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Chapter V Europe Promo Part II


  • Chapter V Europe Promo Part II
    Jun 7, 2012

    Angels! We have an exclusive video of Trey in Europe doing promo for his new album CHAPTER V! Watch below, and check out Part I HERE.

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on Jun 7, 2012 - 06:59PM

Angels! We have an exclusive video of Trey in Europe doing promo for his new album CHAPTER V! Watch below, and check out Part I HERE.


christinawallace0116's picture

This video just put the biggest smile on my face i never comment on anything!!! :-)

A_MIAI_KITCHEN's picture

I cannot describe the love that I have for you! You are such a down to earth individual who has nothing but mad love for his fans and would do anything for them! In return we, Trey Angels, give you that amount of love right back to you times two! I love you! #TreyAngel4Life

Lady V_2's picture

Trigga doing big things, the best part of this video is when he said he's Happy and how he loves his Angels. Oh i do love the French Guy who ran after the car just 4 a pic xoxo.

lovingtreysongz_2's picture

love this video & trey

Vonniii's picture

i love you toooo babyyyyyy

SagiTopaz's picture

All I can say is TREY SONGZ......What more can you say!!!!!!! I love it

heba_songz's picture

Your Angels love you too Trey :) that wasso sweet of oyu to take a picture with that boy!!! i love you so much Trey <3

DtownCougar's picture

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW the ending just killed me!'s picture

That's why you're the greatest my prince! Love you! *Kisses and hugs*

Trey&#039;s P.Y.T.'s picture

had to watch again love you too Trey mwahhhhh he shows so much love how can you not! he has an amazing heart

TREYSPPP's picture

that kiss at the end was intense babe! lol I LOVE YOU TOO!! cant help but wait for ChapterV i know its going to be fuckin awesome!! and definitely cant help but wait for the Chapter V tour!!!!!!!'s picture


hilalsimge's picture


Lashawnda_3's picture

awww gotta love that guy he always showing us love :)

czii_gurl_3bzii's picture

That man who was running for trey was a fit ass guy cause i love trey n i would probably die from running 4mins looool and the fact he took two pics =) and how trey looked so humble when he was hearing his success well trey u deserve it and the kiss to his angels lorddddddd looool i have to meet this guy one day =)

stlgirl4lyfe2010's picture

that was dedication dude was determine to get his picture

celenajohnson's picture

Trey you're simply amazing !!!!!!!!!!! As they read your stats tears fell from my eyes because you deserve all the love from the entire world and even more in my book. You are #1 in my eyes always!!! I ride or die for Tremaine for life. Love you!!!!!

MarkitaLovesTrey's picture

My babyy!!! "Shout out to my Angels iLove yall MUAH" the Feeling is Mutua #OneLovel!!! :*

lakeishathib's picture

dude was gone!! i love the fact that he love Trey that much to run all the way from the hotel & i love trey for bein a great sport bout takin the picture for with the guy....TREY LOVE HIS FANS & WE LOVE YOU TOO BABY

SexySagLuvSongz's picture

WOW!!!!! That was just amazing!!! This is why I love him so much!!

FantasySongz's picture

Thats why i love this man, so sweet sending kisses to his Angels, so happy i am one :) That kiss really made my day today!!! And big S/O to that guy that ran behind the car just to get a pic, that's some real #LOVE

Cant wait to meet Trey for the first time, have a feeling it will be this year!!! And i need one of those Chapter V shirts!!!! Look Sick!!!!


Linz84's picture

Trey is such a cool person!!! Love you too Trey! :-)

Charm.'s picture

this is why i love this man sooooooo much ; love you forever aldon <3

TREYed UP's picture

I just love love him.

_jourdann's picture

when they were saying the stats on Trey . I was like yass Trey has come so far. & he's so humble . i love him forreal forreal.

Dr. BrainyAngel's picture

We love you too!!! <3's picture

That was so sweet of him to take that picture with that dude. Angels love you to Trey!!!!!

MzShanaet's picture

We love him tooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

domonique_campbell's picture

<3 <3

LuvSongz's picture

AWWW!!!! That was a nice video. Put a big smile on my face for real. Angels love u too trey!!! Muah!!!