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Today in Trey History


  • Today in Trey History
    Aug 6, 2012

    What's good Angels?!?!

    Two years ago, today, Trey kicked off his Passion, Pain & Pleasure Tour in Shreveport, Louisiana. What show were you at? Favorite tour memory? Juicy tour story? Tell us in the comments below. Oh and do yourself a favor by blasting the Passion, Pain & Pleasure album in honor of this historic day in Trey history.

    Bottoms up!

Trey's Angels Team's picture
on Aug 6, 2012 - 05:35PM

What's good Angels?!?!

Two years ago, today, Trey kicked off his Passion, Pain & Pleasure Tour in Shreveport, Louisiana. What show were you at? Favorite tour memory? Juicy tour story? Tell us in the comments below. Oh and do yourself a favor by blasting the Passion, Pain & Pleasure album in honor of this historic day in Trey history.

Bottoms up!


feliciahart2gs's picture

i was at the show in philly on aug 25 it was him and monica and i think he was singing one love and the whole place started singing and trey was like that never happen before it was so much fun and i love the way he give shotouts trey is the best

Nicole Carson's picture

i went to the show on 08-31 in the sip :) i thought time was goin by so slow cuz i had skool det day lol nd i was ready to see trey it was my first trey concert nd i promise u me nd my bestie still talk bout that show today best show ever even tho i broke my phone when i saw trey's shadow b4 he even came out from behind the lil curtain thing :)

JasmaneFranklin's picture

I went to the August 20th show in Saint Louis it was my second time seeing him preform the first was on my birthday but it was definitely one of the best concerts ever and after the show was over and it was raining outside Trey was talking to some of us outside the window of the building asking us how the show went its was so crazy lol's picture

I went to the August 14th show in Birmingham & the August 31st show in Mississippi..I drove from Louisiana for each of these shows, But each one was well worth it!!

Salanthia_dumas's picture

Me and my cousin and my best friend went to his album release party at 595 west in atlanta on September 12th. The day before the album came out. I was able to see him close up and personal and also preview all the songs on the album before i went to go buy it the next day....That is a day i will never forget!!!!! Gotta love that TREY<3

missbeffy's picture

I went to the show in Dallas! I drove all the way from Houston but it was worth it!

Janae's picture

I was at the August 25th show in Philly. That was my very first time seeing Trey live besides the two Powerhouse performances he's done in my city. I don't really count those. This was my first official TREY SHOW! No juicy tales. I took my cousin & my brother w/ me & we had a blast. MONICA (another fave of mine) F'N WRECKED IT! I never sat down the whole show. And Trey was just magical. I took my heels off, put on my flip flops, stood my big ass on the seat and waved my shoe in the air trying to get Trey's attention. I didn't, but it was still fun. LOL! My favorite memory from that night was the whole audience singing One Love to Trey. Trey couldn't even finish his whole song. We finished it for him & he just stood there smiling. I loved it. An amazing show that was. PPP was everything.

feliciahart2gs's picture

yes i was there and when we sang one love the look on treys face was price less

MIZZR3D's picture

i went to the August 14 show in Birmingham. By being apart of the street team and collecting emails before and during the show,1 I got to go backstage afterwards and meet Trey. It was my first time meeting him. He realized I was an angel-to-be because i had on all white with angel wing earrings. It was a great experience!

Nettygurl90's picture

The PPP Tour was the first Trey Songz concert I attended and it was amazing. I went to the show in Milwaukee. Seeing Trey perform live is just an experience that is unexplainable, he is the best and I love him soo much!!!!! ;)

MellowAngel's picture

The PPP tour was the first concert I attended with Trey Songz. I live in Maryland and I went to the concert in Portsmouth VA because I couldn't get close enough seats in my hometown; after that concert I was hooked. I have been to every concert since, including the Love Faces concert that I attended at Madison Square Garden. Hopefully one day he will grant my wish and call me on stage with him :)...Congrats on another great album "Chapter V"

mii_sunflower's picture

August 27, 2010 i went to the PPP in baltimore, md pluse thats the day i met trey, the show was everything i even got a s/o. that wasnt my first time seeing trey but that is one of the best trey days for me

TriggaLILangel's picture

@Vonniii I swear we did lol? Hammersmith Apollo... 5th April and the 26th of April.... Well those were the London ones...I was there lol.

TriggaLILangel's picture

I went to 3 of the PPP tours. 2 in London and one in Birmingham. They were amazing!'s picture

The Passion Pain & Pleasure Tour was the 1st Trey Songz concert I went to. I went to the show in Memphis TN at the Orpheum Theater I was in the back of the theater but it was like Trey was only singing to me. He pulled me in with his voice! I loved every moment of the concert! I am very picky about who I pay to see perform. I have only been to Trey concerts since that day!

SexySagLuvSongz's picture

I didn't get to go to any shows because I live on Portland, OR and couldn't get to any!! I am DEFINITELY NOT not gonna miss the ChapterV tour doe!!!!

Vonniii's picture

the UK didnt get the PPP tour but i loved all the vids ppl posted

_jourdann's picture

I'll never forget August 26th 2010 i drove from detroit to cleveland ohio and had meet and greet for the first time before the concert . then did emails and got to go backstage after the concert! Now im hooked. You can catch me traveling to see him! idec if he dont come to detroit no more . ill come to him :)

Lashawnda_3's picture

I went to the one at the Fox theater in St. Louis Louis i loved the tour i love everything about the show but my favorite part is when he performed Cant Be Friends i went with my sister and brother-in-law and it was raining like crazy but i really enjoyed myself :)

Enchanted Angel's picture

The PPP Tour was my first time seeing Trey perform live. I went to the concert here in St. Louis, MO at the Fox Theater. I took my cousin with me that night. The way he performed Neighbors Know My Name from the vocals to how the instrumentals were arranged were amazing. After the show it was winding and pouring down rain. A night I will always remember.

stlgirl4lyfe2010's picture

Savannah show and the whole show was good my friends left bruise on my arm for two parts the nkmn imagination and when the girl got the massage cause they was mad and wanted to go after that lol.

felicia.nic's picture

I went to see PPP tour in Philly (Upper Darby PA Tower Theater) this was the first show out of 10 I'd been to that only took me 5 min to get to because I just move to the area. Best part of the show was when Trey came to the side of the stage where I was and made eye contact with me............and yes I know he look my way cause I was in 7th row in white!!