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Canadian Fans! Enter the "Trey Fanatic Five" Contest to Win a Google Hangout with Trey!


  • Canadian Fans! Enter the "Trey Fanatic Five" Contest to Win a Google Hangout with Trey!
    Aug 8,2012

    Canada! Enter to win a Google Hangout with Trey on 8/26 - where you can ask him questions about the Chapters of his life! The Google Hangout will be filmed and entering is easy! In the comment section below, let Trey know why you are his biggest fan! One entry will be selected to win a Google Hangout with Trey! Trey’s new album CHAPTER V arrives in stores on August 20th, pre-order your copy HERE.

    This contest is open to Canadian residents only. By entering below, you agree to the official rules.

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on Aug 8, 2012 - 07:00PM

Canada! Enter to win a Google Hangout with Trey on 8/26 - where you can ask him questions about the Chapters of his life! The Google Hangout will be filmed and entering is easy! In the comment section below, let Trey know why you are his biggest fan! One entry will be selected to win a Google Hangout with Trey! Trey’s new album CHAPTER V arrives in stores on August 20th, pre-order your copy HERE.

This contest is open to Canadian residents only. By entering below, you agree to the official rules.


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I appreciate Trey and all that he’s done, his songs really show how far he has come. He acknowledges fans. Lyrical abilities are on point. :) <3

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Hey Trey:), as a million other fans have told you already i love you & i sincerely doubt i will win but what little i can do to reach out 2 you as a dedicated fan i will do lol. "Since Gotta Make It" i've watched you grow & succeed as an artist, am amazed how humble you're & genuine of a person. You are just not one of those in the industry for the fame, ladies & money u really do invest your time & dedication for ur fans & ur music. Most especially to ur hometown it's really nice to get insight into where u came from & that's why ur so worth listening to cause u put soul into ur lyrics. I'am happy u released a new song here & there (very generous) to give a taste for Chapter V which i can't wait to get my hands on<3 It's also your fashion sense, u always kill it whether in a suit or just casually dressed overall a fine man ;P, ur smile is very charismatic i dk what i'd do if i got the chance to meet u. I dislike how haters will say oh ur songs are just bout sex but they r just jealous & dk how meaningful they are especially when it comes to love , u express wht people feel in life & that's incredible, most importantly that it's respectful to women opposed to pussy this & that. I can tell how talented & versatile ur style is every time i listen or watch ur interviews. Am mesmerized how far you've come & it seems over time u just get better & better, inspiring the amount of talent u embody & thankyou for sharing with the world, am proud of ur accomplishments you make me that more confident to strive toward mine with fearless effort & wish u all the best in ur career ! ;)

ShellyNeversonn's picture

Dear Trey, I LOVE YOU! You are one of my greatest inspirations. Words can't even express how much I LOVE YOUR MUSIC! I love the fact that your dedicated to your family, your fans, your music and everything and anything that your doing. One of my dreams has alwayssss been to spend a day with you and get to know you, hopefully that dream will come true one day. There's not one day that goes by and i don't talk about you, your the topic of everyone of my essay's/projects, the topic of every one of my conversations, my room is filled with your posters. What can i say i just LOVEE YOUUU! If i got to interview you i would show you that im one of your BIGGEST fans, i may cry at first because i'll actually be talking to you but it will not be a waste of time. i can go on and on 2000 words just isn't enough for me to tell you how much I LOOVEE YOUU AND YOUR MUSICCC and even if i don't get picked i'm still going to LOVE YOU SAME WAY because your a great person and you inspire so many people, young & old including me. I'm not even going to front like i've been supporting you since day one, i've been there since day two though :) i just want to let you know that as a 17 year old teenager i can say you have inspired me. Your music helps me go to sleep at night, helps me through some of the roughest patches in life. No one will ever understand the impact your music has had on my life. Your one of the reasons why i still strive and push myself to do what i know i can do. My family and friends say "Trey Songz doesn't care about you, he's famous" but they don't know how passionate you are to your fans and how much love you show us. Its unbelievable how much love you show us. "my heartbeats for the people who carry the love for me" has to be one of my favorite lines from you because it just shows how much love you have for your family, fans, friends and the work that you do. TREMAINE ALDON NEVERSON I LOVE YOU!!! Sincerely Shelly-Ann #Toronto! #ILoveYouTreySongz p.s come back to TDOT!

Haneen.Ay.xo's picture

Trey has been my inspiration & dedication since "I Gotta Make it" through "Anticipation". Chapter V has more passion & pleasure than ever! Pick me! xooxooox ily

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Mr.Neverson, Let me tell you how I have a Biology exam worth 70% of my grade at 8 in the morning yet I feel that I MUST post this. If that doesn't prove that I am your biggest...well I don't want to boost and say biggest...because I've seen those girls and they cray...Im like basically one of your top ones though...Pinky swear. Basically, everyday is Trey day. If you are reading this...I just want to point out I miss your dreads. All I really have is a dollar and a dream, and the dream is to see you :D!! I'll give you the dollar if its worth it...If I had the opportunity to interview, believe that it will be worth your time! Im a Neuro-Psych major therefore I am very anxious to know what really goes through your head when you create your beautiful music. How can one man make something like sticky face sound so beautiful?! I obviously refuse to ask any personal information, or about any females in your life because that would be very bothersome and the whole interview would be at disturbance. I am a jealous person. Loool okay, this post was a fail...I don't have it in me to post like the females below :( BUT I LOVE YOU!!! YOURE SO SEXY SO TALENTED SO YUMMASSS...YOURE TALENTED...BUT GAWDDAMN YOURE BEAUTIFUL!

Okie pick me :D Im gonna tweet you just now. OH ND IM FROM YOUR FAVORITE CITY - TORONTO :) YAY

Annie xo

Leelyn's picture

Each and every songz make me smile inside out. I listen to all your songz daily. I even got my 4yr old daughter loving you!

Asohal's picture

Trey, listening to simply amazing and I had to write in to this contest again beause you are simply amazing. Im not sure if thats allowed or not but Im doing it cause I want this more than anything. I love you so so so so so.. much like it can't be described. Like your thee Trey Songz, who wouldnt love you. Im sure there are people out there but I mean really they dont exist because they even need to be recognized. Anyways, the other night i was laying in bed and I couldnt fall asleep so then I started thinking what I would do If i met you. OMG. I still cant even get it through my head and the sad part is Im not even guaranteed by a hundred that Im going to win so maybe its a good thing I dont, I think I might just end up dying for real! You amaze me by how much you reach out to your fans and how close you are to us. You Trey but your our Trey you know it doesnt feel like were your fans its more like your supporters, your believers, your people will be there with you through the thick and thin. I guess the reason I wouldn't use the word fan is because your more loyal to us than that, you share every step of the way with us. And thats why a lot of us believe in you so much because we know your never going to do anything to disappoint us and you know let us down. Your with us till the end just like were with you till the end!! I hope I get to just talk to you and tell you how wonderful of a person you and how much you have changed my life. I dont have anything to complain about, Im very privileged in what I have, and im not going to lie about that. This would be a dream come true and more importantly a accomplishment. And if this doesnt end up happening this time, theres many more opportunities Ill have and im sure of that. I mean one of these days you will have to put Vancouver on your touring list. Like come on we are a pretty awesome city. but really I hope i get this chance it would mean so so so much like I cant even imagine, It would be beyond a dream come true.

PerfectlyImperfect's picture

Hey Trey Songz! I really don't know how to put to words why I am your biggest fan but for you I'll try.. I am your biggest fan because first of all I love what you do. You inspire me. Not only I'm I inspired by the music you make but by everything else you do. Your community involvement, what you do for your Angels, the love you show to your fans and the fact that you respect everybody else in the music industry and you don't put them down. You're not like other artists who do things just for the fame and money. You keep your privacy private and is just doing what you love to do. The way you carry yourself is beyond words. Seeing you through the media with interviews, videos and listening to your songs shows me the kind of man you are which I la laa LOVE.. I am your biggest fan because your music relates to me and my life. I am your biggest fan because I won't lie to you and say I was there supporting you from the beginning.. I wasn't. I wasn't there when Just Gotta Make It came out but I always tell myself that it doesn't matter how long you knew the artist but how much support you put in while you knew the artist. No I haven't been to your concerts because my single mother trying to raise me couldn't afford it. I did though call in flow 93.5 hundreds of times for like 2 weeks trying to get tickets to the Anticipation 2our.. I even got my friends to call for me too. I am your biggest fan because I will get in line August 21, 2012 at the closest store to me to get Chapter V... If you're not going to choose me can you please just come to Toronto for a autograph signing and a concert. I promise I'll go this time.. I love you and what you do, muahh

Ty_1993's picture

I am one of Trey Songz biggest fans because I have been with him since day 1 when he had braids and when his first song came out Just Gotta Make It... And his music has really explained how my relationships has been and what really goes through a guy mind and what they really want.. And Trey Songz has really shown in his music what type of guys to go for and what to expect out of the relationship physically,emotionally,mentally. But I am Trey Songz biggest fan because I love his music and he has inspired me to try new things and apply his music to my life... I Love u trey songz forever and ever hopefully i will meet u one day

kim_xo's picture

Trey’s my pleasure through pain, smile through rain. His voice keeps me up when I’m at my lowest & he’s humble which is a bonus

love_addicting's picture

Trey you honestly really are such a talented artist unlike other singers you can ACTUALLY sing I've heard you sing live and it was beyond the most beautiful thing my ears have ever heard. You are a great person as well you're like the whole package and the love you share for your family is beautiful you never forget about them no matter where you are in the world just as us, your fans who always keep you close to our hearts because we have a special type of bond and love with you through your music which keeps us together and keeps our love for you strong. We have and will keep supporting you through your journey as a singer and even after that you'll continue to stay in our hearts. For us the true fans you have we will always remember you through your music which you write and sing for us. I can tell you're very dedicated to your music because when i listen to your songs i can hear how much effort you put into writing it and singing it just for us to enjoy you think about your fans and try your best to give us your best in what you do in hopes that we will love it and we always do Trey you never disappoint us, you always know how to keep us amazed by what you do and we appreciate everything you do for us which is why we will keep supporting you all the way. Know that we will never give up on you and will love you through it all and i really appreciate you doing this to us Canadians giving us a chance to meet you which is really considerate of you. Remember Trey from "we gotta make it" we were there for you and we will continue to be with you on this journey. We keep you close to our heart always Tremaine much love.

leelee8888's picture


I loved you from the beginning, Just gotta make it days- Braids and all.
We are all angels and all contribute our own traits into being your BIGGEST FAN, mine would have to be the way i feel while listening to your music, the way i can relate, even more so the way your music just captivates me. Ive had some 'biggest fan' moments, such as when i bought tickets to the OMG TOUR, just because you were the opening act and I JUST HAD TO BE THERE, it was totally worth it!!!
I am a loyal fan to you, since the beginning and will remain one, especially since you are nothing but dedicated to us, your fans!!!

Thanks for giving us Canadian fans an opportunity !!!

marsh's picture

7 years ago, I was watching Much Music and as I was about to leave the room, your song “Gotta Go” came on and I had to make a U-turn and sit to see who was singing and where did this person came from. From that very moment, I was hooked; Google and MySpace became my best friend to get information on you. I went out the next week and purchase your debut album “Gotta Make It”. This album became my best friend back and forth on my commute to school for the next 2 years until “Trey Day” was released. From the moment that I saw your first video, I always have to wonder why you were not getting more air plays and why the industry was not giving you the opportunity that you so deserved. I told everyone I knew that they are going to hear of you, it may just take longer because you did not sing and dance and was basically not a sell out. . I believed in you from the beginning, I have never given up on you. I have bought all your albums, downloaded all your mix tapes, watched and listened basically all your interviews, some live and some on YouTube; which has now become my best friend when it comes to finding information on you. I’ve also watched all your U-streams some live, others online, even some repetitively. I joined twitter just because you were on it and yes I was there when you were Songzyuuup before you hit a million followers. Social cam and Instagram are now apps on my phone because of you as well as Google. The first concert that I had attended for you was the OMG tour, then the Anticipation tour and I will never miss another concert. I’m always promoting everything that you do, online and street missions as well as angels with heart missions. I love and support everything that you do even when I don’t agree with some of it.I love you for sticking to R&B, for being authentic, for always remaining true to yourself and your music and for taking criticisms like a real man and just basically always being yourself. I am also a proud Trey's angel. Yuuup!!!

frenchkiss's picture

I'm Karyssa. I'm 15 years old, & I've been listening to your music since I figured out what real music is. I'm so happy you're giving your Canadian fans this opportunity. I appreciate it greatly, expressing how I feel towards an artist I adore & look up to as much as you & letting them know exactly why I idolize them so much is what I've always wanted to do. Well, Trey, to start off, I love what you do, & why you do it. Not just for money & fame but for the enjoyment & love of music itself. It inspires me to be the best I can be, & not only to impress others, but to impress myself as well. Your music touches my heart, soul & mind all at once. The lyrics embedded in all of your songs are unbelievably meaningful. Your voice is simply amazing, (see what I did there? haha) not only when you're singing your heart out, but when you rap on a track (Look At Me Now, Aston Martin Music) it inspires me just as much. Sometimes I'll hear your music somewhere, rather than through my headphones, & I'll just smile & get goosebumps all over. It makes me so happy knowing that other people enjoy your music as much as I do. I honestly don't have a favourite song by you, but a few that I really love are Last Time, Made to be Together, & Already Taken. I can hear the passion in your voice throughout every song you sing. Aside from your music, based on your tweets & Instagram photo's, you seem so down to earth. I love it. So, before I leave you to read all of these fantastic comments from the people who cherish you more than you'll ever know... I just want to say how absolutely blown away I am by your song Sex Aint Better Than Love. The first time I watched the music video, I cried. Not because of your voice, but because of how beautiful the lyrics are. It explains the actual truth about relationships & reminds me what I really deserve, & what to watch for. The video touches me so deep inside my heart, & you're the one I need to thank for that. So, thank you so much, Trey.

ItzzMissy's picture

Hi Trey, my name's Makenna. I'm 15 years old and I love to sing. Your music is extremely inspiring to me, has helped me through good and bad times. Your music is really one of the reasons I write songs and sing even when I've wanted to give up because I may not feel I'm good enough. You are obviously very hard working and I recently saw an Interview you had with Pandora saying that you don't only do this for the money and fame, although they're "bonus additives". You do it because it makes people happy and because you just genuinely love singing, rapping, song writing and making music. I admire that a lot because a lot of people would just do it for fame and money. My favorite song of yours is Find A Place off #Anticipation 2. I think your voice is very unique, pure, sweet and your tone is very rich. I'm sure anyone could hear the passion in your songs when you sing and it's a wonderful thing to hear (: You know when you get tingles at how amazing something is? That's how I feel about your music. You clearly have a different approach to music than a lot of other artists do. I love the R&b soul genre and think you're the best in it. Your music means so much to me. Even if I don't win the contest, I'll always appreciate listening to your music each and every day . I may not be your oldest biggest fan....But I'm sure I'm one of the youngest biggest fans.

LukePhillipPrinciotta's picture

Hey Trey, my name is Luke, I am a 20 year old police foundations student but I am an aspiring singer and I can only pin 2 men for my inspiration and you are deffinately one of those men. The fluidness and absolutely flawless pitch of your voice has driven me to work every single day of my life to refine my voice and to continue learning everything else i possibly can. Being a part of the terrible financial situation i am a part of it is hard for me to afford to pursue my dream of becoming an artist, but dont think it stops me from trying my ass off. If you even wanted to take out 5 minutes and check out one of my videos on youtube then you would understand my dedication (LukePrinciottaMusic). The opportunity to sit down and pick your brain on technique, the paths youve taken to get to where you are and what you think I could work on or do to get myself there would be a once in a life time opportunity. I refrain from saying 1 in a million because that would imply there are other opportunities like this, but there isnt. I think deep in your heart man that there wouldnt be a silent moment during the interview with us because i would have so much ready to ask being as passinoate as i am. This interview with you could not only be extremely enjoyable and enlightening but a complete turn around for my life and an additional inspiration for me. Just keep doing what youre doing man because you always find a way to teach me something new everytime you open your mouth and sing. If i get this opportunity to speak with you it will not be an opportunity wasted by any means. Have a good one and god bless man.

nikoo's picture

i appreciate you giving an opportunity to your Canadian fans. Well hi trey, i remember when i was a little girl and your first album was out i swear you are my first love. But what's not to love about you, im a huge fan and i don't want to me to go off like others are talking about. I probably have like no chance at all winning but its worth a Thanks for being a real person with everything. Choose me you won't regret it and Toronto is bomb when your outcheaaaa !

yourmagestie34's picture

Trey baby, i wanna let you know that i am your biggest fan not only because you are extremely beautiful, but i think you're very hard working and dedicated musician. But lets go into detail here so i can win this little contest here and we can do this interview together...
So, we all know that most of your fans are females and damn, you sure know how to get their panties in a mess, especially mine with that perfect face and amazing voice. But i really do think a lot of your success comes from your sincere love for women, which you put through to your music and i have so much respect for that. I think that you being such a mama's boy has to do with that as well. And i think its so cute that you show off your gorgeous mom all the time and bring her as your date because she is great arm candy. I remember see in you with her for the first time and i was all like "whooaaa, umm who is this girl with my trey baby?!" turns out it was just your mom, funny how that is.
But on a real, If we get the chance to do this interview together, you will be very impressed I'm sure. Because i mean, I am your biggest fan and i will be going crazy inside but your girl right here can be professional, we can rock that interview for sure. I mean two beautiful people just having a great conversation thats actually a interview. People will love it. And also just so you know, my birthday is August 16th, so the interview would be a great bday present as well.
Pick Me! You're most beautiful, funny, amazing and talented Angel/ biggest fan for this interview Trey! Legooo! Canada will love this hot duo right here! PROMISE!

triggalova's picture

Is it possible to look so innocent and be so enticing? You can sing me a song that makes my heart melt, and another song that makes me want to take my clothes off! That's talent! Choose me!

yassminjama's picture

I just came across this and i just thought that i should try and maybe see if i win, but we will see :)
I'm not sure what i could say that can make my reason to have you chose me be alittle different than the rest. but what i can tell you is that i am definitely a huge fan of yours, i stop what im doing just to sing with you if you come on the radio , i love your music because i can tell you possibly all your songs have narrated a chapter in my life when it comes to either love, life struggles or even just me. You are an amazing talented person who shows people love through music and is doing a damn well job at it :) I can give you a list that goes on and on about why you should pick me but the remaining characters wouldn't be enough :) Your passion when you sing your songs shows how serious you are about your career and it shows me how much you love your fans. You want to put 110% into your work and you show through your music. Picking me would be one of the greatest things that could have ever happened because you are no doubt one of my favorite singers out here and winning this contest to meet the man that has made me go through many days and nights would mean the world to me. I know that you probably hear this all the time but it would really mean a lot if i met you. If i dont, i hope the girl or guy ;) that you have chosen will be as happy as i would be if i were to win. Well i guess ive said what i needed to say :) hope you choose the person who deserves this the most.
... on a side note.. you just reading my post is probably one of the best tings also, aha Thank you for being you <3

YoungSmith's picture

Chose me,cause i thing ur realy cool person, god dam i love obam i supporte black culture ,and hopefully we can help them accros the world thoses poor kids,and well your also a very good artiste so keep up the good work,

miachampagne's picture

I feel I should win this because your music actually means so much to me , you have a song to relate to every situation ive been through. You inspire me truely as a person everything you stand for that you are true to yourself and a down to earth man where family means everything to you, it does to me too. I remember seeing the 'wonder woman' video on tv i was soo happy that you where finally on the music channels i cried. Every album you've made is amazing , the rawness at the beginning on I Gotta make it and Trey day then hearing your growth vocally and your success in Ready and ppp. Ive seen you live twice once in Birmingham where i traveled across the country to see you, the 2nd time in Liverpool i waited 6 hours in the queue just to be near the front. I remember when 3 or so years back i went to New York only to find out the day after i flew home you where doing an album singing near to where i was staying, i was so devastated i missed seeing you in person it still upsets me now. Ive still never met you :( Every time i hear you on the radio i get too excited your voice just lightens up my day! I still listen to Genesis to relax me in the bath lol . your music never gets old. I recently got a tattoo in writing of 'Trey Songz' on my wrist, with all my family and friends saying i will regret it however i wanted my 1st tattoo to be meaningful and it means so much to me and always will, now Instead of shouting to request a song by you in a club i just show them my tattoo, I think the djs are sick of seeing it haha . The area i live in not many people listen to R&B its more pop/dance music but i believe my love for you as an artist i have created a bigger fan base over here now all my friends and family know who you are and sing along to your songs too, im constantly promoting your music to people i know. I can not think of another artist i would rather interview and meet. I know my chance will come one day hopefully it can be now. <3 Please pick me Trey Songz .

Asohal's picture

I dont know where to start really. I love Trey a whole lot, cant really explain it to anyone. Ive been a fan of his since day 1 literally. I knew he would be huge one day and its crazy to know how big his fan base is now and thats so exciting. I love him because he's the only celebrity i feel reaches out to his fans beyond anyone ever has. His twitter is filled with RT's and follows and thats amazing. Sadly Im not one of those people but thats okay. Its actually amazing to see all the other fans reactions and one day i know it will be my day. I guess anyone could win this contest and Im not above anyone to win it more. I love him so much and this experience would be beyond anything. I cannot even think about it, like if i met Trey, holy mother I think I would just die like OMG literally die. He's just amazing you know, Its unreal to think of actually meeting TREY SONGZ especially for like a normal person you know his fans just supporting him through his remarkable journey. So i do hope you guys all pick me it would be awesome but then again I wont be disappointed but Trey will always be making music and doing his thing and ill be right there along with him. I'll always be a fan of Trey's, always! Support him through the good and bad. So I hope that reading through this message you guys see Im just a normal girl crazy over trey and It would just make my life even better than it already is. Im thankful for what I have and do not by any means take it for granted. So hopefully ill be waking up to a email/ phone call or something that makes my life, literally!! Either way I hope for this upcoming Chapter 5 Tour Trey decideds to check out VANCOUVER BC CANADA! I know ill be there front and centre cheering him on. So once again I just love Trey a normal fan trying to meet her idol! But who ever gets chosen will be one lucky person, so goodluck to all!! One of his canadian angels will be chosen xxxxxxxx LOVE YOU TREY SONGZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Alisha

Brandi-Denise Belle's picture

I Think Im One Of U Biggest Fans Because Well I Listen To Every And I Mean Everyone Of Ur Songz....There Is Not One That I Dont Like...I Love All And I Feel All Of Them....I Think U Are An Amazing Artist...I Think U Are Very Talented And U Are A Great Role Model..U Inspire Alot Of pple(Including Me)....I Like U Because U Are Real Yo...

Brandi-Denise Belle's picture

Lolz Cynthia I Agree!!!

cynthiab2388's picture

Mr. Songz.. u have got to stop stealing situtations from my life and making them into songs for yourself lol i feel like every song or almost all your songs tell the story of a chapter in my life... whether its when im feeling sexy... feeling sad.. feeling so in cover all bases... therefore id kinda like the opportunity to ask you a few more questions about your experiences.