! A person who carries so much strength for others but still has enough to consider himself as well. I love you Trey Songz! Keep doing you and God Bless!!
Shay Carter's picture

Omg You Are So Talented And Soooooo GotDamn Sexy!!!! I Love You!
rachel-claude's picture're good,great...just keep it man!in God we trust,bless up
Nayana's picture

No words to describe what I feel for you, Charming .. You and an enlightened person. My dream and you know, talk to you, know what you feel. This song is more beautiful .. .. Perfect. I love you more .. Thank you pair make my life happier, more fulfilled .. Thank you Trey Songz.

Crystalb's picture

Really love the video from start to finish...stay true to who you are Trey,I love the fact that you never forget where you came from
Marie Lynn Antoinette MLA's picture

Hey Family. This Marie Lynn Antoinette (MLA) love the video holla back
Kingdada_385's picture

Yo Trey....keep that level head.......loving the lyrics as always.....Makes me feel really good inside as always.....Bless up, Respect and One love.... Ranold, ST. Vincent & the Grenadines
Laurie Session's picture

This song had me in this and everything that you do....
reapper's picture

@AhoskieBoii 252 til ii diie but ii fuckz wit trey nd da 804
Ashley Pond's picture

this song is so real......i lover him and all his music and he could he be anymore sexier lol
duranteangel_2's picture

I love the video just as much as I love Trey Songz!!!! He is to be admired! Such a fresh breath of air!!!
Tiphaiine's picture

in looooooove
LaVonda's picture

Love it...Keep repping VA to the fullest..VA All Day Baby, Yupp!!!!
Shar_2's picture

love is video and the song and i love u to
itsnkenge's picture

I love this video!!!! It just showed me a whole nother side of him
MRS WEST's picture

''if i could i wud bring trey songz to the top of world with me'' aww that was nice
chunkypnutbutta's picture

*teary eyed* All love. So much respect and admiration for this man....once again :)
meli-melz's picture

LOVED IT like ANY other video you have done !! God Bless you, Trey !!
Ti@'s picture

i so love this video..i watched the premiere of it on 106&park yesterdat..i just so love it..he ha d like most of is family in the sweet...and he was in his home town...I SO LOVE TREMAINE ALDON NEVERSON!!!
Dionca's picture

Glad to see ur video was a success. #shoutout to the haters that said they shut your shoot down lol, some people just cant be happy for anothers success. I literally tear up when I see this video. Words cant explain how we feel when we turn on the television and see streets we travel and people we see EVERYDAY in a video. I think the most touching part of all of this is that you are not ashamed where you come from and you just proved that all of Petersburg and the WORLD. "TreysAngel" til the death of me. Sorry Angels but this is an emotional moment for me.
Chynaa Theflyers's picture

OMG......... I love this song. He's not just a artist who do things because he is famous ,he do it because he care. I really respect him for this ,he show much love to his home .Has i listen to this song I feel something come over my body .I can't wait till this CD come out.
Emilly R. @emillyYuuuP's picture

So much tallent. Just experienced a new type of love!
Dr. BrainyAngel's picture

I LOVE this video... you can tell just home much he loves and cares about his community... Great Job Trey... We love you
Martina Pavleska's picture

THIS VIDEO IS THE BESTEST VIDEO OF THE YEAR! OMG I LOOOVEE ITT! AMAZZINGG ! :)))) though it brought me to tears at the start on tremaine's speech
freaky4trey739's picture

I LOVE THIS SONG AND THE VIDEO I'M JUST LOVING YOU EVEN MORE @TreySongz!!!!!!!!!!! #TriggasHome Indeed he is.
shoeshoe451's picture

Loving the video so much positivity. Tremaine cherishes and values family, friends, & ANGLES. I LOVE that about him, he is still decent til this day. he makes me feel welcomed and@ home LOVE U TRIGGGAA
Baby_gurlno_1's picture

Love this video, lets the world know that trey is alot more than the typical artist, and he is one of the few who doesnt forget where he came from and lets everyone know that because of that he is who he is today. Us angels love you trey trey



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