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Trey in Cannes [Video]


  • Trey in Cannes [Video]
    Jul 26, 2012

    Angels.... check out some fun footage from Cannes. Enjoy.....

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on Jul 26, 2012 - 04:29PM


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It looked like he had a good time I have no idea what the girl was saying but hopefully Trey did lol Im happy that he had a good time and is enjoying is fame he earned it Enjoy and have fun Trey :) Love ya

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dive in fit this video well =)

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haha he jumped off the boat at the end :) i love you trey :)

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So late on watching this i was busy these pass few days didn't see this til now... love it

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Thank you for sharing these special moments with us Trey! Love to see you enjoying yourself with those that love and support you!

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so cute love to see Trey having fun!

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i love it u killin me with those shorts tho trey

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lol loved that 'yuuup' at the end. love seeing Trey having a good time :)

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Love them shorts, Trey!! Trey Angel for Life!!!

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That's dope! I can't jump off that yacht doe LOL!

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keep doin ya thang trey songz

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Trey is just so inspirational

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I'm glad #TeamSongz is outchea doing it(:

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thats what I am talking about doing it big and enjoying the world and what it has to offer

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CiCi was killin it!! Lol

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They are having a blast love it.

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this was hilarious