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Happy Angelversary


  • Happy Angelversary
    Sep 14, 2012

    Two years ago today, Trey released Passion, Pain & Pleasure, and with that Trey's Angels was officially born.  In these two short years, we’ve truly become a family that can count on each other through thick and thin, and we will only grow from here. We have seen many Angels missions, a slew of presales, countless exclusive contests, instore events and that's just the start. So, simply and sincerely, we would like to say thank you. Thank you for the past, and thank you for your never ending support in the future. We truly love each of you, and truly appreciate you letting us into your lives.  Now, you tell us- What is your favorite Angel memory so far and what do you love best about being one of Trey's Angels?  Let's hear your best stories from the past two years!

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on Sep 14, 2012 - 04:58PM

Two years ago today, Trey released Passion, Pain & Pleasure, and with that Trey's Angels was officially born.  In these two short years, we’ve truly become a family that can count on each other through thick and thin, and we will only grow from here. We have seen many Angels missions, a slew of presales, countless exclusive contests, instore events and that's just the start. So, simply and sincerely, we would like to say thank you. Thank you for the past, and thank you for your never ending support in the future. We truly love each of you, and truly appreciate you letting us into your lives.  Now, you tell us- What is your favorite Angel memory so far and what do you love best about being one of Trey's Angels?  Let's hear your best stories from the past two years!


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I have been been a Angel since the begining I rember waiting for the site to be up and runing I was so super excited I could hardly wait I love being a Angel and one of the reasons is because it doesnt just feel like a fan club It feels like a family Like a sisterhood I have met some nice people threw TreysAngels People I wouldnt even know it wasnt for TreysAngels It has brought people together and help make friendships between people who probable wouldnt talk to each other if it wasnt for TreysAngels and I think thats pretty coolif you ask me All the Angels with a heart missions are great as well Helping people and giving back is always a great thing I have had a lot of great moments as a Angel over the last 2 years If I had to just pick one it would be at the Angels With A Heart Foundation concert at the end when Trey bring his mom on stage Ms. April and he thanked her and said how much he loved her and the choir was singing Top Of The Word behindthem It was a very specail moment Everyone had tears in there eyes I know I did I felt honored to be there To see that and be a part of making a difference That was one of the best concerts I have ever been to I will never forget it I know I will have many more wonderful moments like that because of TreysAngels This group means alot to me it really does :)

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Hello, Im trying to renew my Trey's Angels membership...can someone please guide me through or write on here how I can get to the right page.

#1stClassAngel aka Le-Le

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Im a new angel, but I'm proud to be apart of such a wonderful group. Im ready to make some unforgettable memories

Happy Belated Angelversary :)

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um can some 1 tell me how long it takes cuz i havent got my bundle

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I became a huge fan & Trey's Angel 3 months after the Club was formed :-) I guess you can say I've always been one..because I care about the well being of others & want to help anyway that I can. I don't always say what good deeds I have done, because there's no need.. I do commend though, every Angel who is doing their part in making the world a better place! Thank you Trey for being such a great person & Artist! I will always be outchea reppin' you & extending my hand. MUAH!

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So late to post, but I’ve been really busy!! First, I’d like to say Happy Belated Angelversary to all of my Angel Sisters! Man where did the time go....2yrs went by so fast. I have met a few Angels in person, but there are still some I’d like to meet that I have come to know on Twitter and Facebook. Even though I haven’t met them face to face, I have been able to connect with people on a very personal level. Sometimes it’s so nice to be able to share so much with people that aren’t in your life everyday for open and honest opinions without the fear of being judged. And also we all share a common love and appreciation for Trey that other people just don’t seem to understand. Thanks Trey for bringing us all together!! Love you all forever! #AngelLove

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Well then I must be super late LOL but I am just a TreyAngel for 5 months now and I have met some wonderful young ladies. The thing I love most about Tremaine is that he seems to bring people together not only through his music but he has a beautiful aura that connects people in many different ways and situations. I would love to meet him one day or just be able to make it to one of his concerts. I wish Tremaine Aldon Neverson all the love and success he deserves god bless him and his family.

Culinary_Angel87's picture

Okay I know I'm really late but better late then never right! LOL! I've had several memories since becoming a Trey's Angel. First off, I have met some beautiful ladies. Some of them seem like I've known them most of my life. But the BEST memory would have to be March 10, 2012 when I met Trey for the first time. I was extremely nervous & when I walked into the room, I couldn't believe I was seeing him. I thought he was good looking on TV but in person, he's so handsome. Notice I said handsome, not sexy. The same spirit he gives off on TV, he gives to his fans in person. I don't wanna make him seem like some sort of God because there's only one God I serve, but you can see the humbleness in him. You can feel the realness in him. Even though my nerves were through the roof, the few short minute I was with him, he did his best to make me comfortable. And I actually got to go back twice because my first picture was deleted some kind of way and I thought he would be rude and tell me that I couldn't get another picture. He just asked me how did it happen and I told him I didn't know (and I really didn't) but he let me take another picture. And I didn't get not a small hint of him being irritated by it. That's why Trey is my favorite entertainer. Like I said before I never want to put him higher than God and I won't but it's good to see that God has kept him humble and I pray that God continues to keep Trey humble as long as he's putting God first. "With God for you, who's against you." I love Trey and I pray him nothing but success and I pray that one day we meet again.

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That was so beautifully said.....

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Too many memories, too many wonderful women to name. We lost Dani this year and that has been the hardest thing to handle. She loved her some Trey and we were supposed to go to a NYC show together. I changed my mind at the last minute and she was crushed. I miss her dearly. I don't take God's blessings for granted nor the bonds that have been created due to a man named Tremaine Aldon Neverson. #AngelLove is REAL!

tremanda3's picture

My favorite angel memory would have to be given the opportunity to be on 106 and Park, when Trey's angels first came out. It was the first time angels officially made an appearance there, it was a dream come true, and I loved every moment of it. It felt so unreal, even now looking back, I'm like that was a once and lifetime opportunity that was so amazing because of Trey's angel. I am Trey's angel, always have been, and always will continue being one. I truly love him and am grateful for everything he does for us. Also, I love the fact that Trey angels let me go backstage with Trey before the OMG tour, another amazing opportunity that I thank Trey's angels for, I love you all, my Trey, and all my fellow angel sisters and brothers. We are truly and amazing family that means the world to me. The thing I love most about being Trey's angels is getting to meet all other angels around the world that all share the love we have for Trey. I have so many amazing sisters that I thank Trey and Trey's Angels for giving me the opportunity to know them. All love!!! <3

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Happy Angelversary everybody im happy to be part of something so special and i love Trey for making all this happen love all you guys :)

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Happy 2 Year Angelversary! Im very proud and happy to be apart of this team. My favorite Angel memories so far is hearing about Angels With Heart Foundation and all the charities that the angels have participated in by helping out in different events. It was always nice to see hear and watch our angels give back to other people and in there own communities.What I love best about being one of Trey's Angels is that I can be myself. Being apart of this team is phenomenal because you get to be creative in your writing when you post a comment having our angels talk about there special moments that they had with Trey and have the supporting team behind you share there good feedback or their own opinion about the subject. I like interacting and having group discussions with the angels when we post a topic just to see what the angels would say. It's also nice to hear from Trey Songz express his love for his fans that he cherish and never take for granted. Trey Songz has always kept it real with himself and his fan base which is why he has a proud and successful career with such a supportive mother and a strong creative team behind him.Over all I love the experience of being a Trey's Angel we have so much in the future to look forward to from this talented man its going to be full of surprises and much more wonderful memories to share all over the world with his beautiful Trey's Angels.

Da Shy Scorpio's picture

i know i'm late but happy angelversary!!! i'm proud to be an angel and can't wait to see what the future holds for us!!! thanks for everything!!!

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Happy AngelVersary and i'm happy to be part of your big family now and forever. Thanks Trey to have create this family and for all you do for us. we're all proud of you. God bless you. Love you<3's picture

My favorite Trey's angel memory would have to be having him shout me out twice on ustream and talking to him back when he had say now. Trey goes so hard for his treys angels all the time and he is the sweetest most caring person i have ever seen and spoke too. Trey does more for his fans than the average celebrity and thats is why we love him so much. Mama april raised her lil trey very well. Trey i have loved being a treys angel and I will continue to rock with you forever. I have been apart of your journey since TSMB days with mama april back in 2005-2006. To watch you grow and succeed i feel like a proud mama trey. God bless you and you continue to shine and dont let no one stop you and make your mommy and grandma rose so proud that they wont be able to fit in the room because of how swollen you have made their heads that will be filled with pride. I know you will do it baby boy. Gods blessings and love

Trey&#039;s P.Y.T.'s picture

I have had sooo many great memories being a TreysAngel from missions, to concerts, skip the line contests, being star angel and meeting trey time n time again. him n my sisters making each moment more n more special than the next. this is a movement and we will continue to love and support the brand that is Trey Songz and the man Tremaine Neverson. it's been an honor to be a Angel and I'm so proud of him. can't wait to see what the future holds!'s picture

My fondest memory of being an angel was the Love Faces Tour in Chicago. The night before I met a lot of Chicago angels and traveling angels from all over who traveled to come to the show. We did an angel mission in a soup kitchen for homeless women. Then after we all went bowling and took pictures and sanged Trey's songs!! Then the next night backstage I got to meet Trey! He was so sweet and laid back!! My heart was pounding when I stepped up towards him at first. Then as mins. went by I became more and more comfortable and calm!! I love being an angel, and this experience has really changed my life. I never conversed with this many women ever in my life. Lmaaao! Thanks Trey for the extended family!! Love you to pieces!!

Prittbrowniiz BestSellerAngel's picture

Happy 2yr Angelversary! I am so proud to represent as Trey's #BestSellerAngel. I have met so many wonderful people from this family that Trey has formed. I truly love my Angel sisters.

My favorite memory out of the many that I have number one will always be when I first met Trey. That was on the A2our. Did ViP. That's a moment I will neva EVA forget. Another that stands out is getting my follow from him shortly after I became an Angel Mother's Day weekend. That was the best Mother's Day I've experienced as and Angel.

I have so many moments that I could share but I'll just say this I feel just as excited and happy as the day I was when I got my package in the mail making me an official Angel. Becoming one has been Simply Amazing!

JesusIsMySavior's picture

Happy Angelversary!!

Emily_LuvsTrey's picture

I became an official Trey's Angel last November. Right away the love and support from my angel sisters was amazing! Trey has a fanbase like no other because we are all a family. We support and help one another. Not too many artists have that with their fans. I'm proud to call myself a Trey's Angel everyday! I carry the title with pride everywhere I go. I can't wait to share more memories with my angel sisters :) Thank you Tremaine for everything you do for us. I will always love you ♥

TMonie20's picture

Happy Angelversary!!!After my mom died of lung cancer, i didn't know who to turn to. i never knew that when i joined this fan club it would become my second family. There is a BIG reason why i Know im an Angel n more earlier today one of my brothers/ friends stated to someone how I'm always SMILING :) ITS TRUE ! Trey Angels n the love n faith that i have in god knowing that This is the reason what i live n breathe for. Thank you Trey for bringing all of us Angels together as a family. We love u!!!

Lawhornsymone's picture

Countless memories have been made with Trey's Angels, I'm not sure what my favorite is but I have a lot of fond ones. Like on my birthday, my Angel besties and I had an Oovoo party, we were on for like 15 hours straight and we started a trending topic that trended worldwide. Or when Trey called into the Angel Talk Radio show, it was so random and unexpected, and when we were trying to win Fandemonium. And the deep conversations we've had in the extremely latre/early hours of the day. Dragging people in the name of Trey and sisterhood lol etc etc

Vonniii's picture

that oovoo party we had for u was everythinggg

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