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Yo Side Of The Bed

Yo Side Of The Bed

Posted by Atlantic Records 3 years 11 months ago in Music Videos

Yo Side Of The Bed

Average: 4.8 (96 votes),AAAAABRLSKk~,dbvviZzv6JWE9Hl85aCvh931v2fJvJJb&bctid=1551024560001
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on May 26, 2010 - 8:00pm
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Yo Side Of The Bed

Average: 4.8 (96 votes)
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kizzle bwaby i 3 trey's picture

i was crying while i watched this song
(,tears..) ive been through the same suitation
cuz ma dad died while working in the uk army
this song really touched ma heart r.i.p dad i love you (sigh )p.s this ma fav song

missmusica58's picture

Everytime i watch this tears come to my eyes but its such a beautiful song trey i can see you put your heart in this!!!

Ms.Can'tHelpButWait's picture

I love this one Trigga and at the same time makes you think about the reality of life!!!!!!!!!

gorgeous j's picture

i love thisz video itsz soo cute, buht at the same time a tear jerker....trey yur a pure genius && i love yu and yur music

TreysWifers_318's picture

ilove this video
cux this is happening in my family right now except my sister or (Keri Hilson) is coming home ...important ppl get the message Trey is trying to show us this made me cry the first time iseen it but iWatch it every day icant get tired or it "YO SIDE OF THE BED"

phooda61's picture

trey i love this song so much it makes me cry a little bit when i saw you cyrin and the baby cyring the baby looks so cute

beautymel2797's picture

i love his song. Its makes me tear up. Trey Songz u even look sexy when u cry. Damn boy! I love u trey.

Da1UDesire's picture

Trey, I Fell in love with this song!! I Can relate being that woman. Except I have to leave my son. Love U Always!!!

ChocolateScorpio's picture

Trey, that was the most heart warming video I've seen n a long time. Keep doing what u doing baby. I wouldn't mind seeing u n concert though!! Luv u :)

babiedee_585's picture

when Trey perform in Rochester he did his thing. I luv every video he do.


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