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2010 Rocawear Fall Campaign

2010 Rocawear Fall Campaign
Posted by Webcrew 3 years 7 months ago in Official

Trey Songz in Rocawear's NEXT Campaign

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manslady's picture

jay makde the right choice i love both of you....i've been riding with u since day one and i love everything about....(If I coule be believe me boy I would be your fantasy
I'll make you come right were you'll be on top of me
So can we get that close, where I could fell your body sweat
Tryin' to make yo body wet
Can we, climb the mountain top screamin' excstacy
We so high up in this love,when we reach the peak
We ain't never coming down, baby keep makin that sound

Mariah_16's picture

people keep saying da ur gay but i know n mi hart that ur not gay and that is just a rumor that they are keeping out ps: i lovr you

LaTasha_4's picture

You make them clothes look so damn good. Jay knew where it was good @

asb_025's picture

i have a HUGE thing for you Trey(: words cant describe!!!!!!!!!

taytay_5's picture

this pic is so sexy

TreyDayErDay's picture

It's a damn shame to be so fine. I ask myself this question all the time. "How can I love a man so much and don't even KNOW him". I absolutely do not have an answer. Hell I stop trying to figure it out!!!!

thugmuffinsongz's picture

he looks so good

tanya legette_2's picture

He looks great I see a modeling carrer in his future!!
He always takes amazing pics!! lucky394
Redhead Angel of the big NC .

mizzcreativity's picture

absolutely great pic! he looks so professional here- so CEO-like-the type of man of man i love and the way i like trey to be on and off interviews, photo shoots, etc- the side of trey i fell in love with-mizzcreativity aka tha queen of the atl

Renata_2's picture

no words to describe how much i luv u!!!!!



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