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Chapter V Review


  • Chapter V Review
    Sep 11,2012

    It's been a few weeks since the release of Chapter V so you've had some time to let all the songs really sink in.  Now we've gotta know, what songs are your favorites?  Any stand out tracks that have made an impact on you and your life?  Bare all in the comments section below!  Stories that move us may just make their way out of the comments and into a featured news post!

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on Sep 11, 2012 - 11:24AM

It's been a few weeks since the release of Chapter V so you've had some time to let all the songs really sink in.  Now we've gotta know, what songs are your favorites?  Any stand out tracks that have made an impact on you and your life?  Bare all in the comments section below!  Stories that move us may just make their way out of the comments and into a featured news post!


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There isn't a certain song that moves me more than any other. I am simply impressed with the quality of work on Chapter V. From beginning to end it told a story that makes me feel Trey's growth and maturity! I am so proud to be an Angel. I am honored to be apart of his world and #TeamSongz family. God Bless

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Its really hard to pick my favorite track from Chapter V because I love each one for different reasons. I love the emotion put into Heart Attack, Almost Lose it, and Without A Woman. I love the honesty in Bad Decisions and Fumble. I love the passion put into Panty Wetter, Dive In, Inside Interlewd and Forever Yours and I love the fun of Hail Mary, 2 Reasons, and Check Me Out. I love to hear a album that sounds like an ALBUM. Each song flows into the next with ease and its simply amazing. Thanks Trey for another album to love, laugh, have fun, and live to.

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I am definitely impressed with chapter V since i we got the please of hearing the album on itunes before it was released I already had a favorite. As soon as i heard bad decisions i fell in LOVE!!! that is definitely my favorite track. I feel like a lot of people can relate to that song. I love that theres REAL r & b and also so club songs that i can dance to. whenever i hear check me out i start doing the diddy dance lol. Simply amazing will forever be my favorite single!! thanks najah and then it's heart attack that's been my ringtone for months lol think i should get a new one? all in all i love the album and once i could listen without skipping one song you know it's a hit.

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Where should I begin. I love the entire album but my favorite tracks on Chapter V will have to be Fumble and Simply Amazing. Fumble is so passionate. Listening to the lyrics let me know that men know about their mistakes but they continue to use women until they can't use them any more. This really impacted me because now I know what to look out for because some men take advantage. Also Simply Amazing is one of my favorite songs because it basically lets a women know that with all her flaws he still loves her. I tried to keep it short. lol I love you Trey, not just because of your beauty. lol but because your an AMAZING artist. I've been with you since you had long braids. (Trey Voice) cthu Keep up the good work ! I will always be a fan :) <33333

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Wow I really don't know where to begin. I will start by saying Trey I'm so proud of you love. I am proud of the man you've become & the growth you've shown in the past 10years. Chapter V is just as special to me as it is to you. As a fan from the Gotta Make it album I couldn't have expected nothing more from you but greatness. I have all 5 albums in my 6 disc cd changer in the car. But to sum it up I would have to say tha my all time favorite on the album is Without a Woman, Panty Wetter, Dont be scared, Sick of plaing Hard, 2 reasons, Dive In, Bad Decisions, chapter v bonus track & check me out. Well I guess I named damn near the whole album it's all great music.LMAO luv u Trey baby looking forward to theChapter V tour. It seems like yesterday I heard WGCI playing just gotta make it & them interviewing you. Wow i feel like I've grown up right with u. :-)Congrats on your success u deserve it! #proudfan

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I enjoy the entire album. But when I first heard the album my favorites were Panty wetter,Simply Amazing, and Bad Decisions. Those to me are the ones that stick out the most. Out of songs that i haven't heard before. But like I said I absolutely LOVE the album. I'm very proud of you Trey<33

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Chapter V is definitely an amazing album from beginning to end but my fav on the album have to be Check Me Out, Panty Wetter, Chapter V (full version), Fumble and Pretty Girls Lie...I'm pretty sure I can continue to name the entire album but I am going to stop there...This album definitely shows how much he has grown as an artist yet still manages to give his audience EVERYTHING that they want!!!

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The whole album is definitely my favorite, my favorite album of Trey's so far. All of the songs all have a very important message that a lot of people can relate to, I feel Trey really showed us another side of his. If I had to pick one song that relates to me the most would be Bad Decisions. The beat of the song, the way Trey sings the song is moving and you feel the emotional aspect of the song, I love it

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I love the entire album. Is really amazing my favorite song is still Heart Attack

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I absolutely love Chapter V in its entirety! For me, my favorites change constantly! But if I had to pick I'd say Without a Woman, Fumble, Playin Hard and Forever Yours are definite standouts. I also adore Almost Lose It and the Chapter V Outro. Trey and his team never fail to provide excellence but they truly brought it on Chapter V!!

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My absolute favorites are Pretty Girls Lie, Fumble, Without a Woman, Almost Lose It, Simply Amazing and of course Panty Wetter...wheeeewwww LAWDT!! : ) The album as a whole does show Trey’s growth not only as an artist, but also as a man. I feel like he not only gave us the sexy bedroom Trey that we all know and love, but also a more personal and intimate look at Tremaine...the man. Love, Love, Love, Love Chapter V!!! You just keep getting better and better ShawtyCake! ; ) #LOVE

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My favorite tracks are any one of the songs between tracks 9 and 21 (Pretty Girl's Lie-Chapter V) all of are simply perfection. Pretty Girl's Lie touches home, one line in particular "She grew up w/o a father, never knew how to love a man" then there's Fumble and Never Again and Almost Lose It that sort of mirror some personal experiences, because I'm a sucka for love and romance W/O A Woman & Simply Amazing are no doubt 2 faves and it was nice to hear "Puff Daddy" on Check Me Out. There is just so much that I love about this album, it's beautiful.
In my opinion, Chapter V is Trey’s best album as a whole. Chapter V displays impeccable growth and a wider perspective of the artist. Some have said the album seems all over the place, but as producer Troy Taylor explained, it simply takes you through the mind of a man, it’s simply complex. This is an album that can be a soundtrack to one’s life, make love, feel pain, have regrets, and experience joy, all the aspects of life in a playlist. The album flows seamlessly and engages the listeners. It’s new and still authentic Trey, he’s grown and we have to let him grow. Trey took a lot of chances with this album and it’s something I’m proud to witness and appreciate. Chapter V takes us on a journey, where Trey was, where he is and where he’s going. I expected something great from Trey, but I didn’t expect it in this nature, so to speak, it’s a great surprise. To sum it up in one sentence, ain’t think Trey would come so hard up on this Chapter V but it’s simply amazing. *(full) Chapter V Review

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Chapter! I'm so proud of Trey. This album makes me smile for so many reasons it's hard for me to put into words. It's filled with so many emotions on every song that everyone can relate to experiencing in one way or another. The album as a whole is amazing. There is something on it for everyone. My favorites change. When I first played the album "Panty Wetter" was speaking loud and clear. Then it was the "4U" interlude which both inspired me to write stories for since writing Fan Fiction is what I do. Now it's "Pretty Girls Lie" I love the harmonies in the background when I listen to that, so my favorites are whatever is speaking to my mood at the time. That's what I love about Trey's music. It's versatile like people but what makes it even more special is his passion to create and stay true to making real R&B music. Keep up the good work TeamSongz you got a Angel in me for life! #BestSellerAngel

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I absolutely love the entire album I could go on for hours. But the one song that makes me cry every time I hear it is "Without a Woman". It lets me know that Trey understands every day struggles. I am a single mother raising 5 kids alone. I work full-time, I am a full-time student and have children that are grade school age that I have to help with home work every night on top of doing my own homework. I have no time for myself to just enjoy life. Without a Woman pushes me to move on and keep trying. No one recognizes the struggle I go through and for Trey to recognize and understand touches my heart. When Im riding in my car blasting this song I feel like Trey is talking directly to me. My treat to myself is attending a Trey concert. I have not yet met him but one day I will and all I want to say is thank you. He has managed to touch me in someway on each album from Gotta make it to ChapterV. Trey If you read this THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I LOVE YOU. I thank him everyday for the Angels that he has brought into my life. At any given moment when I am down and need someone to talk to I know without a shadow of a doubt that 1 of them will be there and it only takes 1. Thanks to every Angel out there. Other songz that i love on the album is Don't be scared, Fumble, Bad decisions, Almost lose it, Panty wetter, Forever yours and ChapterV outdo. The whole album lol. Thanks again Trey I love you

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The whole Album is nice-he out did himself on this one. I love Dive in and simply amazing. Without a woman is becoming a favorite of mine now, he put his heart and soul in this song. When I want to listen to something upbeat, I turn to Check me out........this is a club banger.This is about the only CD I have that I play all the way through. I am so proud of Trey and all of his accomplishments and I pray that he continues to grow as an artist and a man. It's good to see something wonderful come out of VA.'s picture

truly love the album, I have even went back and played Chapter I up to Chapter V, and I feel that it is a combinations of the sounds from the previous four put in one. I am extremely excited that Trigga made this album, since the last time Trigga appeared on an album was Trey Day, which to this day is still my favorite even though Chapter V is pulling for that spot. I can also hear the maturity in Trey's voice and the experiences he has gone through. It warms my heart when somebody, who is not a fan, tells me that they actually listened to it b/c of me and it is really a 'DOPE" album and that is it really music and how it's not all about sex as they thought. The 2 years in took to make this album was well worth it because it is truly a masterpiece!!!! I AM SO PROUD OF TREY AND THANKFUL FOR BRING THIS MUSIC INTO MY LIFE b/c i have felt a musical disconnect with all the pop, rap, and techno on the radio, So thanks again for this R&B.

in this order, I will do top V... Almost Lose It, Without A Woman, Pretty Girls Lie, Playin Hard, Fumble...whew that was hard :)

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Playin Hard, Without a woman, Forever Yours, Fumble,Don't Be Scared and Check me Out are my favs. all I can say is Trey you get better and better with time like a fine wine. PPP was amazing but this body of work is like no other. There's something on this track list for EVERYONE including the haters n doubters (lol) this shows ur artistry to a point where no one can deny your greatness. I felt any and every emotion I could while listening to this whole cd. congrats and thank you for making me such a proud Angel yet again to support an amazing artist, man and team !

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After listening to Chapter V, I was so moved that I had to write my thoughts down.
Chapter V: A great introduction to the album. Dive In: One of those sexy Trey records that we fans love to hear. Panty Wetter: When I listen to this song, I have to do that 90s Male R&B group rock from side to side. Heart Attack: I love, love, love this song! That is all I can say. Playin Hard: A side of men that some of us women always knew about. 2 Reasons: A Club Banger/Birthday Song. Love that Trey mentions the Carolinas. Hail Mary: Being the huge football and music fan that I am, this is a great marriage between the two. Don't Be Scared: A song that speaks to people who miss out on a good person because of what their friends and family think. Pretty Girls Lie: A song that speaks us women who hide a lot deep down inside and hardly ever show our true selves to anyone. Bad Decisions: A song that speaks to people who mess up in a relationship over and over and don't realize that it is their decisions until the other person leaves. Forever Yours: Let’s us women know that a man wants us to tell them this at some point. Fumble: Another mix of football and music. However, this time love is lost. Just like in football when the ball is lost because of a fumble. Without A Woman: A beautiful song. I get that Made to Be Together feeling when I listen to this song. Simply Amazing: My description of this album. This is a beautiful song about a man being in love with his woman. Never Again: Definitely one of my favorite songs. It’s talking about love lost. However, I find myself dancing to it. The beat and Trey’s falsetto are great! Check Me Out: Another Club Banger. I do love when Trey raps and the way he raps on this song is one of my favorites. The beat takes me back to the booty music days. #DirtySouthChick. Ladies Go Wild: I can hear this song at Jillian’s. Almost Lose It: This song left me speechless! I can so see the video for this. #Under2000Characters

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Well to be honest I just let the cd play but my favorite songs on the album are Playin Hard, Don't Be Scared, Bad Decisions ,Forever Yours, Fumble, ChapterV, and Without A Women. These songs had an impact in my life because ever since I was old enough to date at 16 guys was always playin hard to get because they didn't know no better but to make you pay attention to them so that they can do there little mind games which was fun but after awhile when you become older it gets frustrating because you put all the effort towards them and now they dont know what they want. I like don't be scared bc men/Women all have a past in life of things they did or had to sacrifice in order to get by things that they may have done in there relationships or marriages to hurt one another which means we intend to bring that into our new realtionships by listening to other people and not feeling comfortable with our own mind so feel scared to move on to something new. Bad Decisions well I can't relate to it in a relationship way but I love the song bc I've made Bad Decisions doin what I wanted to do and not caring about the consequences until later when I have to deal with them on my own and in the end you regret a lot of the things that didnt need to happen. Now Forever Yours is the song I dream (lol) of sharing with somebody one day that I can be their's Forever just the thought of knowing what I want out of life and in my relationship and planning a future with a man that I love is just Simply Amazing. So now im on to Fumble this song has so much soul and truth behind it which I love dearly that its funny to say that I've Fumble my own heart (lol) by doing everything a man has asked me to do and not feel appreciated so you feel like its bad news bc the other half is missing. Chapter V is very sexy and intimate which one day in my life I would like to penetrate someone's mind and connect with them. Further more is Without A Women I just feel everybody in the world wants a soul mate.

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my favs our Playin hard, Dont be Scared, Without a woman, Fumble and pretty girls lie. ive been a fan of trey since Genesis.! and this album amazes me in everyway possible. the lyrics from almost every song trey sangs illustrates something in my life ive have been thru. fumble touches me the most because i understand what it feels like to have your heart toyes with. the relationships ive been in never seem to work out. why play with someones heart if your not in love with a person dont say it and just be real. thats where my relationships go wrong. they want they cake and eat to but cant appreciate when they have something good but later down the road they regret it when they knew they had something good. all im saying is dont fumble with someone heart. overall i just love chapter 5 because almost every single song i can relate to and his music relates and is a mere image of my life. i love u trey. keep making music.

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The tracks that stand out for me are Playin Hard, Don't Be Scared, Bad Decisions, Forever Yours, Fumble, Without A Woman and Never Again.

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Wow, how do I choose my favorites on the Chapter V album... it’s very hard. I have been a fan and now angel of Trey's for a long time and I enjoy ever album he pours his heart into for us. Being that I have been in love and have had a whirlwind of ups and downs in a marriage I can say Fumble, Bad Decisions, Without a Woman really hit home. I also love Dive In, Forever Yours, and Simply Amazing as well. Trey is true, loyal, and goes up and beyond for his fans which makes my love/support for him stronger. Of course I do not know Trey personally, but I can say that he is an amazing epitome of a great Black man. He has great people and family (Ms. April) behind him supporting him to keep him grounded. I am truly happy for the success in Trey's life and I will continue to support him. I am awaiting my chance to meet him during this upcoming Chapter V tour with the purchase of VIP tickets. Oh by the way... I absolutely love the song Panty Wetter too. Much love Trey, SMOOCHES! <3

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My favorite songs from Chapter V are the intro to Chapter V, Playin' Hard, Hail Mary, Pretty Girl's Lie, Bad Decisions, Forever Yours, Inside Interlewd and Interlude4U.

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I absolutely love Chapter V !! I feel like if you have ever truly experienced real love and the things that come along with that, then you can truly relate to every song on the album.Trey's music to me is a breath of fresh air. From the start of his career up until now every song he's ever put his voice to is very much relatable to an everyday life situation. Trey has a geniune soul and everything that he stands for comes out in his music. Some of the songs that really stand out for me is Without A Woman, Fumble,Don't Be Scared, I Almost Lose it,and Simply Amazing. And then Panty Wetter, Forever Yours and everything else. I am extremely happy for Trey, Mumma April and the whole TeamSongz. Trey deserves to have all the success in the world and I am so happy to be one of his angels. I will forever support TAN for as long as I have breath in my body.Congratulations Tremaine.
Celena (CosmoAngel)-Baltimore

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chapter v is truly an amazing album and I wouldnt expect anything less from trey you can hear the evolution and maturity/growth on here id have to say my favorite songs are "almost lose it", "playing hard","fumble","heart attack" love all of it though those songs are just the most relatable to my own life and experiences I am really proud of him <3

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Chapter V has been yet another amazing album from Trey. Going back to Ready you can hear the ambition in his music to become successful and listening to Chapter V just warms me with the idea that Trey has finally become successful. It truly is hard to pick favorites on the album cause each track was thoughtfully layed out. The transitions between each song are smooth. The songs that I do keep on repeat the most are: Dive In, Pretty Girls Lie, Forever Yours, Simply Amazing, and Almost Lose It. I think these songs hit home the most cause they seem so personal to Trey. Especially Almost Lose It. Any track that can make an Angel actually feel like they can relate to the artist is oure genius and thats what makes Chapter V #SimplyAmazing's picture

I am in love with chapter five. Trey has really come into his own and I am so proud of him. I am so happy for mama april to be able to see her baby boy finally get the credit and shine he deserves. My favorite songs are simply amazing,without a woman, dont be scared almost lose it which is a bonus song and of course hail mary and two reasons. I love trey music so much and he basically shut up all the haters. Go trey Go. Keep God first and you will shine brighter than ever.

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Trey has truly outdone himself. Through ChapterV you can tell how much he has grown as a person. His vocals are extremely powerful on every song. I love all of ChapterV but Simply Amazing has to be my favorite! He said it himself he wrote it for his TreysAngels. That song just speaks to me everytime i hear it. It makes me cry tears of happiness no matter how many times i have listened to it. Simply Amazing makes me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world. It lifts my spirits up when i'm sad. My other favorites are Never Again, Bad Decisions, Almost Lose It, Panty Wetter, and Don't be Scared. It feels like Trey is speaking directly to me. I'm more and more proud of him every day. ChapterV is a definite masterpiece!!! I love you Tremaine Neverson ♥