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This is the moment tsmb been waiting for!!!

Ms. Regina Pearl's picture
on July 23, 2009 - 10:19pm
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the new board is hot!! graphics and all that shit! i have to admit tho im a bit overwhelmed :( imma get used to it tho! lol who feels me?

Tammy Daniels's picture

I feel you

wetter211's picture


_NyKol_'s picture

its definately hot... but i gotta get used to it lol. I'm hella confused right now w/ everything

Mz.JFayeTrey's picture

I love the new site,it is very nice so many things 2 do on here!!!

mzregina's picture

yep the site is dope! just gonna take me a bit of time to get use to

Treystruenumba1ncfan's picture

Yeah it is at first i was like omg this is so fly then i look at the screen like ok now what do i do know... i def gotta get use to this... i could navigate the other one with my eyes closed! lol but like i said i love the new look...

Terrinah1's picture

Yeah its pretty awesome but it takes a minute to take it all in. like ooook wt do i do with this

Aquagrrrl24's picture

I'm feelin' the new website. It's a really really excellent look :)

Karen523's picture

Oh wow...didn't know there was a discussion board on here too...this is going to take sometime getting used to but I love the layout of it.

angielala's picture

i love the someone said from a shack to a mansion...we movin on up!

Ariel @COOGIdown's picture

qirl i think we ALL overwhelmed. its a huqe difference!

TenTen's picture

all the name callin we all did toward atlantic finally paid off...hahahahahahaha i kid i kid, maybe not :p

JOU JOU's picture

yesss he got all these sexxy pics on here, more things to get into on this site. i luv it. all they need is the link to the board n its a wrapppp/

Luminous's picture

It is taking a while to get used 2. lol

angels READY's picture

lmao! yea, imma def. have to get used to this because it's confusing. i'm still on the old board!

Debbiecakes_3's picture

lol..yea it's really nice!!! But I see how u can be's a lot goin on lol


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